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File 133316449517.jpg - (157.95KB , 465x600 , 129792087436.jpg )
14117 No. 14117 [Edit]
Does anyone here have any experience with dressing up to look like a girl? Convincingly?

Post edited on 30th Mar 2012, 10:54pm
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>> No. 14118 [Edit]
I THINK we have had a thread about this but I don't know if it's still alive. Anyway, I'd probably do it if I lived alone but never outside of my house. Mostly I just wanna wear thigh highs
>> No. 14119 [Edit]
I've worn thighhighs before. They feel really good. Aside from that, though, no. I have the figure for it, but way too much body hair and I don't want to shave or wax it off. That would get... questions.
>> No. 14120 [Edit]
I've never worn thighhighs, but I did wear pantyhose once in a while as a kid. Now that I think about it, it was pretty weird. But it was really comfortable and warm. Recommended.
>> No. 14121 [Edit]
File 133317089137.jpg - (1.36MB , 2976x2138 , 138026.jpg )
pretty much every day
>> No. 14122 [Edit]
Only when masturbating.
>> No. 14125 [Edit]

The OP even used the same piture but I'm sure it's in the archive by now.
>> No. 14131 [Edit]
1. Shave. Shave shave shave. Get some good razors, no dollar store crap. Tweeze your eyebrows too, and maybe some extraneous nose hair.

2. Get good makeup. There are innumerable good makeup tuts for trans on Youtube.

3. Nail polish! Two coats will do it.
>> No. 14132 [Edit]
I don't know why I should bother with all that when I'm never going to be seen
>> No. 14134 [Edit]
Well, if you want to look like a girl, it's gonna be hard work...
>> No. 14149 [Edit]
I wish my legs weren't so hairy. Thanks dad!
>> No. 14151 [Edit]
I think mine are too hairy.

What's "too hairy" then?
>> No. 14152 [Edit]
File 133330904154.jpg - (118.07KB , 411x990 , d73dfea4295d6a47bb97e35a7248e098 modest.jpg )
Cover your legs, then.
>> No. 14195 [Edit]
Anyone know any good places online for clothes that deliver to canada? Preferably with discreet packaging
>> No. 14196 [Edit]
Nair that shit
>> No. 14197 [Edit]
OP if you'd like to dress up as a convincing girl, it's a necessity to have a fairly androgynous body, otherwise no amount of cute clothes or make-up or hair wax will cover up the fact you are male.
>> No. 14198 [Edit]
One of these days I am going to fill a bathtub with nair. I'm going to wear protective goggles and whatever else to protect my sensitive parts, then I will submerge myself in it. I will emerge as the smoothest person in the world
>> No. 14202 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 14213 [Edit]
My ultimate goal is to be able to look at myself from the neck down wearing girl clothes and think I'm cute. Obviously my face will never be cute because I'm 3D, but I'm never gonna see my own face while fapping anyway.
>> No. 14214 [Edit]
Thats a good goal to have.
>> No. 14238 [Edit]
File 133377263284.jpg - (51.91KB , 420x639 , 1333763119111.jpg )
What I wish I looked like.
>> No. 14633 [Edit]
Kind of a twist, but does anyone else think that a woman would look nice in male clothing?
>> No. 14634 [Edit]
Do you mean to imply it isn't common for women to dress like men?
>> No. 14635 [Edit]
I personally find it pretty nasty, but I guess some people are into it.
>> No. 14639 [Edit]
File 133598006173.jpg - (254.49KB , 600x849 , jacket.jpg )
2D women, yeah
>> No. 14640 [Edit]
Yes. I much prefer it to dresses, usually. I hate dresses.
>> No. 14641 [Edit]
File 133600256923.png - (150.38KB , 413x835 , skirt.png )
I prefer girls in pants and boys in dresses, thanks internet
>> No. 14642 [Edit]
That's actually true, I do too. Society has got it all wrong!
>> No. 14643 [Edit]
I like women that look like women.
Society doesn't, don't act like it does, because they deem it "sexist" for a girl to look or act like one, more so to have any interest in it.
>> No. 14644 [Edit]
gender roles are in a weird sort of limbo where both conforming and not conforming to them are considered bad. Women who have careers don't care about family/women who stay at home for kids are doormats; men who watch football, drink beer, and chase women are pigs/men who don't are "gay". Society is doomed basically, not like this is news to anyone.

Post edited on 2nd May 2012, 5:33pm
>> No. 14645 [Edit]
Good news is that there is no society spanning the whole world. Most of them are isolated, restricted by borders, towns and other geographical meassures, and even to some degree in each and every's heads. If it was all the same then there wouldn't be a science called social anthropology. Your complaints are with the society that you objectively live in or believe you live in and likewise. Words like economy, society and culture loses meaning without proper context, and even with context it is hard to determine in sensical truths, which is why there's a science called sociology. Without a proper toolbox we degrade to guesswork. By no means do I neglect your right to advocate opinions still, but the subject is crossdressing...
>> No. 14648 [Edit]
File 13360508301.jpg - (372.07KB , 787x1112 , s - 1037800 - ass baka_to_test_to_shoukanjuu blus.jpg )
Yes, and convincingly enough as far as I know.

Well, enough that I went out for a walk without saying anything and nobody seemed to notice, but I'm not sure I could still pull that off. Still got a girly enough figure for the most part, it's just the face getting a little manly over the years, and I'm too broke to pay for cosmetics.

Then again, most of the time I do this, I do it mostly for narcissism's sake and just fap to myself in a mirror.
>> No. 14649 [Edit]
I tried to be girly, but as just am getting past puberty and around 20 now, I myself know I can't pull it off. My face is too mannish and shoulder to hip ratio is too big in favor of shoulders.
So if I can't be a girly girl, I'll just be a manly man instead to be happy. I think being androgynous is weird and don't want to get stuck there, so I've started lifting weights with my stepdad.
Hopefully in two years I'll look muscly.
I even got a crew cut from past shoulder length hair.
Gets me kind of excited to think about how awesome it'll be.
>> No. 14654 [Edit]
On the subject of crossdressing, here's a really cute (non-h) manga. Only 3 chapters so far


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