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File 139849351810.jpg - (101.10KB , 319x450 , 61053l.jpg )
19170 No. 19170 [Edit]
"This world is just a shitty game."
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>> No. 19189 [Edit]
File 139863077152.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0725.png )
I thought the first ep was pretty cool. Seems like it could be a fun concept. If nothing else the style of the show is a fucking trip. Watching this anime made me wonder if it's what dropping acid is like.
>> No. 19221 [Edit]
File 139908136261.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0772.png )
I didn't want to jump the gun after the first ep, but after seeing the second I gotta say this show is looking fucking fantastic so far. MC is cool, sister is cute, and the princess is great. The acid trip color scheme makes the show look unique and helps establish an other wordy feel, it also livens things up I feel. Show has a good sense of humor and I'm genuinely interested to see where the story goes. The brother/sister have a really nice relationship too, one might say it's over the top but that's the whole point.
Gotta admit though, I never thought a game of rock paper scissors could be so convoluted and leave me feeling like such an idiot. I'm amazed the princess was able to keep up with it as well as she did. The plot does feel a tad thin, but the show is fun enough that I don't think it really matters.
It's a crime more people aren't talking about this one.
>> No. 19223 [Edit]
File 139910197528.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , za worldo.png )
I wonder if they tossed this in becuase jojo was airing the same season.
>> No. 19231 [Edit]
Probably. I remember when Mine Fujiko was airing 3-4 of the other shows airing had Goemon references, I think animators like putting in references to other iconic shows.
>> No. 19234 [Edit]
File 139926893154.gif - (271.20KB , 500x281 , jerkin it.gif )
Given the context of the scene, did they purposefully make it look like he was fapping?
>> No. 19248 [Edit]
I couldn't stand to go further than 10min into the first ep. Will give it another try later.
>> No. 19255 [Edit]
File 139970096515.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0738.png )
God I love this show.
>> No. 19256 [Edit]
File 139970188918.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , [Commie] No Game No Life - 03 [6E03A9B9].png )
Holy shit that chess game was fucking great.
>> No. 19257 [Edit]
File 139971075246.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , you are winner.png )
After reading up on some early reviews I think the problem people have with No game no life is they're taking the show too seriously while comparing it to shows like code geass and sword art/accel world. The difference is those shows take themselves far too seriously for their own good, this on the other hand is played as straight as a lightning bolt. These people act like it's a cheap copy of those shows when this show could easily be seen as taking a huge dump on those type of shows. I think they're failing to see that this is not meant to be taken seriously -at all- It's wacky and over The top completely on purpose becuase it's trying to be fun. I don't know how people are not able to see that and instead complain about how 'stupid' it is. You wouldn't criticise a clown who's trying to be entertaining for doing stupid things right?

The protag in shows like death note and code geass and Twgok with superiority complexs who act like a big shot know it alls who are better than everyone else in spite of just being overly pretentious highschool dweebs with no friends is exactly what they're poking fun of by having the MC of this anime play it up like those guys do while being a virgin NEET hikki sistercon who has no skills outside of videogames. It's like they're basically telling those guys to get off their high horses. It's also something they keep bringing up just so you remember not to take him too seriously when he starts playing it like like lolouch or Light.

While this show like sword art/accel world does involve a pair who get stuck in a videogame world, this show doesn't take itself seriously as those others did. This is what I think those should have been, colorfully and fun. I really didn't like those shows becuase they tried to play their material straight but it just didn't work for far too many reasons to go into here. No game no life on the other hand does stupid absurd stuff all the time that would make you face palm in those show but here it's not meant to be seriously. There were so many things wrong with that chess game for instance, the least of which being the rules that made no sense to the point of being none existent. It almost had an improvisational quality to it where it felt they just kept making up everything as they went along, which is why I thought that chess game was fucking great. In retrospect that game of chess almost felt like a parody of the infamous match in code guess where that self proclaimed chess master performs an illegal move at the end of the match. Where as in this anime they out right shit all over the rules and make a mockery of the whole game itself.
I was admittedly a little put off at first by how convoluted that game of rock paper scissors was early into the show, but after seeing more of the anime and reflecting on it I realized something. By doing that it's quite possible they were essentially poking fun at anime that try to pass themselves off as being smarter than they are by over complicating things that should be simple.

anyways, if you haven't seen the show already just don't take anything in it too seriously and try to have fun with it. I know that can be hard to do these days with everything being so dark and edgy and broody with no fun allowed but just try to keep an open mind. also, the first half of the first ep kinda blows, I wouldn't judge it too much off that. It doesn't set an accurate tone for the rest of the series and is just there to establish what the daily lives of the main characters was like before the show really gets started.
>> No. 19263 [Edit]
all this show does for me is make me want to jack off.
>> No. 19264 [Edit]
File 139975251827.jpg - (307.70KB , 1920x2689 , 124177.jpg )
What's not to like?
>> No. 19265 [Edit]
Good one.
>> No. 19319 [Edit]
File 140028445431.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , [Commie] No Game No Life - 05 [42ABDFF2].png )
I think it's a god damn crying shame this show is only scheduled for 12 ep. I really hope it manages to get another season. This is one of those rare shows where I find myself getting annoyed by the end credits becuase I get so lost in the show and the eps feel like they go by so quick. fuck.
>> No. 19327 [Edit]

The visuals and setting are okay. However, so far I don't really care too much for the characters or how the games are handled.
>> No. 19396 [Edit]
File 14008922405.jpg - (614.49KB , 1280x720 , buy the dvds.jpg )
I wonder what if anything the dvd version will add.
>> No. 19399 [Edit]
Pink brush tool in the middle of the big round bouncy things. That's my guess.
>> No. 19400 [Edit]
File 140089949490.jpg - (595.57KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] No Game No Life - 06 [7B7C72EE].jpg )
You will never see a more epic match of shiritori.
>> No. 19403 [Edit]
File 14009760703.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0807.png )
I'm starting to feel sorry for her, they really do torment her horribly. Seemed like harmless fun at first but quickly became more like bullying. Life for her must have turned to hell around the time they showed up. Sad thing is it'd still be pretty shitty if not worse had they never showed up.
>> No. 19404 [Edit]
File 140097757181.jpg - (70.62KB , 1281x721 , she died.jpg )
>> No. 19425 [Edit]
File 140101228432.jpg - (41.67KB , 1268x714 , do it.jpg )
It really was pretty damn epic (and I don't use the word lightly). At this point I'm confidently giving the show a 10/10 rating.
>> No. 19449 [Edit]
That shiritori game got me wondering. Maybe I missed something but was everyone in the world able to feel the effects of it or was it just the people there involved with the game? I mean could you imagine everyone going about their everyday lives without a care just doing what they always do, then suddenly the ground bellow them disappears and they're suddenly in space being pulled towards a massive ball of lava only to die and reappear were you were before. They could have easily traumatized everyone on the face of the planet at that moment lol.
>> No. 19451 [Edit]
you're overthinking it dude. Its just a ecchi anime about 'gaymzzzzzzzz'. Theres nothing clever about it.

Just enjoy the ride.
>> No. 19455 [Edit]
You know if you really want to get into it there's a whole mess load of things wrong with that shiritori match. Just the idea of whats 'here' disappearing and what isn't 'here' appearing is a bit of a problem. What constitutes what is 'here'? how far away does something have to be before it's no longer there? Those layers of the earth are pretty far beneath the surface of the earth, when he started calling them out they should have appeared near them. Even then one has to wonder why the planet didn't start to collapse as he hollowed it out. If he had everything planed out from the beginning, why didn't he spawn himself an oxygen tank? and why didn't he spawn something to write out more messages? having that response written on that scape of paper was nice and all but what would have happened if she found a way to respond again? also, what was the deal with the alien monster thing? I thought they said you couldn't spawn stuff that doesn't exist. Does that mean their world has creatures like that? one could even argue about the idea of naming stuff. I mean I can accept the idea that in this world they don't have names for the layers of the planet since they don't seem to be particularly advanced scientifically, but couldn't Flugel just give the core of the planet a name of her own choosing? I don't recall anything in the rules about naming things.

Just as >>19451 said, it's a pretty enjoyable show if you don't worry to much about the details.
>> No. 19467 [Edit]
I never said I don't enjoy this anime. I was like... just saying, you know? geez
>> No. 19504 [Edit]
File 140151024968.jpg - (468.54KB , 1280x720 , 20140506152807.jpg )
the design for the king cracks me up every time lol
>> No. 19506 [Edit]
File 14015154632.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , [Commie] No Game No Life - 07 [C9B70B0F].png )
Might just be me but I think I'd rather see them keep the anime references to a minimum. So far it's been kept down to less than two per ep, but they got a little carried away this ep. I suppose it's okay though since not a lot happened this week and the ep was just to set up the next game.
>> No. 19507 [Edit]
File 140152108018.jpg - (87.35KB , 1201x675 , dola.jpg )
They should constrain the references to the MCs. None of the other characters could possibly know anything about Japanese media so they shouldn't be making references to it, let alone taking offense to being compared to a character they don't even know exists.
>> No. 19524 [Edit]
File 140160394748.jpg - (88.14KB , 1258x710 , just accept it.jpg )
It's okay. She's getting used to it~
>> No. 19533 [Edit]
>it's a pretty enjoyable show if you don't worry to much about the details.
But the way some of these games are set up, aren't you kind of supposed to think about loopholes and possible exploits? Thats what the characters are doing after all. Most of ep7 was info gathering, with the old king who tried like 8 times to find an exploit to that one game.
>> No. 19539 [Edit]
Relax bro, this ain't Kaiji.
>> No. 19540 [Edit]
Not saying it is. I just don't think it's as mindless and stupid as >>19455 makes it out to be.
>> No. 19544 [Edit]

>>19455 here. I never called it mindless or stupid, nor did I mean to imply that. I was simply pointing out some possible flaws in the logic of that particular game. Sure the show has it's problems but so does everything. Damn near all works in every form of media are gonna have their share of plot holes and inconsistency. That doesn't make them stupid, not by a long shot. I was just telling him (and now you) to not worry about those little things. If you focus too much on the little details you loose sight of the bigger picture.
>> No. 19569 [Edit]
File 140182864392.jpg - (647.21KB , 1280x720 , damn hell ass kings.jpg )
This is truly escapism at it's best. None of that generic highschool boy with a harem dropped on him he couldn't give less of a shit about. Here you got NEETs transported to a vibrant magical world full of cat girls and elfs where they can live like kings, Damn hell ass kings!
>> No. 19620 [Edit]
File 140209799727.jpg - (77.42KB , 1280x720 , No-Game-No-Life-07-C9B70B0F_mkv.jpg )
Steph is the best girl.
>> No. 19627 [Edit]
File 140210366418.jpg - (551.95KB , 1280x720 , yuri goggles ACTIVATE.jpg )
Aww hellz yeah. We getting us some inter species yuri up in heres.
>> No. 19630 [Edit]
Yeah it's not, this is more fun than Kaiji.
>> No. 19632 [Edit]
I feel like I am missing out from the VN after seeing the last episode, but that is my only major complaint.

Many people criticize the MC(s) for being OP, but is the world not tailored to be OP for them? That is what makes their victory so delicious. Its like taking a dolphin out of an aquarium and watching it master the sea.
>> No. 19634 [Edit]
File 140212959064.jpg - (503.57KB , 1280x720 , [Underwater-FFF] No Game No Life - 09 (720p) [B587.jpg )
I believe this is based on a light novel not a VN.

Anyways that last game did feel a bit cut short, but when you think about it it did 'technically' last the whole ep. I actually kind of appreciate the outsider perspective they went for along with attempting to illustrate the effects of the game. I feel as though it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if they followed the game from start to finish in a more traditional fashion.

>> No. 19637 [Edit]
File 140216197862.jpg - (52.83KB , 1042x586 , curious.jpg )
At least some blend in better than others.
>> No. 19639 [Edit]
File 140218750721.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0877.png )
I can't say I mind them.
>> No. 19640 [Edit]
File 140218751775.jpg - (166.17KB , 500x1800 , 69cGr.jpg )
>Its like taking a dolphin out of an aquarium and watching it master the sea.

That's a great way of putting it.
Someone in this thread was comparing him to Light and lolouch but it's more like if Light was transported to a world full of countless variations of Ls, or if lolouch had to conquer a galaxy with every planet controlled by an equality intelligent geass user.

Image basically sums up this anime.
>> No. 19647 [Edit]
File 140230245663.jpg - (71.63KB , 953x534 , buuuuuuubs.jpg )
damn right
>> No. 19685 [Edit]
File 140270256198.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot1036.png )
God damn it...
>> No. 19691 [Edit]
Don't worry I'm sure the doujinshis will have you covered.
>> No. 19706 [Edit]
File 140277727084.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot1037.png )
I can only hope so
>> No. 19794 [Edit]
File 140332514753.png - (5.95MB , 1920x1080 , No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].png )
Concept for this game seemed kinda dumb but ended up being kinda neat.
>> No. 19795 [Edit]
File 140332596599.jpg - (76.05KB , 1127x633 , this game.jpg )
The word you're looking for is 'fucking awesome'.
>> No. 19796 [Edit]
but that's two words...
>> No. 19809 [Edit]
File 140336964373.jpg - (104.89KB , 1127x635 , Steph-best-girl.jpg )
needs more Steph
>> No. 19812 [Edit]
What would the equivalent of animal ears be to a race that already have animal ears? elf ears maybe?
>> No. 19826 [Edit]
File 140354756252.jpg - (57.87KB , 1128x633 , fail.jpg )
see, the main characters aren't 'that' OP. They're still human, they fail sometimes too.
>> No. 19827 [Edit]
File 140355479995.jpg - (74.75KB , 1126x634 , FOR THE WIN.jpg )
for the win!
>> No. 19847 [Edit]
File 140368402659.jpg - (23.03KB , 411x261 , mal on ngnl.jpg )
MAL apparently thinks this is one the best thing ever.
>> No. 19849 [Edit]

Do we really have to discuss the shithole that is MAL here?
>> No. 19864 [Edit]
File 140384560133.gif - (392.01KB , 500x281 , 6a9a92ddb7035150f0e92360e78928df.gif )
sure why not?
>> No. 19878 [Edit]
It's over...
>> No. 19882 [Edit]
well shit. What a odd way to end the season. would have been fine if they didn't introduce a new character at the last minute. that made it seem like there was going to be another ep, but nope just 12 ep. not even the best cliff hanger. I thought it was great when they lost and needed Steph to save them. Seemed like it's prove they're really just human after all and would create a nice dynamic as they learn some humility and what not.. but nope, just OP as fuck as always.

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