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File 135406111853.jpg - (358.23KB , 600x842 , d8ffd9daaa7ffa0a962026345e0d1d8a.jpg )
10952 No. 10952 [Edit]
What food do you usually associate with your waifu?

Mine's konpeito, for many reasons. First, Marisa's name is foreign in origin, same thing with the konpeito. Second, her concept as a character is taken from the West and given Japanese cuteness, just like the candy itself, recipe taken from the Portuguese and turned cute by the Japanese. (Although I could be wrong about the "turned cute by the Japanese" part.) And third, because Marisa is strong and tough yet somewhat amiable and well-liked, just like the konpeito, which is basically cute-looking rock candy.
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>> No. 10953 [Edit]
File 135406484475.jpg - (481.19KB , 650x910 , 04506497597eb53a30313648919becba.jpg )
Never thought too much about it, but most kinds of meat, nuts, Hojicha(if tea counts as food), compote, apples, blackberries and sweet potatoes reminds me of her
>> No. 10954 [Edit]
File 135406605867.jpg - (832.34KB , 600x849 , 12742640_p1.jpg )
Rice, usually.
>> No. 10955 [Edit]
File 135406912063.png - (345.06KB , 702x395 , 1256cfe3cb1dd62a68964f0df9eaeab6.png )
Well I don't know.
I could say things like Yakult because of whole thing about lactic acid, but I still don't really relate it to her.
>> No. 10956 [Edit]
File 135408566130.jpg - (452.32KB , 852x1095 , Tomo116.jpg )
I honestly cannot say, I've never really thought on it. Though I can sort of relate her to sake (not really a food though) and that is because she is a miko and in the novels she drinks, though I would have to say rice (sacred grains).
>> No. 10957 [Edit]
File 135409161659.jpg - (158.12KB , 600x800 , 12167051.jpg )
May change once I experience more of the unimaginable food the dreamworld has to offer.
>> No. 10958 [Edit]
File 13541114844.jpg - (76.24KB , 676x317 , Kanako (63).jpg )
Every kind of sweets,I would love to know what she likes to eat but all I know is that she really dislikes sweets and therefor I always remember this when i see those.
>> No. 10961 [Edit]
I always thought maybe she didn't like Japanese sweets but were okay with Western style sweets, and maybe its just Tokyopop's shoddy translation that used the same word for these two different types of sweets. One day I'll have to verify this, maybe look at a fan scanlation because they tend to have less localisation.
>> No. 10963 [Edit]
File 135415986865.jpg - (39.20KB , 1024x568 , misao meatball.jpg )
Meatballs obviously.

Her favourite food, too bad she only eats it once in the series, she loves eating flan, yakisoba, curry and hamburgers too.
>> No. 10964 [Edit]

That would be quite interesting to know actually. It says in the manga that her adoptive parants ran a sweetshop, and in one scene they gave her something like sweet bread, so you might be right.
>> No. 10965 [Edit]
File 135422768167.jpg - (104.05KB , 680x420 , wagashi_asia01-thumb-680x420-8782.jpg )
Yeah I'm certain her parents ran a shop that made sweets like in this picture.
>> No. 10974 [Edit]
I associate frankenfood with Misato. On her birthday last year I made chicken ramen, drained out the majority of the broth and used it instead of rice for some curry chicken. This year, I think I'm going to do the same thing.
>> No. 10989 [Edit]
File 13544840227.jpg - (80.04KB , 500x500 , shironacabbage.jpg )
Cynthia's JP name, Shirona, is also the name of a type of cabbage.
>> No. 10990 [Edit]
File 13544920077.jpg - (140.35KB , 1024x768 , 1339053474852.jpg )

>> No. 11012 [Edit]
File 135493077586.jpg - (593.44KB , 1000x1500 , Peach parfait.jpg )
Peaches and mushrooms
>> No. 11365 [Edit]
File 135666128499.png - (48.45KB , 317x317 , 25484.png )
Mint anything.
>> No. 11367 [Edit]
File 135666521036.png - (309.01KB , 567x800 , 1346768344209.png )
Soft, white bread and chamomile tea.
>> No. 11372 [Edit]
To be painfully honest, I wouldn't know. If I had to take a guess, she'd remind me of cake or sweets in general. I think that's a little generic though.
>> No. 11383 [Edit]
File 135683617053.jpg - (547.99KB , 1280x960 , %E3%82%B3%E3%83%AD%E3%83%83%E3%82%B1_JPG.jpg )
Croquettes. She happens to be an expert on the subject. ;_;
>> No. 11387 [Edit]
Refined, european haute cuisine. She's a gourmet and knows all the good and expensive stuff.
>> No. 11455 [Edit]
Snack foods, anything with anko in it, apples.
>> No. 12845 [Edit]
She doesn't have any specific food related to her. But if I had to choose, it would be anything sweet like cake, ice cream, pancakes or wagashi.
>> No. 12847 [Edit]
File 137186873266.jpg - (149.50KB , 1600x900 , food.jpg )
Um, everything?
>> No. 12855 [Edit]
File 137192241039.jpg - (178.81KB , 1748x1181 , 436900.jpg )
No prizes for knowing hers. Although there is a reasonably balanced meal idea in this picture.
>> No. 12877 [Edit]
File 137239645238.gif - (23.97KB , 225x300 , 15079545_p2.gif )
Green curry. I also think of him when I see things that are sweet, but not cloyingly so.
>> No. 14314 [Edit]
File 139060540753.png - (9.97KB , 300x300 , 286.png )
Adding to this as I've given it a lot more thought lately:

He really loves coconuts, especially in sweets. He doesn't like the coconut/pineapple mixture though and isn't a fan of pineapple at all really (despite pineapple being one of my favorite fruits). I've been wondering lately if he is a vegetarian - I know when I eat with him, he distinctly does not like red meat, but come to think of it he has a good reason.

In general, he responds most favorably to well-seasoned, simple food (mostly starches and vegetables), although he likes junk food a fair amount too.

This isn't directly related to his tastes, but the other day I bought some Ghirardelli strawberry filled dark chocolate squares and it's incredible how much the taste brings me back to first meeting him. They only come out around Valentine's and I remember eating them while playing his route.
>> No. 15991 [Edit]
File 140470765171.png - (844.66KB , 1036x1287 , 鳳凰院アブ - 無題 - 32732097.png )
I would say 100% orange juice but that's a drink and wouldn't be counted as food. Regardless if I still have to interpret her series, a French-style dessert would fit her, since it could be made in a prestigious way, which could be decorated as a princess looking dessert if you are a very skilled chef.

But I would associate her with a strawberry, because I think that's what would fit in her tsundere-like personality. A strawberry is usually sour when unripe, eg., like acts a little bit immature when things go out of hand. But when ripe, it gets so sweet, that Iori would act so mature once she realizes her mistakes and act like a real sprouting princess filled with most of the sweet taste found in the strawberry.
>> No. 15993 [Edit]
File 140471626164.jpg - (404.94KB , 800x954 , 68418.jpg )
I associate her with rice and English tea, mostly. She likes a lot of different foods but I think those fit her the best.
>> No. 15995 [Edit]
File 14047265155.png - (1.07MB , 1920x822 , yyy.png )
Sadly, I don't have any food that reminds me of her, even when I eat some of her favorite meals like roasted mackerel it doesn't remind me of her, it just won't "ring".
I also like my food very hot and she probably wouldn't like food that is too spicy because her character type in the franchise is supposed to be kind of childish.
There are hundreds of things that remind me of her every day, even myself when I look in the mirror because we have the same hair and eye color, but when it comes to food our tastes are too different I'd say.

I started drinking tea more often though because she likes tea and I never really tried it.
>> No. 16001 [Edit]
The only thing I can think of is popsicles, mostly because of this picture: >>14873

In terms of drinks I'd say Pocari Sweat, again because of fan art and because of a figure I own where she's holding a can of it.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 4:45pm
>> No. 16066 [Edit]
File 140518454091.jpg - (90.94KB , 300x500 , 36.jpg )
This might be a bit too obvious to answer.

Though apparently he likes bland foods such as bread and rice cakes, so that too. I'm not sure if he likes sweets like his brother.
>> No. 16486 [Edit]
File 140857341987.jpg - (7.42KB , 300x168 , images80OJ0TPT.jpg )
Blueberries or basically any food that is blue lol
>> No. 16490 [Edit]
File 140875974093.png - (386.22KB , 653x591 , 11.png )
Pizza. Obvious reason.
>> No. 16537 [Edit]
Matsusaka beef. Or any Japanese wagyu type beef steak with heavy marbleization.
>> No. 16587 [Edit]
Tea and mushrooms.
>> No. 16723 [Edit]
File 141243337667.jpg - (121.80KB , 579x819 , Saber_full_379076.jpg )
Because of this picture, I associate Saber Lily with bread even though she would likely eat rice.
>> No. 16927 [Edit]
File 141513647331.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , Ikezawa_Hanako_full_242044.jpg )
Wine and tea.

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