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File 137308356876.jpg - (25.19KB , 640x480 , Chiyo-chan.jpg )
22330 No. 22330 [Edit]
Do you ever pee sitting down because it makes you feel like a cute, innocent little girl?

I do tee-hee
>> No. 22331 [Edit]
yes, but not because it makes me feel like a cute, innocent little girl. I do it because it's more practical to do 1&2 at the same time if I need to go #2.

Post edited on 5th Jul 2013, 10:49pm
>> No. 22332 [Edit]
I pee in the sink to save time.
>> No. 22333 [Edit]
I pee sitting down because I often spray pee droplets everywhere if I stand up.
>> No. 22335 [Edit]
I-I thought I was the only one.
>> No. 22354 [Edit]
same. i end up doing both most of the time anyway
>> No. 22356 [Edit]
I've done that too.
>> No. 22362 [Edit]
I pee in the shower with the warm water running down my junk, it's like a mini-orgasm first thing in the morning
>> No. 22368 [Edit]
I pee on the sink.
>> No. 22390 [Edit]
I pee sitting down because I'm tired and am worried I'm going to fall over

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