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File 133873668118.jpg - (178.44KB , 1464x1350 , 7d5acffa512f5e21c788e2ebc180f292bb7d9397.jpg )
10640 No. 10640 [Edit]
Already right now overpopulation is causing mass migration in poorer countries, economic crisis is destroying the capitalistic equilibrium and causing governments to fall in Europe, wide antibiotic use is making bacteria resistant to all drugs, peak oil/uranium is approaching resulting in decline of transportation and energy, crop lands are destroyed due to erosion and soil becoming acidic and salty along with unstable climate, fish is becoming rare in the ocean due to pollution and overfishing, drinking water is becoming abundant, etc.

As environmental damage, lethal pandemics and both local and global armed struggles over water, food and medicine gradually become commonplace within the next few years and decades, how have tohnos planned to survive?
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>> No. 10641 [Edit]
I don't intend to. A world without modern comforts isn't worth living in.
>> No. 10642 [Edit]
true that, I probably won't be living longer than 20 years more at most and even that's stretching my luck with life anyways.
>> No. 10643 [Edit]
>> No. 10644 [Edit]
>> No. 10645 [Edit]

>> No. 10646 [Edit]
File 133876640397.png - (169.06KB , 409x490 , that stalker feel.png )
I will go full barbaric and i will hunt people to eat them or rape them.
>> No. 10647 [Edit]
Just be careful of the disease that can be obtained from eating human flesh.
>> No. 10651 [Edit]
Stock up on food and make sure I have water filters.

I presume if human society collapses I won't have to pay rent anymore, so hey.
>> No. 10652 [Edit]
I don't know, it's pretty hard not to be cynical about this kind of stuff when I've been hearing about it my whole life. Sure, gradual changes are undeniable, but I'll believe in these sudden doomsday scenarios when I see them.
>> No. 10653 [Edit]
I'm sure many people had exactly the same thoughts 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 years ago.
>> No. 10654 [Edit]
The only thing that worries me is that if we don't break the speed of light or learn how to quickly terraform planets then humanity and all organic life is doomed to death.
>> No. 10655 [Edit]
>> No. 10656 [Edit]
We need to look deep and hard into ourselves for the spiral energy required for this.

Then we can send Mutta and Hibito to Mars for colonization.
>> No. 10657 [Edit]
If all of humanity died there would be nobody around to care that humanity died so it wouldn't matter
>> No. 10661 [Edit]
You're looking at it the wrong way. When society breaks down, yes, we'll lose our comforts. But the norms and expectations will go along with them. If you are resourceful and enterprising enough, you'll be able to remake your surroundings to your own desires, no matter what those might be.
>> No. 10663 [Edit]
>you'll be able to remake your surroundings to your own desires, no matter what those might be.
I remain doubtful, as things like anime and internet figure heavily into said desires.
>> No. 10699 [Edit]
Um, I may or may not be a part of a group of three or four people with defense plans.

And an M1919 Browning machine gun. Eheheh...

I'd suggest MREs and a route to the nearest places to ransack.
>> No. 10703 [Edit]
I think it'll be k in the long run.
>> No. 10732 [Edit]
OP's pic is fucking hilarious
>> No. 10847 [Edit]
I have cancer, so I'm stuck leeching off the current system. Good luck to the rest of you, I would have to clock out early if things turned for the worse.
>> No. 10861 [Edit]
I live in the middle of the Canadian countryside on a decent-sized plot of clean land. Worst comes to worst we can hold out and grow our own food.

Assuming we're not hit by roaming rapegangs.
>> No. 10884 [Edit]
File 134042671995.jpg - (508.27KB , 642x1000 , 0fc52958cf0665efeabfc91388024b68.jpg )
Somehow, the thought of our world falling apart actually cheers me up inside. Not that I possess any contempt or hate towards the society, neither I feel like being some sort of "energy vampire" or how does this pseudo-psychology crap is called.

After thinking about it, I came to a conclusion that shit happening around me kind of elevates my inner life. The more rotten the civilization would become, the loftier my dreams, fantasies and hopes would look in comparison. This comforts me.

Though I suppose it would all fade away once I feel the real consequences like poor food and water supplies, no access to Internet or even computers, and etc.
>> No. 10891 [Edit]
War is the solution to overpopulation and the natural state of mankind.
Right now the Earth is unnaturally peaceful, diplomacy and proxy wars holding people back.

Peak oil/uranium will just be replaced by another source such as thorium, our food will come from other sources and bacteria will aid in culling the human population until another solution for it can be found.

Most of this, other than war is likely far enough into the future that there is no need to worry about it, since by that point your life and youth are pretty much over and it doesn't matter.

As for nature, time will fix it.

Global climate change and all is just natural.
>> No. 10991 [Edit]
File 134126782149.jpg - (100.12KB , 711x471 , Watashi ga Motenai v01 c07 - 06 copy.jpg )
After every war there's a baby boom, which equalizes the losses. Also, war usually kills third world people who don't consume nearly as much resources as first world shit-heads.

I'll be far too deeply immersed in the cataclysmic relief that the destruction has brought to care about surviving. I can't wait for the world to end. Think of all the Ford Drivers that will be taken with it.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2012, 6:05pm
>> No. 11021 [Edit]
Do you have your apocalypse-proof radio? i do.
>> No. 11098 [Edit]
Its naive to think that since we're in modern times that disaster won't befall us. It will. And the most vulnerable will always die by the scores of millions.

There was a scientific paper published 40 years ago which predicted the general trends of boom and disaster for humanity. It was based off a computer model called World3. It basically stated that cycles of boom and bust always have the pattern of overshooting what resources we have avaliable followed by disaster. I have a feeling we're all overshooting right now. The only way to avoid disaster is to control population growth. I think humanity is still too childish to do such a thing. Not while competing against other nations is the primary concern.

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