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File 142159986837.jpg - (36.22KB , 499x492 , 1.jpg )
17452 No. 17452 [Edit]
So, I am currently heavily stuck between two characters who I deeply love, but of course, it's not right, in my opinion, to have two waifus.
One is someone I proclaimed as my waifu recently, about a month ago, but then someone else came along and I just really love them too.... agh help
>> No. 17453 [Edit]
Ugh, I'm having the same problem. I declared someone my waifu a few months ago and now I'm torn between her and someone else.
>> No. 17454 [Edit]
She's not 3D, so she wouldn't belittle and judge you for your involuntary feelings.
>> No. 17459 [Edit]
No, but he can and should reprobate himself for being irresolute. Is he man or not?
>> No. 17496 [Edit]
Just because she is 2D doesn't mean she can be treated like trash
>> No. 17498 [Edit]

this. OP, sounds like you're staying with your first waifu because you feel the obligation to do so. I'd just give things time to think about it. Don't go too hard on yourself, it's not your fault if you find a "better" concept - by better, I mean more suited for you. As long as you know what you're doing and that it's not infatuation.
>> No. 17683 [Edit]
I've been going through this almost exactly, I finally came to terms with my feelings towards my husbando about three months ago now and not much has changed but very recently I've started having strong feelings for another character.

Only I am far, far more protective of him than my husbando when it comes down to it. However, he's from a game that I've never even played only watched a Let's Play of with a friend so I feel like I don't have a right. And he's rather niche, I highly doubt any other person feels so strongly towards him and as silly as it may sound to some that makes me feel guilty as well, because I don't want to turn him into the third wheel.

His personality is the downright opposite of my husbandos, and so is the desires I feel towards them both in what I want and get from them.

It's very confusing overall.

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