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File 132759618262.jpg - (93.54KB , 450x579 , 1299637152982.jpg )
12587 No. 12587 [Edit]
So during the last year I was without my own computer. I still am, so this year I emptied out my flashdrive of all the stuff I had accumulated and it came out to around 2,000 images and 100 other misc files.

It was really interesting to see over a year what I was interested in or following over the course of the images I had saved. I think if I wasn't limited to 2GB, I would have saved around 5,000 images.

Also, though it's a bit late to reflect on last year, did you save anything particularly interesting last year? Feel free to share it here if you think so. I might come back to this thread in the future and drop off some useful things.
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>> No. 12591 [Edit]
I compulsively save all images from threads about things I enjoy, so that is out of the picture.

I do, however, regularly go through my music like you did.
>> No. 12593 [Edit]
I do the same. Just today I saved over a hundred images; around 1000 just this month. And the worst part is I don't have the patience to sort through them and organize them properly. I just download and forget.
>> No. 12594 [Edit]
File 132761193054.jpg - (1.32MB , 1264x1065 , 1307046242478.jpg )
I'm going through all of these images and putting them into proper folders. Some though, are just thrown into a 'General' Folder. Just got done with a Lupin III folder right now.

Also I have a lot of webpages saved, going to go through them next.
>> No. 12606 [Edit]

Same. My general folder is too big to sort and with eah new saved image I feel like sorting it less and less.

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