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File 135477045184.png - (38.25KB , 270x600 , 01-10.png )
12702 No. 12702 [Edit]
Kyoani release some stuff from their winter show.
My opinion is that all of the Kyoani stuff looks exactly the same as it has gotten quite boring.
Its been a while since they used an original art style.
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>> No. 12703 [Edit]
I think it's a cute style but I can see why people would get sick of it. Looking forward to the show
>> No. 12704 [Edit]
>My opinion is that all of the Kyoani stuff looks exactly the same as it has gotten quite boring.
Its been a while since they used an original art style.
I was thinking something around those lines earlier today when checking out another ep of Chuunibyou just for the hell of it.
I think it's why I had (and still have) little interest in Chuunibyou or their show from last season.
I really liked how varied everything was before, and they had some darn nice designs. For a while there I wanted to see everything kyoani produced, now I don't really give a fuck about anything they make anymore. I thought it was kinda sad to see them change the second season of haruhi and make the style more resemblant of their current signature stuff. although I might go as far as saying the art style isn't even that good, you know fetus hands and whatnot. I rather appreciated Nichijou for at least having it's own distinct art/design style if nothing else.
call me elites or crazy or whatever, but I'd like to have a little more reason to check something out than just "MC girl has pretty eyes" though that's not to say I've never watched my fair share of anime just becuase the girls are cute, but again this is the fetus hands art style we're talking about, if you ask me their (visual)cuteness starts and ends at the eyes.
>> No. 12705 [Edit]
File 135478475811.jpg - (327.00KB , 1000x1250 , aonepiece.jpg )
K-on's style is everywhere!
>> No. 12722 [Edit]
While it's true that their character designs and, to a lesser extent I suppose, overall art style hasn't changed much, I find it easy to overlook because the animation quality is consistently high. I also like to think that Kyoani have chosen to pursue and refine what they know they're good at rather than strike off in new directions. Although that could easily be interpreted as simple pandering, so whatever.
While we're on the subject, I'd also say that I've enjoyed a far higher percentage of their works than any other studio I can think of. I wouldn't say they're the best studio, but I would say that they're the most consistent.
>> No. 12737 [Edit]
It's easy to have a few high quality animation scenes when you cut corners and take shortcuts in the rest of the show, such as recycling backgrounds by having everything take place in the same clubroom, and it's a lot easier to draw for characters that never change their cloths and each look mostly the same from the neck down (the nice thing about uniforms.)
>> No. 12743 [Edit]
Those are certainly good points, but I'm not sure they are entirely applicable to Kyoani, at least not moreso than they are applicable to any other studio. Not necessarily trying to be argumentative, but I can't think of any instances off the top of my head where it was obvious that they were cutting corners as far as backgrounds, outfits, or what have you. I would certainly be receptive to some examples, though.
I'll also venture to say that it's easy for them to have high quality animation because they have a large budget to play with. Not many other studios have the luxury of multiple cash-cow titles.
>> No. 12744 [Edit]
how about k-on for one example? if memory serves correctly most of that took place in the clubroom, and if you shave their heads it would be a bit hard to tell them apart.
I didn't mean to make it sound exclusive to kyo or even necessarily bad for that matter, just saying is all. Recycling backgrounds has been around for as long as animations has, the flintstones was famous for it. at least now it's not so noticeable.
But I must say, one of the nice things about anime or animation in general is the ability to do and show elaborate and creative things that would be way to hard and expensive to do in live media and limited to films with massive budgets like Avatar. We have limitless medium for imaginative and fantastic spectacles limited only to the creator's imagination, but then you reduce it all down to the same 3-4 girl Archetypes hanging out in a highschool club room with the option of lusting over a guy with the the depth of a cardboard cut out and a random gimmick to vainly differentiate the series from previous works, maybe the girls are part of a band, maybe they're detectives, maybe they like role playing or they're all otaku or maybe they're all just lesbians who knows, it just feels a bit uninspired.
>> No. 12747 [Edit]
> it just feels a bit uninspired.
I can understand the sentiment. Reflecting on the wealth of variety that exists in the manga world in comparison to the increasing homogeny in anime puts things into perspective. I can only bet that it will continue to get worse as DVD sales wane and studios necessarily get less adventurous.

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