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File 13681077442.jpg - (222.39KB , 960x720 , image.jpg )
21791 No. 21791 [Edit]
Does TC like my new bedside carpet?
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>> No. 21794 [Edit]
That was unexpected.
Well, I for one do.
>> No. 21796 [Edit]
What about it was unexpected? As soon as I saw the pic and the post on the front page "Shinden" rang in my mind.
>> No. 21801 [Edit]
File 136814035964.png - (199.03KB , 306x385 , The man.png )
Kyon is Korean
>> No. 21807 [Edit]
well he is using it as a CARPET so I think that's unsurprising with hindsight
>> No. 21869 [Edit]
Good, make sure to step on it very often.
>> No. 21888 [Edit]
I have flag stomping urges every spring, thanks to Hockey World Championships. Every spring Finns are even worse drunken degenerates than usually and the inferiority complex towards Swedes is doubled.

Last time Finland won that stupid tournament I saw videos of Finns crossing the Swedish border in droves to celebrate the victory over there and burn a game jersey of a famous Swedish player while other people were cheering. Ridiculous.

Sorry, I needed to let this out.

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