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File 136320000973.jpg - (320.00KB , 800x800 , 10292452.jpg )
12089 No. 12089 [Edit]
For those of you who have chosen a waifu/husbando with a highly or moderately constrasting personality relative to your own:

Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming more like your loved one?

Share your thoughts or experiences, and how you feel about the differences between you and that special character.
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>> No. 12093 [Edit]
File 136323634675.jpg - (76.75KB , 400x558 , c4e0e478068c0203fff71a53926b7eab.jpg )
A bit, maybe. Besides, she's always as lively and hardworking like a man, I could say. I want to be just a bit more like her.
>> No. 12095 [Edit]
File 136324397016.jpg - (53.08KB , 600x450 , image.jpg )
>Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming more like your loved one?

In some ways, a little. It's not really a goal I dedicate focused effort into trying to achieve, but there are times where I will think about how she would respond in certain situations and then try and use her outgoing personality to help me overcome my nervousness in social situations. I'm a lot more similar to her best friend, Mio, which gives me some hope that the differences in our personalities wouldn't present too much of a barrier.

Now that I think about it, I'd really like to achieve some of the ambitiousness she has as well. She already has inspired me to improve myself in a couple ways, such as inspiring me to start learning Japanese and to start working on my education, but I still feel like I can do more. Perhaps this is an opportunity for me to grow closer to her.
>> No. 12099 [Edit]
File 136330080562.jpg - (95.90KB , 640x640 , 6251883.jpg )
I've tried to become more playfull and happy, i can still be really serious and responsible sometimes, but i love to joke around and laugh at anything, i don't even show anger anymore, i just relax and think a positive outcome.

But i can't match her outgoing personality since i'm an indoors person.

I still think we are both opposites, but i don't want it to be a barrier in our relationship, i feel like we both complement each other.
>> No. 12104 [Edit]
Is OP's pic drawn by Gomannasai? It somewhat resembles his style- google reverse search yields no clues.
>> No. 12107 [Edit]
The artist's name is Yasushi (やすし), and this is his pixiv profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4135

For any image that's suspendible for reposting on a given booru, you should get to the habit of using iqdb.org instead of google reverse image search. If you prefere browsing pixiv you can use saucenao.com; or you can be an image search master and use Image Search Options for firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-search-options/?src=search
>> No. 12108 [Edit]
File 136335585392.jpg - (719.59KB , 1000x720 , 27758989 - 水瀬伊織.jpg )
Not really, I actually prefer it when our personalities contrast a lot. I don't see what's the actual point if I try to become her, my wife is quite a cocky girl who typically wants praise every single time. She is quite an emotional girl and if I were to be as cocky as her and tell her that I am better than she is, she would be sensitive to it and she would probably hate you for not praising her in the first place. She is the only one that does the insulting in our relationship, although that I am quite fine with it because I myself believe she has done enough and I personally find she is worthy to insult anyone. Learning Iori's communications from the game helped me a lot to understand more about her and I believe she is the perfect woman for me.

I wasn't even interested in anyone that has the same characteristics like her before I met her, I preferred my ideal woman to be someone who has a nice and gentle personality. But I guess it all changed when I was curious about her, the way she behaves, the way she presents herself and the way she achieves her goals, it all blended changed my perspective on girls who seem to show their arrogance and their mean behaviour. My appreciation for tsundere increased once I found out I truly fell in love with her.

In the end, I am a listener and I prefer something that gives off that vibe of enthusiasm and Iori provides that. I would find it dull if someone shy was sitting there doing nothing and does not really speak, since I am a shy person myself. I want someone to initiate the conversation and I believe Iori is courageous enough to start everything off. She could brag how she is the most beautiful woman on Earth for all I care, I would listen to all of it and stare deeply at her eyes waiting for her to react at me and call me an idiot for loving her so much.
>> No. 12522 [Edit]
File 136730304763.jpg - (139.08KB , 765x899 , Kirino_2ch_Color_01.jpg )
Not really. I think we complement each other really well. She's incredibly admirable but she's created her own distinct person and I have no need or want to take that away from her. I like her for the way she is and I like myself for the way I am, regardless of who is going to be more successful in the long-run or who is better described as X or Y.

Both of us are highly individualistic, but I am the poster child of underachievement. I've taken it easy in my life and marched to the rhythm of my own drum, despite missing out on opportunities on life because of it. I was always in my own realm, typing away behind my computer, or reading a book, rather than actively partaking in a social life or "doing what I was supposed to". I'm irresponsible yet easy-going and free of stress. She, on the other hand, juggles a lot of different things as a part of her daily routine. Track? Eroge? A social life? High grades? Modeling? She's got it under control. She likes unwinding but often takes on stress if it means benefit in the long haul (very much my opposite). She's responsible and an overachiever, but she owns every aspect of her life rather than letting it get to her. She displays complete mastery over most everything she sets her sights on. She's strong-willed and stubborn when it comes to wrangling life's challenges, whereas I roll over.

I seriously look up to her strength but I would never want to be in her position. I'm just not strong enough. What I admire a lot though is that she is able to maintain such grace and poise in the face of her hectic life, when I'm such a slob in my simple one.

Of course, I should mention that there are times when I think she winds herself up too much to manage something every now and again. Sometimes she oversteps and bites off more than she can chew, but I think my laissez-faire attitude would be perfect in such situations. It's stuff like that that have convinced me that she and I are a perfect match, despite our differences. I know she'd be a fantastic mother and wife.

Sorry if this got a bit bloggy.
>> No. 12990 [Edit]
>Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming more like your loved one?

I would love to adopt her perspective toward games. When she played mahjong, even when she lost and dropped from 1st place to 4th place, she was still happy. Because she was happy that she got to play at all. She appreciated that she had friends and got to enjoy her time with them.

On the other hand, when I play mahjong -- actually, any game -- I get furious when I lose. It's not a simple case of swearing, it's complete rage. Sometimes I break things and hurt myself. I would love to be more like her, and simply be happy, and have fun for what the game is... whether I win or lose.

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