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File 136613670912.jpg - (323.71KB , 1632x1224 , neet.jpg )
14032 No. 14032 [Edit]
How do I enhance my NEETing experience? I don't know any weed dealers and I don't understand how to download free movies and games. What do chaps?
>> No. 14033 [Edit]
Learn how to download free movies and games, it's not rocket science. If you don't know how to learn, learn how to learn.
>> No. 14034 [Edit]
>I don't know any weed dealers
ask your siblings
>I don't understand how to download free movies and games
>> No. 14035 [Edit]
Buy a nice pair of headphones if you have the money, and loads of pillows. Start reading more, finding hobbies away from the computer makes the internet more entertaining while youre on it.
>> No. 14036 [Edit]
Try to live like a ford driver for a week.
>> No. 14037 [Edit]
you can buy drugs online
slikroad, etc.
>> No. 14038 [Edit]
>...but even so the discussion related to the sale, purchasing, or manufacturing of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.
>> No. 14042 [Edit]
Make sure you masturbate a lot, it's really fun, cheap and easy to do.
>> No. 14043 [Edit]
> I don't understand how to download free movies and games

I don't understand how this is possible. How old are you? Do you know what torrents are? Not trying to be insulting, I'm quite serious.
>> No. 14044 [Edit]
Some people can't understand or remember very simple things. I have a bunch of those myself. Using torrents isn't one of them, thankfully.
>> No. 14045 [Edit]

Hey.Fuck you.
>> No. 14047 [Edit]
The best way isn't even torrents, try to find direct downloads and avoid torrenting altogether. May be slower a lot of the time but it's worth it. I use torrents as a last option but then again I only download anime and music, hardly ever download movies and games. I know movies are easier to find everywhere online, I can even get them on soulseek to be even safer (you can get more than music on there). But as for games since I download those even less I believe torrents may be the best way unless you can easily find a page with a bunch of direct download links.
>> No. 14048 [Edit]
Well OP you can do a lot with a little. After you find a way to easily extract whatever you want from the internet and get the essentials down like a decent external hardrive or 2 to keep all your stuff safe start working on making everything more comfortable for yourself. Have something else to live for, just watching movies/anime and playing games all the time alone will get boring. Make your room look nicer, take advantage of having all the time in the world and go for walks outside sometimes when it's nicer and exercise (it'll make you feel better in the long run plus you get to go on little adventures making your life more interesting. go to stores and stuff too, have fun exploring the world on foot.), buy a lot of junk food from small shops and the dollar store to horde in your room, learn how to cook and throw in some tasty but cheap dinners every so often with your usual frozen food heated up in the oven or microwave, get into something like meditation to ease your mind even more, and the best thing is you can indulge on whatever interests you to the fullest as a NEET. Just try to live for something and make life more rewarding and fun. Do what you can with what you got.

As for drugs with no connections your limited to stims and over the counter shit unless you can somehow get medical marijuana (I wish I could so bad). Gas station shops and the internet have some pretty powerful energy drinks you can buy that mostly go buy unnoticed by the public (which is probably why they haven't been pulled everywhere.) like Spike Shooter for example which will get you high as shit if you down the whole can at once quickly. Another among the top most power drinks is Redline but I don't recommend it, all stimulation and paranoia with no euphoria. You'll just feel like you've lost your mind after a whole bottle of that stuff downed quickly but if you want to feel that go ahead. There are more powerful than ordinary energy drinks too that aren't like the usual ones you can down like soda but won't get you too high either. Then you have the energy shots they're only good for a little boost but one of those during the day can boost my mood a bit. The only one I can ever say that actually made me kinda high was a Spike Double Shot, felt pretty nice. Can't find those anywhere around here though in any shops. There is one other way I can get high but it's self harm and I don't recommend it to anyone because of that but if you want to I'm not stopping you. I can get extremely high on my own endorphin releases through a ghost pepper based hot sauce which is Mad Dog 357: Ghost Pepper Edition. I fill the cap and very slowly sip and spread it around my mouth and swallow with each sip. Do it wrong and you'll just hurt yourself very bad and have milk around to ease your stomach. Very soon I'll start to get more relaxed, then all of sudden I'll start to feel floaty and everything sounds better, then I feel warm and my body feels like it's vibrating, and I'm in total euphoria. I get some closed eye visuals like colors and shapes, just closing my eyes and alternating between laying on my bed or sitting on my chair with music is a great experience. Only outer visuals I ever got was a little hardly noticeable movement on the surface of everything like tiny waves but that was the highest I ever been.

And there you go my guide to being NEET while still living a fulfilling life and being mostly satisfied.
>> No. 14050 [Edit]
If you haven't already, learn Japanese. Best thing I've ever done.
>> No. 14058 [Edit]
>How do I enhance my NEETing experience?

get a job
>> No. 14063 [Edit]
How do you go about enhancing your corporate NEET experience then? IT is always watching your comp.
>> No. 14065 [Edit]
Not all companies do this. I've been browsing TC and 4chan at work (I use foolz because the site itself is blocked) for over a year with no consequences. My co workers check their bank accounts and personal emails everyday, if there really was a IT guy watching it would be a security risk.

as to how to enhance your corporate neet experience:

It's all about looking busy.
-stick post-its on your cubicle and computer monitor and write random stuff on them. You should also use duct tape and stick a few A4 sized documents with phone numbers and addresses on the walls.
-Clutter up your desktop with dozens of windows and emails. You can also use this to hide the sites you're browsing.
-Leave a notepad in your desk with some scribbles.
-Stand up every once in a while and go talk to someone while holding the notepad.

Note, this is nowhere near as fun and relaxing as it sounds. If you're too quiet, you will become a target. I'm not joking, it's like highschool. Even though the people you're working with are adults, they still act like teenagers, except now they're smarter and even more cunning, specially the women. Time your lunch breaks properly to eat alone, or don't take lunch breaks at all (this is what I do) avoid people, specially large groups of women, and try to not rely on anyone for anything. When asked questions about your personal life by anyone who is not a figure of authority, lie as much as you can. Know when to give up during contests, the people making the choices will usually give you subtle hints giving you an opportunity to walk away unscathed. I've been cheated out of a promotion multiple times.

You can't really escape the natural shittyness of people it seems. Sometimes I dream about saying fuck it and setting up a tent in Western China.
>> No. 14068 [Edit]
its no longer a NEET experience when you get a job; thats the point.

but if you really want to know a cool tip, I sometimes copy webpages into notepad++ to read them at work. so it looks like I'm working on source code.
>> No. 14077 [Edit]
some people never learned that by themselves. And he might be an older NRRT
>> No. 14078 [Edit]
Damn, you seem to know your stuff.
>> No. 14144 [Edit]
Some people have arranged jobs where they do close to nothing and spend most of their time with distractions like browsing the net. Corporate NEET has jap (and I'm sure global) roots too and isn't something I just pulled out of thin air:


Think there's one or two posts here claiming something along those lines too. Corporate NEET is pretty neat since you get paid for all that time.
>> No. 14159 [Edit]
I remember these scientists from a lab in my area (Argonne National Lab) who all quit because they were given ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO. After a year or teo they got annoyed with it. I think it was because they were black or something. Back then, I was like YOU IDIOTS! HOW CAN YOU GIVE THAT UP! But now, it is more of 'i went through all that work and i wanted to be a scientist! and they wont let me do science-y shit now!'.
>> No. 14164 [Edit]
Man, they must've been able to take it real easy. Perhaps they regret leaving now since the economy is still in the shitter? Not everyone is a hyper ambitious career type intent on becoming a Nobel-winning scientist in charge of Bell labs or advising the President or whatever.
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
it waz in the late 1990s/early 2000s. So it was before the 2008 economic downturn.

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