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File 136231690619.jpg - (131.64KB , 1112x827 , hb.jpg )
11969 No. 11969 [Edit]
It's Mariya's (and Shizu's) birthday. I don't know what you might wish for, I just wish you happiness.

First sight, you intrigued me. Step by step you tore through my defenses, like it is your nature. But by invading my mind, you showed me yours.

あなたを愛して! Ti amo! Ich liebe Dich!
>> No. 11970 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 11971 [Edit]
Happy birthday and best wishes.
>> No. 11972 [Edit]
Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy today and every day you spend together.
>> No. 11973 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!

Although, I'm a late, I hope you guys had a good time.
>> No. 11974 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, I'm hoping you guys have a fun time today.
>> No. 11992 [Edit]
Thanks all. I just wish I were a great baker or artist like so many here. Always nice to see the dedication and creativity of people around here.

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