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File 138145980378.jpg - (105.94KB , 400x586 , Golden-Time-anime-foto.jpg )
17526 No. 17526 [Edit]
I'm enjoying this more than I expected.
Some romantic comedy to divert my gloomy days.
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>> No. 17527 [Edit]
File 13814602504.png - (321.22KB , 634x352 , omedetou__.png )
The filthy rich but lonely beauty that accidentally engages with the average dude (spontaneous harem included)...

Reminds me of Nogizaka Haruka. I might like this.
>> No. 17604 [Edit]
File 138221852162.png - (163.98KB , 651x366 , honest girl.png )
This got interesting fast.
After stumbling into an insane cult and facing shit, they're showing some colors already.
>> No. 17695 [Edit]
File 138274392194.jpg - (127.27KB , 652x728 , well said.jpg )
Man, I like this girl.
>> No. 17705 [Edit]
File 138285479753.jpg - (65.18KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Golden Time - 04 [6E57DD46]_mkv_snapshot_21_.jpg )
I want to like her, but then she goes off the deep and does something horribly stupid. And then when I start to like her again, it repeats.

Though with how the story is so far, I get the feeling that all 3 of the girls have skeletons in their closets, and only Kaga's has come out to say 'hi'.
I also get the feeling that kaga's skeleton is the most friendly of the three.
>> No. 17716 [Edit]
>I also get the feeling that kaga's skeleton is the most friendly
Well, she's the main heroine after all. Unless some Shuffle!-esque bad snatch going on there, she's the one meant to win when all things are said.
>> No. 17767 [Edit]
File 138331028481.jpg - (60.75KB , 645x361 , mmmmmm.jpg )
At first it sucked watching him being friendzoned through centuries. But then I realized that, the way she managed the entire thing, it really isn't that bad. I mean she really went crazy about it and, aparently, most japanese couples hardly touch each other anyway. I think I could very well settle for a (2D) relation like that... as long as she doesn't get close to any other man, of course; if so, I'd leave her to die in the trash.

She is rather sweet, though. She's hysterical and needy but aware of it, self-critical and always very honest. She seems fun to hang with.

The ghost from the ass affair might somehow work as well.
>> No. 17770 [Edit]
File 138333005549.jpg - (64.73KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Golden Time - 05 [E760630C]_mkv_snapshot_08_.jpg )
>At first it sucked watching him being friendzoned through centuries.

I had the opposite impression. He waited less than half a day after she got rejected hard before sending her back onto the emotional roller coaster. That said, it's clear she has feelings for MC-kun, and she wants to return his feelings, just she wants to take things slow with him. And Kaga's faces make the show worth watching even if the romance aspect doesn't suit you.

Then there's Lisa, who looks to be a female version of MC-kun, from the color of her hair to the lack of spine. In the same way Lisa was afraid of talking to MC-kun about how he used to be, Mc-kun is afraid of talking to Lisa about their past. it's rather cute how much alike they are, though I'm 100% sure Lisa was the childhood friend who wanted to be more than a friend but never had the balls to make the attempt.
>> No. 17803 [Edit]
File 138386932891.png - (608.14KB , 644x1098 , unbearable moments.png )
I'm starting to think this series is better written than they make it look.
>> No. 17835 [Edit]
File 138398716952.jpg - (60.76KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Golden Time - 06 [F66B81EF]_mkv_snapshot_12_.jpg )
Amnesia as a plot device and MC-kun's backstory sets that starting bar quite low.

I'm glad the tea party makes a return. Those girls are great.
>> No. 17836 [Edit]
>plot device... sets that starting bar quite low.
Yeah, but that's just the premise; I talk about the further narrative rendering. Take Linda's scene, for example, and translate it into pure text:

>traumatized girl gets prolonged lies uncovered
>the guy she loves and thinks she ruined runs away from her again
>she chases him desperately in plain sight and right into men toilets, where she breaks drown

That's damned powerful! but the visuals and the quick pace do not make it justice. That's what I meant about the novel probably being better written than this adaptation... but who knows.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2013, 1:25am
>> No. 17963 [Edit]
File 13845191814.png - (445.42KB , 649x365 , realistic expectations.png )
This first half of this episode got me unexpectedly hard.

However: why lying to Koko, man? that girl can take everything (she's deliciously nuts). And obviously Linda's answer was yes.
>> No. 17967 [Edit]
File 138453437953.jpg - (89.27KB , 1280x720 , 23.jpg )
"Yeah, I wanna fuck in Paris."
>> No. 18021 [Edit]
Banri, you're such a jerk...
>> No. 18096 [Edit]
File 138568838555.png - (163.18KB , 540x303 , Koko.png )
Damn Tada Banri, damn Linda and damn koalas' cloacum.
>> No. 18179 [Edit]
File 138690501154.png - (175.33KB , 543x304 , Yeah I bet you did.png )
>MC actually wants to work (poor devil).
>Robo-ko opposes it, saying it's unnecessary and she wants to be with him as much as possible, even wishing he was small enough to keep him safe in her bag (and eat him on a sushi roll).
>He takes no account of such irresistible declaration, lies to her and takes on a sketchy job.
>He's totally hot for Linda (who's never frontal with anyone), so he "endures" Koko out of guilt.
>He's fully aware of all this, yet goes on with it...

Tada Banri is really the most insulting MC I've seen in a while; I can't self-insert at all. To think that people hated Kirishima Haruto for being the opposite of this; I don't know what people want.
>> No. 18201 [Edit]
File 138716172790.jpg - (90.66KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Golden Time - 11 [563A3260]_mkv_snapshot_14_.jpg )

My biggest problem is how conflicting Banri's motivations and actions are at times.
He is supposed to be the character whose thoughts we know fully, and it seems he either outright lies to the viewers with his inner monologues or is a complete sociopath with no conscience or sense of humility outside when the story dictates he absolutely must.
>> No. 18228 [Edit]
File 138758324187.jpg - (76.69KB , 1024x576 , Golden Time - 12 -27[2].jpg )
I for once felt a bit sorry for Linda, but never for Banri.
>> No. 18237 [Edit]
>I for once felt a bit sorry for Linda

Her karma caught up with her and bit her in the ass.
I almost felt sorry for Banri in the flashback episodes. almost.
>> No. 18496 [Edit]
File 138996805264.jpg - (234.44KB , 653x1503 , oh shi-.jpg )
oh, shi...
>> No. 18497 [Edit]
File 138996813126.jpg - (187.06KB , 1120x632 , swim 0.jpg )
...anyway: beach preview episode.
>> No. 18498 [Edit]
File 138996817145.jpg - (108.91KB , 1114x622 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
too much
>> No. 18499 [Edit]
File 138996820345.jpg - (300.02KB , 1109x1099 , swim 2.jpg )
>> No. 18500 [Edit]
File 138996824374.jpg - (94.47KB , 1121x631 , swim 3.jpg )
>> No. 18501 [Edit]
File 138996826853.jpg - (171.63KB , 1114x630 , swim 4.jpg )
>> No. 18502 [Edit]
File 138996829517.jpg - (361.27KB , 1112x1253 , swim 6.jpg )
>> No. 18544 [Edit]
File 13905500988.jpg - (185.43KB , 1120x624 , unnnnf.jpg )
Nice episode. Koko was so fucking sexy and it all ended as going out with friends usually does: in car crashes.
>> No. 18585 [Edit]
File 139113069859.jpg - (99.19KB , 665x1130 , seclusion.jpg )
Why, Banri? why would you call the police? Anyone who's been in a car accident knows that's a nono. And afterwards, you even lectured and throw shit to her, you son of a bitch. As usual: fuck you...

Yet, I get why someone has to say such painful things at certain times. This series is well written.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2014, 5:13pm
>> No. 18586 [Edit]
File 139113074761.jpg - (161.22KB , 670x1512 , never forget_.jpg )
This was priceless.
>> No. 18643 [Edit]
File 139173550031.png - (250.17KB , 653x365 , bright future.png )
<--- That's reunions alright. I've avoided them like the plague.

Next episode: more Banri-Linda action.
>> No. 18701 [Edit]
File 139245595210.jpg - (316.54KB , 666x1873 , Oshiete Ojiisan.jpg )
Randomness level = Heidi/10
>> No. 18755 [Edit]
File 139296040299.jpg - (51.50KB , 654x367 , fuck me silly.jpg )
>> No. 18756 [Edit]
File 139296506428.jpg - (22.77KB , 649x365 , not what you're thinking.jpg )
>> No. 18805 [Edit]
File 139365134592.jpg - (74.94KB , 650x364 , title shouting moment.jpg )
This series is reaching the climax and, at last, I felt bad for Banri: the guy really is sick. We're up for some good drama.
>> No. 18846 [Edit]
File 13941653573.jpg - (120.65KB , 650x730 , her answer.jpg )
How about that.
>> No. 18849 [Edit]
oh good lord
>> No. 18882 [Edit]
File 139480151912.jpg - (47.69KB , 647x367 , THE question.jpg )
Tricky but intense episode.
>> No. 18922 [Edit]
File 139536092239.jpg - (227.70KB , 642x2194 , carpe diem.jpg )
Great wrapping up, I'd say.
One more episode and it'll be all over.
>> No. 18958 [Edit]
File 139598976558.jpg - (61.08KB , 862x483 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Well, it ended up as expected: Deus ex machina...
Entertaining series, if anything.

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