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File 136213563693.png - (412.92KB , 846x480 , knj1.png )
11948 No. 11948 [Edit]
What are you giving your waifu for white day? Other than semen, of course.
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>> No. 11949 [Edit]
The norm is to give double what you got I think. but becuase I'm so generous I'm gonna make sure whatever I get her is worth ten times what she got me for valentines day.

...remind me again what ten times nothing is?

kidding aside, I'll be giving her what I always do, my loyalty, love and adoration. if it was physically possible for me to give her something, you bet your ass I would.
>> No. 11951 [Edit]
Is this a joke thread? If so, nothing. If its a serious answer I'm getting her a physical representation of her character.
>> No. 11952 [Edit]
Me too, actually. I hadn't bought any figs of her yet and I'm saving up to buy a couple.
>> No. 11954 [Edit]
I think "a physical representation of her character." (AKA figurine) is more of a gift to yourself really.
>> No. 11957 [Edit]
File 136217894966.jpg - (213.62KB , 550x572 , ota-guard-2.jpg )
I disagree with the premise of your contribution to this thread. Amongst the continuum of people with 3DPD companions, it is normally considered a gift if one purchases an outfit for their significant other. All figurines of the type currently being discussed that I have seen come fitted out with a complete set of garments. I feel that you must be catching my drift by now, don't you agree?
>> No. 11959 [Edit]
The guy made that hole way too big and completely ruined the concept.
>> No. 11960 [Edit]
File 136220351720.jpg - (262.73KB , 850x1209 , 5b7a677f18f0660c6941a59ce6edea67.jpg )
When a women buys herself an outfit as a gift for her partner, that's usually because it's something he would enjoy seeing her wear (or take off) as such, he gets something out of it. A figure of your waifu is something you and you alone can enjoy, your waifu doesn't get anything out of it.

...unless you believe the figure serves as some sort of interdimensional conduite that opens a gateway across the planes of reality allowing you to better interact with your waifu in her own realm of existence... but even then that's not much of a gift to her unless you believe she's over there waiting for you. otherwise such a scenario would be comparable to a stalker molesting a voodoo doll of the person they like.
But that's just how I see it.
>> No. 11961 [Edit]
A figure is a Shintai. Look that up.

And hotgluing is against the rules, all the time.
>> No. 11962 [Edit]
That doesn't explain how the figure is a gift to the character it's based on, and not the person who bought it.
>> No. 11964 [Edit]
I found it on Mandarake, I could have gone without it, but I felt that I should get her something so I scrounged up all my money and bought it.

You could say that, but I choose to see it differently. I see is more as 'an ode' to her - I already buy figures for myself but buying one of her, for her feels a lot different.

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