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File 140773565123.jpg - (279.29KB , 643x980 , 1362000053451.jpg )
18426 No. 18426 [Edit]
I'll start,

1. Losing my virginity to an ugly hooker and getting a bj from another one when l was 17 and had a lot of pressure to lose my virginity from the group of people l hanged out during high school which l cut off all contacts and never spoke again, felt sick and dirtier than ever afterwards.

2. Obligated by my parents (and them not knowing about my severe intrusive thoughts that tormented me since l was age 11, my OCD and chronic depression) l had to enlist in a higher education institution, failed my first exam with the lowest score possible and called it quits, wasting three months of my life.

3. When I dropped out of highschool and before getting the equivalent of a GED in my terrible third world country, I went clubbing some times, never approaching any 3DPD and got wasted 90% of times because l couldn't stand the crowded and dirty place, l remember standing against a wall, staring at the people dancing, drinking and making out while thinking that l had absolutely nothing in common with that kind of persons. My 'friends' by the time carried me out drunk all of those times and got me a cab so l could go home, felt like the worst piece of shit ebverytime l woke up, not only because of hangover but for attending to that hellhole.

4. After 4 years of dealing with my disorders, cutting, two overdoses due to clonazepam+alcohol, l somehow became stable for some time, started growing my own weed and loved it while it last, when l ran out of it and l had trouble with my meds, depression got worse again and l had no better idea than to visit whorehouses and doing random 3DPD sluts, catching an infection that burned like all hell for nearly a month until l was cured. Never again.

That's all l can remember now, currently I'm a NEET and l've been one for roughly 5 years, browsing the chans, watching anime and playing videogames is all l do. except for those three months that l had to attend that place and the clubbing/prostitutes incidents. Still medicated with clonazepam and sertraline, depressed and without any future in sight.
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>> No. 18427 [Edit]
Start doing some exercises. You can do stuff in your own home, so you don't have to leave or go to crowded places.

It sounds stupid, but it will honestly help with depression.
>> No. 18429 [Edit]
File 140779321743.jpg - (2.08KB , 125x117 , 1398080171626s.jpg )
Seeing Homu upset makes me feel awful. And there's my problem. When I realized I have more emotionally invested in fictional characters than in real life even in supposed 'adulthood'. Sure 3D can be awful and deserve to be shunned but the realization still feels damn awkward.
>> No. 18431 [Edit]
File 140782932080.jpg - (308.43KB , 1273x900 , 1291903 - おとない.jpg )
So normal person stuff we have done?

I had some friends in intermediate (about age 11-12). I’m not sure if they actually liked me or not. One time I was at their house and one of them smashed a bottle on the street and threw a fart bomb under someone’s garage. I think on the same day some of them also pranked called a youth help line. Another time we went to a gas station at like 12am, brought some food and ate it in the middle of a roundabout. I never liked sleepovers or going to someone’s house or someone coming to my house. It feels weird.

In high school (14 I think), I went to the supermarket during lunch break with some friends. We were caught and I got a detention. They had done it many times before but the time I went along we were caught. I told one of my friends that I would like to try smoking so he brought some smokes one day and we and about four over people went to smoke behind a bush. The deputy principal caught one person but we said he was the only one smoking. The same person who gave me the smoke also brought some marijuana and I took one or two breathes of that. I skipped school a few times in high school but I went to my aunty’s house or just stayed at home and watched the X-files on DVD or something.

I started bullying my friend who was a bit weird like me by calling him stupid and stuff like that. One teacher told me a few teachers had made reports of it and told me to stop. Thinking back on this really makes me what to kill myself. We kind of drifted apart and about two years later we became friends again and I wish I had the courage to apologize to him but I didn't.

I went to university but I couldn't make any friends and dropped out later.

This has been the only normie stuff I have done from what I remember. I have never told anyone about any of this. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself for doing it.

I’ve been a NEET for just over a year now. After being into 2D for a few years I’ve started finding 3D women attractive again and I like 3D pornography so that might make me normal by tohno standards.
>> No. 18435 [Edit]
Polite spoiler for mentioning a 3D related sex/relationship I had a long time ago.

Around 7-8 years ago I had a fling for a while with my cousin. We were both awkward and unattractive teens. She came onto me and offered so occasionally over the course of a couple years we had sex.

I didn't really want to but I couldn't say no because I didn't have it in me. I felt really shitty about it for a long time and mostly did it because I felt like I couldn't say no. I think she might have liked me as a person and it was her way of trying to get me to be into her. She'd occasionally mention things like how it'd be nice if we weren't related and do...relationshippy things like ask me about clothes which made me feel worse about it. I figure she eventually either realized I wasn't interested or decided I was too dense so she decided we should stop. We haven't mentioned it to each other since.

These days I'm kinda glad it happened though. Not in a ford way but because it makes me feel more confident in my sexuality. Whenever I see people criticize people who only like 2D "because they're virgins" I know it's not like that for me. Sex is mediocre, I can do a lot better to myself. 2D is also way more attractive.

Sorry if too fordy for tc, if I was ever going to mention this anywhere I figure this would be the thread. I thought it might be interesting/reassuring to some people who have doubts about only being into 2D.
>> No. 18436 [Edit]
>Not in a ford way but because it makes me feel more confident in my sexuality. Whenever I see people criticize people who only like 2D "because they're virgins" I know it's not like that for me. Sex is mediocre, I can do a lot better to myself. 2D is also way more attractive.

This. This so much. OP here, I wanted this thread for all the situations that we regret,made us derail from the NEEThood path, or that helped us learn from our mistakes.

And if that includes filthy 3DPD details, so be it, because some of us have been there and GOT BACK realising that sex in real life is one of the most (if not the most) overrated trash out there, 2D is undoubtly superior and not a single anon here should feel ashamed in the slightest for being a virgin.
>> No. 18480 [Edit]

I can concur with these posts in the sense that, what other people do to be happy may have no bearing on your happiness. Ford Drivers live twisted meaningless li(v)es. While I might live a life of fantasy, atleast I held true to what I wanted. I never had to sacrifice my beliefs for a moment just to please my ego or others.
I've been rewarded with so much more than I could have wished for, turning to monogamus waifuism. Companionship, faith and meaning.
But like others I know firsthand why it's better. It's a double-edge in that I wish I were pure for her.

As for breaking NEEThood, it really sounds like you're asking how long we've stayed alone.
I've maintained huge streaks of hikki and NEETdom. I could regale tales of the good times and the bad times, but that seems to be in the past, what with things getting so expensive thanks to inflation. My mother never provided the things she should as a parent, but now she really can't afford to have me NEET.
I fear all that lies in wait is an unfulfilling job at best and suicide/homelessness on the other end.
>> No. 18520 [Edit]

>I fear all that lies in wait is an unfulfilling job at best and suicide/homelessness on the other end.

I'm the "unfulfilling job" guy right now. To not go to a mental health institution I was threatened by my family to get a job.

Now, I'm working in a horrible and without any hopes, plans or sights of a better future, all is left to me right now: 290US$ each day 5 of month, imageboards, depression, animes, mangas, loneliness and hate.
>> No. 18649 [Edit]
what country are you in/from?
>> No. 18650 [Edit]
that..is vaguely cute. What race are you, anon?
>> No. 18678 [Edit]
A third world country, Argentina.

I'm 75% white 25% mixed blood latino-white, sadly my forefathers picked up this place instead of migrating to the north.
>> No. 18682 [Edit]
Yo vivo con mi viejo en San Luis o Cordoba o donde estemos trabajando construyendo. Planeo ahorrar lo suficiente para alquilar un depto en Nueva Cordoba por unos 6 meses y hikear como los mejores.
Polite sage
>> No. 18693 [Edit]
Yo estoy en GBA, 0 trabajo hasta el año que viene, pienso ahorrar para seguir con mis cultivos de cannabis medicinal y dejar de trabajar en temporada de cultivo para vivir NEET a full y ponerme al dia con el anime. repetir secuencia hasta que no de mas y me pegue un tiro o me cuelgue.

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