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File 134118106471.jpg - (136.31KB , 1244x1072 , good god.jpg )
10145 No. 10145 [Edit]
Good God, how horrifying.
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>> No. 10146 [Edit]
Now that's QUALITY!
>> No. 10147 [Edit]
I dunno about you dude but I'm loving this show. It's cute and weird and fun. I hope it gets darker as it goes on, it looks like it's set in some kind of post-apocalyptic world so there's all kinds of fun things they can do with that.

How the fuck do bread robots have that much blood?
>> No. 10150 [Edit]
File 134118953739.png - (730.18KB , 1680x935 , negative.png )

It's indeed terribly cute and fun. I'm not sure how "dark" it will get...but it seems like it might go that way.

The animation on the characters is a bit cheap at times, but I really love the way they did the colour palates for the backgrounds.

Can't wait to see more. In the mean time I might pick up the LN or manga.
>> No. 10151 [Edit]
I do agree with you guys, I loved this show as well. The reason I put horrifying upon the first post would be because of the surprisingly grim turn the second half of the episode had compared to such a light hearted expectation I've had. I truly expect much of this though, since the main character makes very wise remarks most of the times and seems very intelligent which is bound to be something good when she finds herself in such a chaotic setting. This is the first time I'm expecting good conversations, writing and story ever since shows like Tatami Galaxy, for example.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2012, 5:51pm
>> No. 10154 [Edit]
>surprisingly grim turn
Thanks, I was gonna watch this show but now I won't waste my time with it.
>> No. 10156 [Edit]
You're joking, aren't you?
>> No. 10157 [Edit]
why would I be joking?
>> No. 10158 [Edit]
File 134119778978.jpg - (100.87KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This show is not what I expected it to be at all.
I love it.


Hi tobo.
>> No. 10159 [Edit]

Don't worry, it's not grim or violent or anything like that. If this show is to get "dark" it's in the form of a social message.
>> No. 10162 [Edit]
Within 23 minutes, this AMAZING show actually made fun of our very current system of humanity:

1. The separation of human from the true source of their food: pretty ladies, including the main character, had ZERO idea on how live chicken turn into chicken-on-a-plate. I personally have met countless people who doesn't even know how to gut a fish, and find it 'disgusting' to do even the simplest food preparation.

2. Pretty chicken-eating girls refuse the idea of killing a chicken. Oh I'm so morally high. Haven't you met in real life those who switch around "I'm going vegan" and "I'm going veggie" and "I eat meat now" within a few months, just because it is hip / politically correct.

3. The problem with the so called 'democratic' meeting, in which men spend HOURS debating just for the sake of debating. This happens a LOT in the Japanese Parliament.... Oh wait, it happens in our US Congress too, I guess?

4. The MAIN character displayed her DARK SIDE during and after the Chase-the-chicken incident. The main character ain't exempt from the weakness of mankind. To cover up her mistake, she LIED in plain sight about receiving UNCC messages. In her OWN words: Hiding the Truth, Manipulative information, Intimidation.

5. The receptionist in the factory had NO idea what he's talking about, and has NO SHAME at all to admit his failure to honor his duty. "I get money, I don't care, it just my job". I am SURE you've met someone like that in your society.

6. The camera picture sound effect. Do you know WHY we have sound effects when cell phones take pictures? It is to prevent people from taking upskirt pictures in crowded subways. High tech, low moral. VERY human.

7. Have you been to the Hershey Chocolate Factory in PA and go to their tour? IT IS CREEPY.

8. The artificially synthesized carrot bread. It is aimed at children who don't like carrots. It's like our "Diet Coke", people are so demanding and addicted to get the taste they want, but don't even want ANY compromise. They want it SO BAD they are willing to ingest artificial crap and call it food / drink.

>> No. 10163 [Edit]

It's not really from /a/, but someone copied and pasted it from MAL
>> No. 10164 [Edit]
>Do you know WHY we have sound effects when cell phones take pictures? It is to prevent people from taking upskirt pictures in crowded subways.

but a creeper would just turn off the sound effect. I turned mine off.
>> No. 10165 [Edit]
It's actually illegal to turn off a camera shutter's sound in some countries.
>> No. 10170 [Edit]
File 134123058714.gif - (809.23KB , 500x281 , 500.gif )
>> No. 10171 [Edit]
File 134123368221.jpg - (179.64KB , 1280x719 , jinrui_1.jpg )
I loved the episode. Definitely going to try and keep up with it.

It's just so damn entertaining. And the negative-thinking girl is adorable. As are the fairies. And the main girl. But I can keep going on and on with that. Basically, it at least kept me interested with it's bright colors and the cute character designs. The story is also interesting enough - I mean, it's unconventional, but familiar. Which is the same for most anime out there, I have to add.

The setting is also really nice. I like the background designs a lot more than I should, I'd think.
>> No. 10172 [Edit]
Despite liking this show, I got really pissedd off at some of these "qualities" whoever wrote this listed. There are ver subjective as well as wrong thing in this list and it hails this anime as, literally, a masterpiece.

I hope people don't start thinking this show is revolutionary or something. It's just a good show with some points to make, people should really stop over analyzing it.
>> No. 10176 [Edit]
I already know society is fucked up, I don't need some anime to teach me that fact. I watch anime to help me forget about that stuff. Fuck this show.
>> No. 10177 [Edit]

I wouldn't take a random kopipe from the MAL forums of all places as being a serious analysis on an anime. It's a cute show...nothing more.
>> No. 10178 [Edit]
>It's a cute show...nothing more.
Many seem to have conflicting views on this matter. Some say it's cute, others say it's grim/dark.
>> No. 10182 [Edit]
People said this show was grimdark, then I watched it.
Now I'm convicted those people are idiots.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2012, 11:50pm
>> No. 10187 [Edit]
Simply saying others are stupid is not an argumentation that validates towards whatever point you were trying to make.
>> No. 10188 [Edit]
If you're talking about this >>10162
I'm pretty sure it was posted with the intent of being ridiculous (AKA: a joke), not something to be taken seriously.
>> No. 10189 [Edit]
Hey guys, if I take a somewhat out of context screenshots from a random anime, and proclaim it as grimdark while over analyzing every little detail and calling them amazing metaphors and messages about our corrupt way of life, can I be cool and DEEP too?! huh, can I?!

This thread is just embarrassing...
>> No. 10193 [Edit]
This show, "Mankind has declined," is a deconstruction of modern society's way of living. The post-apocalyptic setting is metaphorical of the moral wasteland which has resulted from Nietzsche's famed "death of God" and more broadly modernity's stray from tradition and conservatism. The fairies (present-humans) are technocrats whose conformation to the scientific method and obsession with innovation have resulted in a loss of cultural identity; this conscious, explicit denial of a metanarrative drives them to create meaning in their lives through pure hedonism, which is represented by the candies. On the other hand, the humans we can most closely identify with who live on through the ruins find meaning in their lives from a return to primal roots. A bond with nature results in the formation of meaning and legitimization of action in their otherwise destitute lives. I look forward to seeing the future of this show; coupled with the terribly interesting and horrifyingly relevant analysis of present society the author presents, the whimsical nature of its presentation makes the show an altogether enjoyable experience, both aesthetically and intellectually.
>> No. 10196 [Edit]
wow that's so deep and insightful, I wish I could be half as cool as you!
>> No. 10199 [Edit]
Way to derail and crash yet another thread everyone.
>> No. 10224 [Edit]
Aren't we the greatest?
>> No. 10228 [Edit]
Hell yeah we are!
>> No. 10271 [Edit]
File 134162398328.jpg - (70.77KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 01 [7.jpg )
This show was a pleasant surprise.

Pretty good first episode.
>> No. 10280 [Edit]
So, would this be a case of character underdevelopment?
>> No. 10304 [Edit]
File 134183356344.jpg - (145.87KB , 1440x810 , cap03.jpg )
Glasses are definitely not her.
>> No. 10309 [Edit]
I think it's just those glasses, not glasses in general.
Something smaller, with thinner frames would work better.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2012, 5:14pm
>> No. 10320 [Edit]
File 134189658017.jpg - (42.84KB , 854x480 , Jinrui_wa_Suitai_Shimashita_-_02.jpg )
This series.
It's doing a fine job of toeing the line between being brilliantly absurd and outright retarded. If the story can keep it together, it should be pretty incredible.

Does anyone know much about the light novels? A cursory googling didn't turn up much.
>> No. 10324 [Edit]
This show, man. This show.

Need to watch the second episode, but man, I enjoyed the first episode.
>> No. 10325 [Edit]
Episode 2 was completely nuts. This show is great but there are some aspects I don't like.


Unfortunately, I don't believe anyone has yet scanned the novels or manga.
>> No. 10359 [Edit]
File 134222486092.gif - (872.61KB , 480x270 , 160087%20-%20%7Bchannel%7C%23tohno-chan%7D%20%7Bni.gif )
The dancing in the OP is so QUALITY... but not bad.
>> No. 10360 [Edit]
File 134222512615.jpg - (140.73KB , 1440x810 , 163340%20-%20%7Bchannel%7C%23tohno-chan%7D%20%7Bni.jpg )
I think they were kind of cute in a certain light.
>> No. 10361 [Edit]
Well, it's glasses. If they don't make a girl cute in any way then they are broke or something.
>> No. 10363 [Edit]
I think that the second episode may have been slightly worse than the first one. It didn't feel as meaningful or deep, although I still enjoyed it quite a lot.
>> No. 10364 [Edit]
I liked the second ep more becuase it didn't feel as meaningful or deep.
>> No. 10379 [Edit]
File 134237576059.jpg - (94.78KB , 1280x720 , 568801.jpg )
>> No. 10381 [Edit]
File 134238307722.jpg - (128.45KB , 1280x720 , [Doki] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 01 (1280x720 .jpg )
This show is so cute!

Post edited on 15th Jul 2012, 1:12pm
>> No. 10382 [Edit]
File 13423833134.jpg - (146.42KB , 1280x720 , 254.jpg )
Those fairies all seem so happy.
>> No. 10383 [Edit]

I'd be happy hanging from a rope all day, too.
>> No. 10392 [Edit]
File 134241910522.jpg - (123.17KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 03 [C2E1C96.jpg )
MC of the year.
>> No. 10393 [Edit]
File 134243019862.jpg - (121.31KB , 1280x720 , [Doki] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 01 (1280x720 .jpg )
That's not really saying much though.
>> No. 10395 [Edit]

Show of the year too
>> No. 10397 [Edit]
File 134243364196.jpg - (94.67KB , 1280x720 , 324567.jpg )
>> No. 10410 [Edit]
File 134247773664.jpg - (92.67KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 03 [7.jpg )
I never know what to expect from this show.
>> No. 10411 [Edit]
Isn't she cute?
>> No. 10441 [Edit]
File 134260705847.jpg - (94.25KB , 1440x810 , evol.jpg )
DAMN, man... Y is hot
>> No. 10442 [Edit]
Y is brilliant.
>> No. 10448 [Edit]
I love Watashi so much. She's so interesting and alluring.
>> No. 10473 [Edit]
File 13428686577.jpg - (59.10KB , 1440x810 , 1342364441371.jpg )
>> No. 10474 [Edit]
“By doing homoerotic things!”

This show isn't that bad. A lot is happening and it's weird ot the point where things get a little retarded, but still somewhat entertaining.
>> No. 10477 [Edit]
File 134289163944.png - (1.12MB , 1367x1532 , Spoiler Picture.png )
This show man.
>> No. 10478 [Edit]
I really like the dance that Watashi does with the fairies in the OP.
>> No. 10482 [Edit]
When the skinless chicken jumped off of the cliff and the fairy said "Let us dive!" and Watashi said "I can not fly" in English, what is that a reference to?

I ask this because there was a joke about this in Yuru Yuri in one of the episodes when Kyouko was joking about jumping off a bridge and during that time she said "I can fly!" in English and asked "Can you fly?" in English when Yui said something to her.
>> No. 10502 [Edit]
File 13430639131.jpg - (125.11KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 04 [B9A1AE8.jpg )
Y is 2gud.
>> No. 10519 [Edit]
I heard it's a reference to Eureka 7 but I haven't seen it myself, so I can't say for sure.
>> No. 10528 [Edit]
Oh, thank you. I guess it makes sense since there is some flying and some "flying" in there as well, so I guess I'll take your word for it mostly because I'm too lazy to check on my own.
>> No. 10545 [Edit]
I find it amusing this guy completely left out: girls being completely useless and incapable of contributing anything helpful to society and not even able (or willing) to prepare a decent meal.
which was a large part of the first ep.

passive white knights are everywhere

Post edited on 26th Jul 2012, 6:40pm
>> No. 10547 [Edit]
I think that most normals have been brainwashed into somewhat believing the whole "equality" bullshit.

Anyway, you're right, women are all useless, lying whores.
>> No. 10549 [Edit]
yeah, the first ep did actually have the main character doing a whole lot of lying to people, but I don't think there was much in the area of whores.
>> No. 10607 [Edit]
File 134359624427.jpg - (112.79KB , 1440x810 , cake.jpg )
Cake, anyone?
>> No. 10608 [Edit]

Now that this show has robot cat girls, it can officially be called the best show of the season.
>> No. 10609 [Edit]
File 134360183214.jpg - (132.90KB , 1280x720 , [Doki] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 02 (1280x720 .jpg )
Nah man, it's totally grimdark and deep.
>> No. 10610 [Edit]
File 134362360059.jpg - (83.32KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 05 [828BADF.jpg )
>> No. 10611 [Edit]
File 134362368510.jpg - (125.04KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 05 [828BADF.jpg )
I find it funny how calmly she generally handles these situations.
>> No. 10641 [Edit]
I wonder what happened to her hair.
you know, how it was talking and turned out to be protecting her and stuff? seems like that could have helped out a bit in the most recent ep.
>> No. 10745 [Edit]
File 134424155187.png - (1.05MB , 1280x720 , Batman holding a marshmallow.png )
With how this episode ended, I'm going to guess that this is the last episode, right?

It was kind of lame.
>> No. 10746 [Edit]
It's 12 ep
>> No. 10760 [Edit]
Shaving a woman's head really doesn't seem like a 'light' punishment for something they couldn't even prove she did in the first place (all evidence destroyed)
but if it is, I'd hate to think what they'd do to her if they didn't go easy on her.

at least she didin't seem to care 'that' much, but I'm surprised the hair wasn't begging for it's life or something (does no one remember the hair coming to life and talking? seriously? no one remembers that? pretty sure it happened at the end of ep2.... anyone? okay....)

why do I get the feeling she's gonna grow it back again and this is going to become a recurring gag?

what would the gods of character development have to say about this anyway?
does it still count as character development if it's just going back to the length it was before?
>> No. 10764 [Edit]
File 134442241345.jpg - (110.60KB , 1280x720 , [DeadFish] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 06 [720p].jpg )
Suddenly, surprise Hiyama. It's been a while since I last heard Hiyama.

Somehow I didn't post in this thread so far, not much to write about. I think the most interesting thing about this show is that the eps vary in length. It's rare for a Japanese show period and practically unheard of in modern anime; it's been a while since I last saw one of those.

The way the eyes are drawn reminds me of Kanamemo and I always said Kanamemo had one of best designs in that department. The backgrounds make me hard, scenery porn right there. Could 'cap pretty much any background in the show and use it as my new wallpaper.

But the drummer of the band that does the OP, Jesus Christ, what are you doing son. I seriously get the sudden urge to punch him in the face every time I hear the OP. See me after class.
>> No. 10765 [Edit]
>the eps vary in length
what are you smoking?
they're all 23 minutes long
>> No. 10766 [Edit]

Ep 1: 23:40
Ep 2: 23:40
Ep 3: 23:43
Ep 4: 23:11
Ep 5: 23:43
Ep 6: 23:43

The difference might not be big but it IS Japanese TV we're talking about here.

Amusingly enough Tari Tari's eps vary in lenght, too. Didn't notice that before, just went to check if there's any other show I'm following that breaks the 'every ep is EXACTLY [wx:yz] long' rule. Maybe nowadays it's not as uncommon as it used to be? The number of shows I'm following decreases every year so it feel like I'm kinda not in the loop anymore.
>> No. 10768 [Edit]
touché, I guess.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2012, 4:08am
>> No. 10769 [Edit]
This started off really well.
I was excited to see what they'd come up with for each episode but it's been getting pretty boring now. The last episode especially was a horrible experience.
Good commentary was what was making this show what it was but it was absent this time.
>> No. 10778 [Edit]
File 134445453643.jpg - (151.62KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 06 [F3F7D48.jpg )

I agree that's messed up.
All that hair.

That must be what happened to her the first time.
>> No. 10779 [Edit]
The short hair sucks.

I don't particularly mind short hair, but it's terrible in this case.
>> No. 10780 [Edit]
it truly is terrible.
>> No. 10781 [Edit]
I think she said she lost a bet the first time.
It makes her look like a old maid, I can barely recognize her.
>> No. 10782 [Edit]
Has anyone been reading the manga at all? I might pick it up if it's worth it since the show is becoming kind of boring.
>> No. 10855 [Edit]
File 134485284511.png - (461.43KB , 1280x720 , thjudrstyjudryt.png )
Well, this episode was pretty weird.
>> No. 10886 [Edit]
Supposedly the anime is out of order from the light novels
>> No. 10887 [Edit]
being out of order would actually make a lot of sense.
>> No. 10888 [Edit]
I think so since the current episode seems to be from before anything that we've seen so far with what has been shown in it. Including the things with her hair.
>> No. 10891 [Edit]
the hair thing would really fit, since they cut it exactly the same.
and it would explain why no one has said a single thing about the LIVING AND TALKING HAIR that grew in place.
>> No. 10987 [Edit]
File 134567679781.jpg - (105.18KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 08 [93160A5.jpg )
I felt like I was being trolled this whole episode.

Dat conclusion.
>> No. 10989 [Edit]
I'm getting really annoyed at how "over exposed" the episodes have been feeling. Like...the brights are way too bright. Though maybe that is just attributed to poor quality TV trips.
>> No. 10992 [Edit]
Does anyone else think this show would have been better if they aired it in chronological order?
>> No. 10993 [Edit]

You mean the pallete? Believe it or not but it's actually the only reason why I haven't dropped it yet. 100% serious. That and the scenery porn; the backgrounds are absolutely amazing.


I see your point but it can't be helped. They had to air something interesting at first and I think most people would agree that the first episode/story arc was the best one yet. Lots of people have been gradually losing interest in the show after that. It's no wonder they picked that as the first one.

This is still somewhat acceptable as the series is episodic in nature either way but the retarded chronology they used in Horou Musuko anime killed it for me (I'm a fan of the manga/a fan of Shimura Takako period).
>> No. 10995 [Edit]
pretty sure he means the giant lens flares.
>> No. 10999 [Edit]

Not the palette - I love it as well.

I just mean sometimes certain things are too bright (I have no screenshots on hand to give an example though).
>> No. 11005 [Edit]

Oh, you meant the 'bloom', right? Never bothered me too much in all honesty.
>> No. 11021 [Edit]
File 134586737616.png - (0.98MB , 1226x757 , make you wet.png )
That last arc was boring as hell. Hopefully we can push past it.
>> No. 11157 [Edit]
File 134666696945.png - (576.50KB , 1280x720 , I ran.png )
>> No. 11227 [Edit]
Does this show get any better after the shitty arc with the assistant and the stupid time thing? I'm ready to drop this.
>> No. 11229 [Edit]
File 13473134827.jpg - (102.75KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 09 [4249B8.jpg )
I'd say try at least one more
The stranded on a island ep is my favorite episode thus far by a mile.
it was grate.
>> No. 11234 [Edit]
Well, then I'll give it another chance.
>> No. 11245 [Edit]
File 134747038592.jpg - (136.39KB , 1280x720 , 2012-09-12_141858.jpg )
It's funny because her VA is a bully!
get it?
>> No. 11324 [Edit]
I liked that one a lot, too.

The girl with the gray hair (Y) was fantastic in those last episodes. Almost made up for her poor performance in early episodes. I'm not sure if I liked her or Pion more... What a great show!
>> No. 11347 [Edit]
File 134817624830.jpg - (89.66KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 11 [7.jpg )
I need doujinshi of these two, preferably with Watashi being held captive.

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