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File 137456554589.jpg - (71.49KB , 319x500 , heat_stress.jpg )
15572 No. 15572 [Edit]
Ehm, so where do you go if you want to research some suicide methods and let other people evaluate it and discuss it with them?

Are there any legit sites without trolling (posts that only contain "don't do it" and the likes)?

Picture might be somewhat related.
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>> No. 15584 [Edit]
google the usenet suicide FAQ good resource

google "Exit bag"
>> No. 15626 [Edit]
>Picture might be somewhat related.

It sort of is. Dehydration is supposedly one of the best ways to go if you do it right. Which basically means in an air-conditioned room with lots of medication, and really nothing like the pic.
>> No. 15627 [Edit]
Download 'The Peaceful Pill Handbook' by Nitschke and Stewart.
>> No. 15628 [Edit]
> with lots of medication
Like what, benzos?
>> No. 15675 [Edit]
File 137519365596.jpg - (16.64KB , 324x324 , life_is_an_imposition.jpg )

Troll-free, moderated,safe and judge free community. You need to be accepted into the group, so use a, email and for reason mention suicidal blabla
>> No. 15676 [Edit]
If any of you guys decide to die can you sell your organs and give me the money?
>> No. 15694 [Edit]
Is it wise to use a new Email adress?

Because google account is linked to Youtube and all that stuff.

I have some paranoia that i could get busted.
>> No. 15695 [Edit]
>> No. 15697 [Edit]
>>15694 Yes, use a dummy email.
>> No. 15699 [Edit]
It's no use...Google is so shit nowadays.
You need a google account to join in and to register one, you need a mobile/telenumber to get the authentication!
>> No. 15700 [Edit]
Ok, i used a workaround now thanks to google.
>> No. 15701 [Edit]

How long does it usually take to be accepted into the group? I messaged the owner a week ago and still nothing. Worse yet, since it's not a proper e-mail but just some contact through a google feature I have no way of confirming whether the message was properly sent etc.
>> No. 15702 [Edit]
>>15701 Usually 1-2 days, if it's been a week i recommend you try again.
>> No. 15708 [Edit]

I don't understand what you mean.
I just clicked on entering the group and right from that moment i could read the topics and make my own threads.

But nobody replied to my specific question yet...
>> No. 15711 [Edit]

Nevermind me, I'm just retarded (>>15701 here). Too lazy to even explain it.
>> No. 16193 [Edit]
My favourite such sites are Suicide Methods Hideout, already mentioned, and Reddit's (yes, Reddit's) /r/optingout. I've sourced a lot of support from those sites. I plan to "catch the bus", as they say, soon.
>> No. 16204 [Edit]
>> No. 16205 [Edit]
The original ash has been overrun by spam and half-hearted shitposting. It's one of the reasons that SMH was created.

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