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File 138283671964.jpg - (380.80KB , 720x517 , wideopennightsky.jpg )
16149 No. 16149 [Edit]
Have any of you read Aldous Huxley's The Genius and the Haruhidess? I thought it might be relevant to some of you, and it was really quite good. Here's a choice quote.

"Broken reeds are seldom good mixers. They're far too busy with their ideas, their sensuality and their psychosomatic complaints to be able to take an interest in other people-even their own wives and children. They live in a state of the most profound voluntary ignorance, not knowing anything about anybody, but abounding in preconceived opinions about everything. Take the education of children, for example. Henry could talk about it as an authority. He had read Piaget, he had read Dewey, he had read Montessori, he had read the psychoanalysts. It was all there in his cerebral filing cabinet, classified, categorized, instantly available. But when it came to doing something for Ruth and Timmy, he was either hopelessly incompetent or, more often, he just faded out of the picture. For of course they bored him. All children bored him. So did the overwhelming majority of adults. How could it be otherwise? Their ideas were rudimentary and their reading, non-existent.What had they to offer? Only their sentiments and their moral life, only their occasional wisdom and their frequent and pathetic lack of wisdom. In a word, only their humanity. And humanity was something in which poor Henry was incapable, congenitally, of taking an interest."

I'm basically Henry Maartens without the genius. All of my relationships have mostly disintegrated and, whether quickly or not, sloughed off. The very few that remain are these unbalanced and not an equal give and take. I don't care about people, I don't care about humanity. I am adrift in a sea; a world of ideas. There is nothing else here for me. I live now without love. I always have.

What do you think, /so/? Can you relate?
>> No. 16156 [Edit]
>He had read Piaget, he had read Dewey, he had read Montessori, he had read the psychoanalysts
What? no Bourbaki and their influence in education?... Anyway:

>Can you relate?
Totally. Moreover: I'm not even interested in people but just in "things" (characters, images, ideas...), as I think it should be. Deleuze expresses why very nicely in one of the videos of his Abécédaire, in the "C for Culture" (from my translated notes):

"Encounters do not happen with people, but with things... That's why the encounters between people are always so disappointing: it's the catastrophe... One has encounters with those kinds of elements: with the charm of people, with the work of people, but not with the people: they do not matter, the people, not at all."

>What had they to offer?... only their humanity
Indeed: nothing at all. Even worst if they're women (insofar as such); the only thing those can offer is actual sex, which is but sickness and sadness.
>> No. 16162 [Edit]
Mouais... by splitting people into individual components you're missing out a bigger side of their personality. One which wouldn't be fathomed through a somewhat utilitaristic approach reducing persons into à la carte bits.
>> No. 16170 [Edit]
That wasn't the point. By stressing that we can perceive but qualities pertaining to objects (that we then turn into personal and biased ideas), Deleuze stressed the impossibility of accessing the individual as a subject. In other words: you might be able to look at things with others, but you can't possibly look at their looking of such things (because you are you, not them). You can only reach things, not people.

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