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File 133401965474.jpg - (53.98KB , 490x640 , 0.jpg )
9508 No. 9508 [Edit]
Ever get the feeling that you're getting too old for this? I turned 22 today and decided to look up some of my classmates from highschool (Not to difficult because everyone uses shitbookthese days) One of them is 8 months away from getting his medicine degree. Another one graduated from military academy back in December and ended up in a embassy in Brazil. Cushy desk jobs. 3rd or 4th year engineering students. Cars, apartments, vacations in SE asia.
What the fuck have I been doing for the past 5 years? I don't know how to answer that.

"Oh you know, just watching anime and playing games all day."
"I'm still living at home and I don't have a job."

More importantly, where will I be 10 years from now? How come it's so difficult to find old otakus on the internet? What happens to us when we turn 25 years old?

Every year I ask myself these questions. I'm running out of time. How can I figure out what I want to do with my life and stop liking anime, manga and other embarrassing things? If I was missing a leg or something I'd have a excuse but I don't have any disabilities...
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>> No. 9509 [Edit]
I don't think about the future very much because I keep hoping I die soon.
>> No. 9510 [Edit]
I didn't have any friends and have forgotten the names of the people that I interacted with.

Anyway, I have no idea, OP. I just hope that one day I'll have the balls to kill myself.
>> No. 9511 [Edit]
I had a few acquaintances in high school, and I actually ran into one at the store once. Luckily that was about a year into my NEEThood so me saying I haven't done anything was slightly less pathetic than 4 years.
>> No. 9512 [Edit]
Well, I just turned 30 in February. I used to ask myself the same sort of questions, but I don't anymore. I have never had a 3DPD and have essentially one friend outside of work (and I don't really hang out with him much anyway). I go to work and then come home to video games, books, music and the internet. I live with my parents because I can't afford my own place. This is my life.
>> No. 9514 [Edit]
File 133402605657.jpg - (119.28KB , 723x719 , tatami age.jpg )
Well, I'm 27... and I do not long to live a NORP's life ever again.

I keep getting news too, from time to time, about old mates' "achievements". They can all kiss my ass. Their degrees, jobs, fucks and marriages (and children)... those are the real pathetic outcomes, since they still believe they can constitute a sort of story: a life with actual meaning and value. They, in the best cases, became mere technicians of fallacious and ever-changing (read: ever-failing) knowledge. They are the ones who screwed up and became slaves of a a disgraceful and doomed society and its poor archetypes, out of nothing but their own ignorance and stupidity. They know nothing, and they have nothing I could still possibly envy or long for...

My life IS shit, but their option is still WAY shittier. My world can be bitter, but theirs is unbearable. I rather just die, in here.
>> No. 9515 [Edit]
Who needs mansions with more room than you'd ever need, sports cars you'll never take over the speed limit, or a trophy wife draining your bank account.
When you can have a kick ass website full of awesome people?
>> No. 9516 [Edit]

But I thought you hated us.
>> No. 9517 [Edit]
File 133403367879.jpg - (68.64KB , 373x281 , 1294023782404.jpg )
I will be 30 in September.

My life is about the same.

It is odd that no one really posts after age 25. I suppose they either just lurk, or lie about their age at that point.
>> No. 9518 [Edit]
If I had the money, I wouldn't mind living in a large, beautiful house... what else can you really use money for, anyway? Vacations?
>> No. 9519 [Edit]
How can I hate you, you're my best friend anon!! <3
I love youUu! Give me a hug!!!
>> No. 9521 [Edit]
are you ok tohno
>> No. 9522 [Edit]
I'm 27 and haven't done much either.

Sometimes I think it might be too late, but it gets me depressed so I just put it off. Probably why I'm so old and have nothing to show for it.
>> No. 9527 [Edit]

figs and onaholes
>> No. 9528 [Edit]
Never better Anon-kun!
>> No. 9529 [Edit]
>> No. 9533 [Edit]
I love you too, Tohno.
>> No. 9537 [Edit]

>decided to look up some of my classmates from highschool

That's a pretty stupid thing to do. If you care about stuff like that then obviously you're gonna get burned. If you don't, why look it up in the first place?

>What happens to us when we turn 25 years old?

You should ask 'what happens when we turn 30?'. That's easy enough to answer - you get your wizard powers and magically transport to Gensokyo! I hope we'll meet there one day!


>My life IS shit, but their option is still WAY shittier. My world can be bitter, but theirs is unbearable.

I feel the same. Hell, I even made a thread about it back in the day (http://tohno-chan.com/so/arch/res/2619.html). I think giving up on real world (or rather, 'real people') was the best decision in my life.


>what else can you really use money for, anyway?

This thought always scares me a little. What can you use your money for? Honestly. I a NEET and as such I don't have any money but even if I did I have absolutely no idea what I'd spend it on. I'd probably buy (good) games instead of pirating them and buy some manga (for collector's purposes, I only know some basic kana) but aside from that... There's fucking nothing.

What would I do if I were to ever win a lottery? Big house and a huge garden is about the only thing that holds an appeal in my eyes.
I'd probably either spend the money on /th/ or donate it to charity.
>> No. 9542 [Edit]
I never look any past high school classmates that I never had any connection with in the first place up shitbookor whatever just to see what their up to. I don't care because as they keep going deeper and deeper into shit I will always stay the same till I die. The same person you knew 4 years ago is till the same person that does the same things he always has now and even further from now I will still be doing the same things I always have. While those normals will change so much that if you look at them now you wouldn't even know them anymore. But that's now what I take comfort in. The fact that I'll never change anything but unavoidably the way I look with age. I'm 19 now and 30 is still long away but I hope I can gather the courage to kill myself by that point. I try to not think about it much and keep my mind on the present and near future. The numbers 20, 25, and 30 are terrifying age marks to me. But I was just meant to be this way and there is no turning back now. As for having lots of money, I wouldn't do much with it out of what I always spend it on. I would just spend on all the things I even wanted online and the rest would just go to whatever else I need.
>> No. 9556 [Edit]
Mum looks up her friends and coworkers' children, my age, and talks about how so-and-so's kid is in Venezuela in the peace corps or whatserface's kid is becoming a nurse.

Sure, I look at old friends and think about how much worse I am than them, but then I realise that there are people who are worse than me; At least I didn't get a girl knocked up (like, a solid quarter of the girls I knew in high school are now with children, and are single. hahaha) or ended up in a trailer cooking up meth to pay for my three other addictions.

Plus, all my mom's coworkers sent their kids to nice schools, ones that offered classes I would have jumped on, like Japanese language, anthropology classes, and study of graphical arts, while my school only offered core classes and had nineteen thousand spanish classes. Oh, and according to surveys 74% regularly abused substance and 86% were sexually active for four or more years, 27% not using contraception.
>> No. 9575 [Edit]
A couple of my high school friends ended up being NEETs.

We literally talk about anime and JRPGs over AIM.
>> No. 9579 [Edit]
Do you live in Singapore?
>> No. 9582 [Edit]
>They desperately need someone to look down on.

how ironic. it sound like youre doing the exact same thing. FYI most Ford Drivers are not single mother drug addicts.
>> No. 9584 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi i hear you OP, I'm turning 22 this year as well and got barely any "achievements" under my belt.

Even tho i regret it sometimes, i know I've enjoyed the past few years of taking it easy, so i guess it's alright...
>> No. 9585 [Edit]
heh, wordfilters.
>> No. 9881 [Edit]
Speaking as a 29 year old hiki, I get a little bit angry when I hear 19-22 year olds making posts like "Oh I'm so old, I've been a hiki for 2 years, my life is over!". 19-22 is still young, being a hiki for 2 years is nothing. I've been one for 10 years! It's still OK to never have had a job at that age, especially in the current economic downturn.

I always had a distorted sense of my own age anyway, due to looking young for my age. But I think it was at the age 27-28 when I first started feeling old. I think that is the transitory age. Now that I'm 29, I think I've kind of given up on life. Now I just feel a kind of folorn emptyness. You can't feel so much anxiety when you've stopped caring. The other older posters on here have also mentioned it, so when OP asks where he will be in 10 years time, the answer will be that he won't care so much anymore when he's 30.

One of the reasons why I don't leave the house is because I'm so scared of seeing someone from school and they ask me what I've done since leaving school. I'm so ashamed of my life. I've been so stupid. It's like I locked myself in a prison of shame.

With regard to suicide, I think that if you go past the age of 24 without doing suicide, then you probably never will.

>what else can you really use money for?
I would use it on therapy. If I won huge amounts of money, I'd probably donate it to medical research or something.

>The numbers 20, 25, and 30 are terrifying age marks to me
25 was nothing, it passed without comment. For me, 28 really felt like the big turning point. At the age of 26 for example, 23 was just 3 years ago, and 3 years is nothing and 23 is still young. So I could still fool myself that I was still young and still had lots of time. But at 28, you are starting to be 10 years older than the 18 year olds, and your clothes you wear are now a decade out of fashion and the world has all moved on. You play on a Playstation 2, but everyone else is now on a Playstation 3. Websites stop working because their new designs are too much for your 10 year old computer. And you can't get a new computer, because to do so would be to admit to the passing of time. You increasingly feel that you are no longer part of this world. You can never re-join the normal people now. You are too cut off and you don't even want to.
>> No. 9884 [Edit]
In my eyes, you are not a hikki until you have been one for at least six months, and same goes for NEET. Also, hikkis do not leave their rooms to do more than eat or use facilities, nevermind leave their houses.

And even so, it's pretty much easily reversible with some willpower and help for the first four or five years. I got my three year shutin cousin to stop being a shutin by sending him an email saying that we miss him and his fun stories.
>> No. 9886 [Edit]
I'm so sorry, that must be a horrible situation that I will also be in around your age. I'm 19, so at least now I can enjoy being a little younger and being comfortable with that. When I hit the upper 20's I don't know what I'll do with myself in fact this place and many other chans may not even exist anymore. I won't have anywhere to go even online but to bigger sites and even then most of the few internet friends I have will probably be gone too unless at least one of them around my age hangs in there with me. I get really afraid thinking about those kind of things often. Everything altogether will be so different and unfamiliar.
>> No. 9887 [Edit]
No, and for a good reason. I'm still into otakuism and technology. It's a lot better for me to be in tune with the electronic society than to be with the real world society. I see that in my shitbookabout achievements that real people make. But those achivements are out of reach for me, I don't have the same resources they have to get those achievements.

Another question you should ask yourselfs: Are these people actually enjoying their lives. Are they're live to work, or work to live. Are they're really actually living or spend most of their time actually working or in the work culture?

I want to have a job, a job where I can actually enjoy live with disposable income so I can spend and save. But that's impossible for me.
>> No. 9895 [Edit]
No they aren't enjoying life at all. I would say even though my life so far has been a frustrating shit that I've gotten more out of it than an average person who is over 40 years old. I'm still frustrated with how lonely I am and it drives me insane sometimes but that's it really.
>> No. 9908 [Edit]
Just like you i turned 22 this year and yes seeing all my friends having a job or even ending their careers it's killing me, without mention the fact that i wasn't even able to finish highschool.
>> No. 9916 [Edit]
I never keep track of people who I knew in school, I just don't care what other people are doing. Though I did have a single person I knew who texted me lately saying hi and wanted to know what was up. I had no clue why anyone who knew me would still want to talk to me. Nothing ever comes out of the conversations though I don't want to be mean or anything so I just carry on being a distant friend. What has been really getting to me lately is my total sexual deprivation and loneliness. Some days I'll be fine with not single lonely thought in my head but then some days I will crash hard because of it and fall into a horrible depression. I get dizzy, extremely stressed out over nothing, my vision gets a little weird and everything seems more dark, and I'll get this feeling like I'm trapped for some reason and then the psychotic mental panic sets in and I'm either pacing around talking to myself or sitting down in front of the pc with a blank expression for hours throwing a baseball up and down in my hands. (for some reason I like doing that because it calms me down) As shadow people or things occasionally fade in and out of vision. I am so fucked up, I can't stop it. It's just there eating away at me constantly, it's getting worse as I get older.
>> No. 12046 [Edit]
I am now officially 30.

I don't really know if I belong here or not despite spending the past two years hanging about.

Should I give this up? I don't really watch new anime, only a few things past 09. I recently dug up a batch of tapes I recorded of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 a week ago. Those were recorded back in around 01 or 02 back when I was still in high school off of the then really cool digital cable with all those nice niche channels.

I still think it is bitching. Am I just going to end up living in the past?

I feel so weird. I identify so well with the early 20 somethings, yet I don't get along with them too well. I am in this grey area of generations or something.

It intensifies the feeling of isolation I have.
>> No. 12047 [Edit]
Happy birthday, ticks!
>> No. 12048 [Edit]
buy a red sports car, a convertible.
>> No. 12050 [Edit]
jesus christ. is this a serious post. ever hear of the fox and the grapes?
>> No. 12051 [Edit]
File 134892103899.jpg - (326.41KB , 882x800 , 6f72c01693806eb633ff4fd4f96ae99a.jpg )
Sure his comment is full of spite and resent towards normals, but bringing up that fact does not negate any of his claims.
>> No. 12054 [Edit]
I think I've only gotten this way and lived this long because of my cowardice
>> No. 12071 [Edit]
>>12054 Yeah if I actually spoke what was really on my mind or was honest with others. I would be fucked in so many ways. So I need to hide under a mask everywhere just to keep myself safe. I nearly gotten myself sent away to Haruhi knows where by my parents or the whoever else would be involved for having the courage to be myself and stop taking shit from anyone. But then I realized you best not always try to break free because you have nowhere to go otherwise. So I sit here now only because I let everyone keep me down and abuse me. Everyone has a lot against my true face, I'm naturally an outcast without a choice as a result.
>> No. 12254 [Edit]

I know how it feels. It's like I'm too inexperienced and young for people my chronological age, and yet too old and out of touch with people on a similar level of life experience as me.

Trapped in a wierd age trap that gets bigger and worse with every passing second.

Except even when I was 18-19, I felt so much younger than others my ages, like they were adults and I was still a child.

If I did mix with 18-19 year olds in real life, I would feel so old an illegitimate compared to them. If i mixed with people my own age, I would also feel illegitimate. There is no way for me to be legitimate now. I am fully stuck in the age trap.
>> No. 12296 [Edit]
File 13511792109.jpg - (29.17KB , 704x396 , 1342698682092.jpg )

Why do you think you are worse than them? What is the definition of being worse? Some football player has probably more money than you and thus he is better person than you? Don't delude yourself. This image of ideal social man is just a big farce presented to you and forced on you by the mass. There is no right and wrong. You just have to admit that you are leeching on someones kindness just to survive. After you admit yourself that, you are ready to move on. I had the same problem. I thought that I was worthless. I am worthless. But does that make me any different from others? Some handsome guy that has money, good job, nice looking 3DPD? He is just as useless as me.

I for one tell myself that these people are mindless robots.Doing what they are told to do. Do I have to? Yes I do have to but I defy it.I don't want the system to rule me. Moreover I want justice more than anything in this world.The world would be much better if there was one man standing on top aka dictatorship than bunch of idiotically ignorant sheeps that just yell DEMOCRACY! DEMOCRACY!

People should be stripped off their rights to be social. I see that social network is destroying everything. People are controlled by media, and when society accepts something media has said there is no stopping it. Take the song "Gangnam style" for example. It has around 550 million views.Just because it was some wagon that people have hopped on. The other people would be left out if they didn't hop on it too. Now look the first song that same group released? Yeah, 1 million view only.

My point is the society is just putting you their norms and you are accepting them. Everyone is just put into same mould and baked.
>> No. 12298 [Edit]
I'm 20 and I still feel like that. I was going for a walk today and some people that knew me saw me across the street. They were around my age, probably the same for that matter. I didn't have much to say but hi, I also noticed how much more grown they were. I felt so small and childlike even compared to the girl with them. My body and mind seems to be frozen in time besides some annoying body hair and slightly larger chest and belly. Probably a combination of a lot of things stopping my growth both physically and mentally. I haven't changed the way I live from week to week in over 4 years now and those years feel like just yesterday. I'm so distant from the rest of the world that being anywhere outside my house doing anything is a surreal experience to me. I also have so many episodes of deja vu a week that I really do wonder if I lived this life before somehow. Everything feels dream like and staged, like I'm in a movie or something. I feel like a ghost.
>> No. 12300 [Edit]
I've been feeling that I've ran out of time for a long time now and I'm only 20 and in education too. But that feels void and pointless. I'm still walking towards an end while losing touch with the rest of the world, sometimes on purpose, others not. Life is not just about achievements; it's also about experience. Even if I were to one day decide to start trying harder I still wouldn't know how to propely interact with people around me, and mind you, I've had several aquaintances in the past. But that means nothing: human relationships become more and more complex and demanding as you age. I'm losing my only friend because I don't understand how reality works. I never learnt and I probably will never be able to. I have no idea what tomorrow will be like for me OP and it scares me.
>> No. 12303 [Edit]
File 13512085905.jpg - (4.85KB , 110x110 , mpie.jpg )
I think you and I share some axiology...

>> No. 12304 [Edit]
so ronery chan

>> No. 12309 [Edit]

Glad to see that there is a soul that has same view as me.Though not exactly the same, both of us know that what we seek is impossible.In the end all of this is in vain. Even this post. I will certainly die. Just like everyone else. Thus this life has no meaning.
>> No. 12317 [Edit]
You are 20 and in education. You still have the legitimacy of youth and the legitimacy of being part of society in education. You even get to see girls everyday in your place of education. Even if you don't talk to them, you get to be near them and look at them and feel the same age as them. Wait until you have those things taken away from you. Then you really will be in trouble.

But as you are, all you have to do is get a job when you leave education and then you will have made it. This is what I failed to do. If only I had got a job when I left education, then I could have avoided the shame of being an illegitimate 30 year old who's never had a job in his life.

My mistake was "job perfectionism". I never applied for any jobs because I was waiting for the perfect job. I didn't even know what the perfect job would be, only that I had to wait for it. I waited and waited until I eventually became stuck in the hiki trap.

So my advice to you as a 20 year old is that you should get a job on leaving education. Don't even wait for the perfect job, the important thing is to avoid falling into the hiki trap. If only I hadn't fallen into the hiki trap, my life would be so different. I would have legitimacy and maybe even hope.
>> No. 12324 [Edit]
The only former classmate whose current status I'm aware of is the guy who's been my best only friend since basically kindergarten. And in many ways he's an even bigger otaku/beta/NEET than I am, so there's that.

I turned 25 last month. Never imagined I'd make it this far.
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
I don't think so. Of course I'm still young, so who knows what I'll feel like when I'm 30, but anyway.

I have two friends, doing, obviously, much better than I am. They always did. Even this former friend of mine, who is a massive pushover and nerd, thousand times more than me, is more succesful than I am. But I don't really care. I never cared about jobs and 3DPDs and prestigious universities and whatever. I never wanted to live this kind of life. I tried to, but I couldn't handle it.

I'll probably keep trying, and failing, continuosly, because I'm a fool who doesn't know better, and because everyone around wants me to do so, and who am I to go against their wishes. I'd rather stay at home and watch anime, it's not my ideal life but beats going to a job and meeting jackasses everyday.

In the end, I don't think much about it, my future, there is not much reason to.
>> No. 12542 [Edit]
I'm only 19, so I'm lucky. If I play my cards right I should be eligible for Government Housing and more mental illness fun bucks. I'll be earning enough to finally get away from everyone I know and spend my time tinkering with computers and watching anime.
>> No. 12544 [Edit]
>But as you are, all you have to do is get a job when you leave education and then you will have made it.
No, he needs to get a job/internship/undergrad research NOW.

I didn't and as a result I was absolutely useless compared to my classmates.
>> No. 12545 [Edit]
I am kind of envious of you. My friends are either really nice with jobs in a professional industry with no interest in otaku hobbies or are otaku NEETs with superiority complexes that makes interactions with them sometimes unpleasant. I wish I just had an otaku friend that I got along with perfectly.
>> No. 12613 [Edit]
I'll be your friend anon-kun!
>> No. 12624 [Edit]
Internship? Undergrad?

That's setting sights and ambitions too high. My advice was for avoiding the hiki trap. ie Not suffering from job perfectionism and taking almost ANY job in order to avoid falling into the hiki trap.
>> No. 12791 [Edit]
There are people like that from my highschool. There are others though that are still working at fast food places, or not going to school at all.
I don't really think about my future too much anymore, everything beyond next month is pretty cloudy.
I turned 23 a few days ago, by the way. Yes, 22 might seem worrying, but you're still young.
Oh, and... stop being embarrassed by your hobbies. It doesn't matter.
>> No. 13180 [Edit]
I went out to eat at a restaurant and the waitress recognized me from middle school. When she asked me what school I went to I feigned ignorance until she got my full name. It was absolutely horrifying. I wish I could move to a new country. I hope in 10 years people will forget about me.
>> No. 13181 [Edit]
Meant tosage this, awfully sorry.
>> No. 13183 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, I know that feeling. When I go to Wal-Mart to buy food and stuff, I see some guy who claims to have gone to the same middle school or high school as me and my brother. He was friends with my brother and not me so I didn't know or care about the guy, but he likes to say hi. The first time I met him at Wal-Mart he asked me if I knew him and, as assholish and rude was it was, I said no because I'm not really much of a liar. It was awkward and weird seeing some guy who knew my brother approach me like that.

I don't care for the years I had spent in school (I'm not sure if it helps or not that I ended up dropping out of high school). They were a waste and all of the people I had known were equally a waste of time. Not because I'm better than them or anything like that but because I wasn't ever going to do anything with them outside of school and probably a huge majority of the time in school as well.

Don't sweat it.
>> No. 13186 [Edit]
I know that feeling all too well also. I've been going to the exact same places in my area going all the way back to around middle school. Unless the employees are new everyone recognizes me. I hate being recognized the most in restaurants I frequent, especially since I'm always with my father and it's very embarrassing that I can't go anywhere not within walking distance on my own. Then comes the people that see me all the time when I'm taking a walk nearly every day when the temperatures are warm enough. I go at the same general times constantly and through the same areas so some people I run into every day and it's very awkward. I don't have a problem interacting with people but I'm afraid that they would just start treating me like shit whenever they see me because they know I'm never changing, I feel like I'm annoying the people I see a lot and my money isn't even worth their service.
>> No. 13187 [Edit]

I WORK at Walmart.
can you imagine how terrible it is when somebody recognizes me. Fucking terrible. Like a zoo for failures. hate my job. hate my life.
>> No. 13246 [Edit]
>With regard to suicide, I think that if you go past the age of 24 without doing suicide, then you probably never will.

most suicides are done by elderly single/lonely males I think. I don't blame them for that, hey they had a fun life and now it only gets worse and worse. Better than a home.

note: i have an 81 year old grandmother and she is semi-seriously thinking of going to a nursing home as opposed to staying with my mother OR going to hang with an uncle of mine.... :/

And if your life was shit.....I hope you get reincarnated as someone better
>> No. 13248 [Edit]
>I always had a distorted sense of my own age anyway, due to looking young for my age.

yeah. I am 22 but can pass as being 16-18 depending on my dress.

>But at 28, you are starting to be 10 years older than the 18 year olds, and your clothes you wear are now a decade out of fashion and the world has all moved on. You play on a Playstation 2, but everyone else is now on a Playstation 3. Websites stop working because their new designs are too much for your 10 year old computer. And you can't get a new computer, because to do so would be to admit to the passing of time. You increasingly feel that you are no longer part of this world. You can never re-join the normal people now. You are too cut off and you don't even want to.

I have had three computers in the past four years & a bunch of my clothing are sweaters, dress clothes (have two suits) or something like that which does not age as badly.
>> No. 13249 [Edit]
I am 22...and wish I was 19 again. Actually I'd like being between 16 and 18. Legal protections and all that. And you don't get called a 'pedo' for hanging out with younger girls (that only happens when they realize I am 22 and not 16/18 or whatever they think i am - and mainly in a joking manner).

And hell, it's more 'cool' to drink alcohol cause it's *illegal*. As you get to do stupid shit like drinking alcohol in a cornfield and you get better contacts with weed (lol, not really) and all of that sort of thing.
>> No. 13250 [Edit]
some of us dont have the lock of job offerings given to us haha. ive been to many shitty job fairs
>> No. 13275 [Edit]
I really wish I could just stay at 16 forever, maybe 17. Those were just the most comfortable ages for me. I feel just as free as I did then if not more free but in body I don't want to change. I also got drunk so many times. I just can't get into alcohol though, horrible. It's like the opposite of what you want a drug to do to you. I wish I had some weed I can bake into some food or other drugs but I never had any connections.
>> No. 13276 [Edit]
File 136208234418.png - (10.76KB , 300x400 , 32.png )

Last night while bored I wandered through old internet haunts and ended up finding some forum posts I made in 2008 when I was 16. 5 years ago now, but I remember every post almost word for word. They're so depressive; "misery" this and "worthless" that. I can still remember the shower I had in my house that morning, where I stood and contemplated suicide for ages then went online and made those desperate posts. 16yo me seems so miserable.

Yet now, having learned more about this world, I'd give anything to go back. Those were special, carefree days. Why didn't I appreciate them? Having them still there, too, public and online for all to see, is strange.

Maybe in another 10 years all us 20-30 year olds (give or take) will feel the same about now. The past is romantic, I have nothing but nostalgia and fondness for those days, but if they were really so great then why was I apparently just as unhappy then as I am now?
>> No. 13277 [Edit]

Contradicted myself. Oh well.
>> No. 13278 [Edit]
and as I mentioned earlier there are legal protections - i.e. being tried as a child & getting lee-way to do stupid shit. I never had that chance because of my damn overprotective mother.
>> No. 13279 [Edit]
though to be fair i was much more shy then, so eh....
>> No. 13280 [Edit]
I think I see where you're coming from. You want to go back even though you were really depressed back then, right? Same here. Recently, I was looking at some of my old diary entries from my high school days and they were very depressive.

But I would love to go back to those days, and I'm not quite sure why. I guess it's because of all the missed opportunities, unfulfilled wishes, and other such things. Or maybe it's just the lack of responsibilities.
>> No. 13284 [Edit]
File 136213083085.jpg - (16.70KB , 340x340 , Ernesto Sabato 4.jpg )
If you are a living being destined to die some day, then you're also destined to have frustration as your ultimate end.

These feelings that you feel, the bitterness, the hatred, the memories of humiliation, the unfulfillment of dreams, the pointlessness of life, the inability to go further, this is what life consists of ultimately.

Those "normals" with seemingly "sweet" lives? I assure you they feel just as much frustration as you do. Just imagine the amount of it that they had to get past before attaining those positions. And even after they do, they still feel frustrated, as when one manages to obtain all the commodities in life the only thing left to experience is the stream of unending sadness and depression from ridiculously small things. Pretty much what most of you feel right now, perhaps in a larger scale.
>> No. 13285 [Edit]
This is such a materialistic philosophy. It's frustrating to me that I don't get to enjoy the company of others as much as many people do, because being around people is so draining for me. My introversion causes me to become more isolated, and thus, more anxious, etc. For many people who have striven to achieve success, their efforts are often just a means to fulfill their social desires, not their desires for the superficial arrival at 'success' or the acquisition of wealth only for the sake of having wealth.

For most people, I'd say, emotional stability is just as attainable as financial security. The majority of the population isn't doomed to a life of sadness, you're just caught up in your own just-world fallacy.
>> No. 13287 [Edit]

Only recently I'm truly feeling how much of a curse introversion is. We are apparently something like 25% (or lower) of the population.
It's not about wanting to socialise, for me, cause I really don't anyway. It's the knowledge that even if I wanted to I never could. You could throw all the opportunities in front of me and my backwards nature will just never know what to do with them. What could that be if not a curse.
>> No. 13293 [Edit]
This is such dick water.

Sure normals suffer, but what about the ones who can't work with them because the normals cause them to suffer even more than them? Intentional or not, introverts suffer more than normals when it comes to normal things.
>> No. 13294 [Edit]
>introverts suffer more than normals when it comes to normal things.
This is very true.
>> No. 13326 [Edit]
> normals suffer
Yeah, like filthy rich chick suffers unable to decide what to wear from hundreds of dresses she have. Sure thing, everyone suffers, but suffering is not the same for everyone.
>> No. 13327 [Edit]
You're arguing that because people with jobs and social lives work, go outside and talk to people, it's unreasonable to say they can possibly suffer like lazy people, who don't work, go outside and often prefer to not socialize?
>> No. 13358 [Edit]
Too old to enjoy what I enjoy?
If you feel unfulfilled with your life because the normals finally got to you then change it, its not that difficult really.
Im 27 and never had a job but Im lucky my parents have money so Ill probably never work, if I was poor though I would have gotten a job for the money and then pursue the same hobbies I spend my time in now, so nothing major would have changed, Im still finding new hobbies and art pieces to experience and talk about which is what life is about for me, Im also learning to draw and it does feels pretty awesome.
>> No. 13713 [Edit]
I am 18. I haven't done anything with my life other than graduating from High School. I don't really know where to begin. Most people my age seem to have had jobs and serious relationships since they were 16. I feel left behind and I'm afraid it's too late to ever be successful because they've had such a head start and I'm so clueless.
>> No. 13714 [Edit]
Sort of depressing to hear that from someone as young as you are.
>> No. 13715 [Edit]

Hey, it's me from 5 years ago. Things don't get better
>> No. 13716 [Edit]
you can't be serious. you're barely 18, most places wont even give you a job before you're 18. what kinda of 'serious relationships' do you expect from 16 and 17 year olds? do you really think a bunch of horny jocks and sluts who just hit puberty know shit about relationships? shut up and enjoy your life and don't worry about that that crap until you hit 30. very few women bellow the age of 30 are interested in serious relationships, the younger they are the more they want to party and sleep around. you're not missing out on anything.
>> No. 13727 [Edit]
Hey, that reminds me...
My high school had their 5 year reunion party last month.
I didn't go.
>> No. 13728 [Edit]
I won't be going to mine either, assuming enough of my former classmates aren't in jail to organize one in the first place
>> No. 13733 [Edit]
>what kinda of 'serious relationships' do you expect from 16 and 17 year olds?

I know someone who got pregnant in HS & stil is with the dude who knocked her up. In many parts of the world, even in parts of the US if you aren't married by 20 you're considered 'weird'.

>do you really think a bunch of horny jocks and sluts who just hit puberty know shit about relationships?

Not all 16 year olds are like that

>very few women bellow the age of 30 are interested in serious relationships, the younger they are the more they want to party and sleep around. you're not missing out on anything.

Uh. Sure it's not the dudes who want that?

I am 22.
>> No. 13736 [Edit]
most teens can't handle the pressure of raising a child and produce dumpster babies, I've known one first hand who's boyfriend ran out when she got knocked up. Dudes women it's all the same shit. What a coworker told me was; sooner or latter they're gonna sleep around, better to let them get it out of their system before shacking up with them.
Also, those parts of the US can go fuck themselves for all I care. If it's 'weird' not to get pregnant at 16 and married at 19 or less, I don't want to be normal.
>> No. 13744 [Edit]
AFAIK if you're Utah Mormon the marriage age was historically low.

EDIT: looking that up apparently it's pretty high. 24 for a guy. That mission bullshit is part of the reason, but I think that is relatively new & it was lower (i.e. mormon missionaries taking all the beautiful women as wives during the recruitment in 1800s)

I think it was historically white southerners, especially Appalachian peoples who got married when really young.

My point is in societies which in general provide support towards people who are married while young do provide stability towards marriages like that.
>> No. 13746 [Edit]
You can't use one example that you (allegedly) witnessed and apply it to the entire population. That's just stupid. It's a simple biological fact that the human brain is still very immature (particularly emotionally) in teenage years, whether you like it or not. Emotional stability comes in during the 20s for most people.

By the way: it's 2013, not the 1800s. Women enjoy sleeping around just as much as their male counterparts.
>> No. 13748 [Edit]
File 136419347217.jpg - (97.29KB , 1279x720 , him and his neko loli wife and 7 kids.jpg )
In my experience our society doesn't support -18 marriage, even if it is common. For one thing, in some states it's illegal for people under the age of 18 to have sex, even if they're both underage. and as I said before, many places wont hire anyone bellow the age of 18. in my experience, many teen parents have become disowned by their family, forcing them to drop out of school as they suddenly have to take care of themselves and look after their kid or work to support themselves in a field where no one wants to give them a job before they're 18.
maybe 16 is the magic number where you live, but around here life doesn't start until you're 18.

The underline problem with kids having kids and getting married isn't just a moral issue or one of social conformity, it's that they're not mature enough to handle the responsibility of raising a family when they're barely past the age of playing house. and yeah, being older doesn't necessarily make a person more mature, which we can see plenty of these days with horrible parents who shouldn't be parents but get thrust into it because they jump the gun and got knocked up in their teens and didn't bother to think about weather or not they were really ready to raise a child.
A little more than a month ago some guy we don't know was literally crying while begging us to sell him a old car so he could live in it with his kids after his wife ran off, one of the things he said as he gave us his life story was that he's still a kid and didn't know what to do. society wasn't doing him any favors.
In my opinion families, and even serious relationships are not something you should blindly jump into as soon as you can. all you're likely to do is hurt people when you realize you aren't ready for that commitment and you don't know the person as well as you thought, why do you think half the people in this country who get married end up divorced?
You have your whole life ahead of you, why ruin it right away by getting married?

Post edited on 29th Mar 2013, 12:26pm
>> No. 13782 [Edit]
And we call them whores/used goods
>> No. 13797 [Edit]
File 136457286541.jpg - (41.22KB , 225x349 , 1346960346342288.jpg )
That's pretty soul crushing.

I feel infinite boredom and yet hate the Ford Driver life so much that I couldn't go to it. You would think I would have struggled to get something by now, but it's just meh. I guess I had to get that out, but didn't have a place to do so. Thanks /so/...you're the best.

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