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File 13687843828.png - (48.44KB , 303x323 , fucker.png )
15635 No. 15635 [Edit]
the dangerous moment when, less than a week after you dropped that show that you decided you didn't like, the next ep comes out and boredom disguises itself as curiosity and temps you to watch it.
stay strong! don't watch that shitty anime!
you're better than that!
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>> No. 15637 [Edit]
No worrys. Only show I've dropped recently was Suisei no Gargantia, and any curiosity I had was done away by posts and screen caps in it's thread which make it look like trash.
>> No. 15638 [Edit]
we're here for you, bro.
>> No. 15640 [Edit]
Ah, I know what it feels like all too well. And I succumb to the temptation way too often.

This season is especially hard for me since I see an interesting gif or two from pretty much every ep or OreImo. Hell, they even had a little brown girl. But I'll do my best.
>> No. 15643 [Edit]
I did that with Haganai S2.
>> No. 15652 [Edit]
I drop like 10 shows a season on the account that I try most for one ep. If I had this same issue I'd be really out of luck.


Oh man, he doesn't like the best show of the season because he's too hipster and saw other people he doesn't like enjoying it.

I'll let your heart freeze and you can die alone while we enjoy the soul-cleansing that is Susei no Gargantia.
>> No. 15654 [Edit]
Whole point of this hobby is to watch EVERYTHING. If you haven't watched the whole show, you don't have right to criticize it.

Last time I dropped something was 5-6 years ago.
>> No. 15655 [Edit]

>Whole point of this hobby is to watch EVERYTHING.

Woah. I thought it was to be entertained, not consume hours watching things you don't like.

>If you haven't watched the whole show, you don't have right to criticize it.

>> No. 15657 [Edit]
If you've watched a show partially you have full rights to criticize the show based on the parts you watched. Of course you're extrapolating future parts of the show from a limited dataset, which while not accurate enough for hard-line objective analysis of why a show sucks or doesn't suck, is often sufficiently accurate for determining whether or not you're gonna enjoy watching the whole thing.
>> No. 15659 [Edit]
If you think not watching something I don't want to watch makes me a hipster you're a idiot.

Post edited on 17th May 2013, 1:21pm
>> No. 15684 [Edit]

Read the rules and f&q before posting guys.

If you want to watch it simply watch it. If you don't want to watch it then don't watch it. Wow that was hard wasn't it?
>> No. 15835 [Edit]
>Woah. I thought it was to be entertained, not consume hours watching things you don't like.
That says enough how seriously you take this hobby. Do you like it or not, is irrelevant. If you say you watch anime, then you actually should watch anime.

Criticizing part of the show has very little value because they are meant to be watched as and criticized as whole pieces. You aren't entitled to say book sucks if you have just read one page, and saying the one page you've read is great or it sucks, has no value at all.
>> No. 15837 [Edit]
File 136956712399.jpg - (103.23KB , 620x761 , Anime expert.jpg )
>> No. 15970 [Edit]
>Whole point of this hobby is to watch EVERYTHING.
It really does feel like this sometimes. like I'm just forcing myself to watch tons of crap to collect them all like pokemons or something. I mostly blame mal for steering me in this direction. I find myself updating the thing whenever I finish something but for no good reason. I never chat with anyone on mal or do anything with it other than updating what I've watched. Although it can be nice to get every reference tossed into some anime and know what everyone is always talking about. I'm way to lazy to watch every anime every season but it's actually pretty easy to stay on top of the ball since people only really talk about 5 shows each season. I doubt anyone will be talking about 3/4 of the shows that aired this season a year from now.
>> No. 16083 [Edit]

I guess I can relate to this. If someone were to ask me what was the last show I was truly impressed with I'd probably have to say it was Tatami Galaxy and yet I pick up a couple of shows every season either way. To be perfectly honest I don't even expect them to be good, I haven't for a longer while. It's just that I spent so much time on this hobby that'd it'd be kinda weird to just say 'well, this was fun while it lasted, let's do something else now'.
>> No. 20569 [Edit]
File 141006663031.jpg - (175.70KB , 1440x810 , yScion.jpg )
Don't watch bad anime?
But anon, it's already too late for that....
>> No. 20617 [Edit]
most ppl on english language imageboards watch anime for 4chan street cred rather than because they like to watch it.
>> No. 20619 [Edit]
You wouldn't like to watch it either if you were forced to watch half the garbage out there.
>> No. 20620 [Edit]
File 141066804343.jpg - (156.04KB , 956x528 , 1409572803166.jpg )
Then stop watching it.
>> No. 20624 [Edit]
Lol bitter

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