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File 132840755115.jpg - (59.58KB , 960x540 , 406611_338460636173758_283284858358003_1356913_115.jpg )
12930 No. 12930 [Edit]
Why don't you have a job?
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>> No. 12932 [Edit]
Because there aren't many easily acquired jobs available that don't require any interaction with other people.
>> No. 12935 [Edit]
Because social anxiety. I can barely stand going into stores, much less being in one all day and being forced to interact with people
>> No. 12938 [Edit]
Working is for the slaves.
>> No. 12939 [Edit]
I want to get her pregnant.
>> No. 12942 [Edit]
My last job my manager put a headset through a bagel toaster and screamed "Fuck this, this isn't even my house!" and babbled in Spanish as she left the coffee shop.

she also lost my pay-cheque.

To answer your question, OP, society is shit, and why should I wade through shit becahse everyone expects me to do it?
>> No. 12943 [Edit]
Because no one wants to hire me.
>> No. 12945 [Edit]
I have a job distributing shitty home goods catalogues for a dodgy company and I haven't been paid in 8 weeks.
>> No. 12946 [Edit]
I have a job
>> No. 12950 [Edit]
I want to quit my job, but I need the money.
>> No. 12951 [Edit]
can that be my job
>> No. 12952 [Edit]
Because I'm legally disabled.

Before that, agoraphobia and autism.
>> No. 12962 [Edit]
Sorry, I've already taken responsibility.
>> No. 12964 [Edit]
Because I'm a lazy good for nothing bum and watching cute fictional high school girls all day long feels better than working.
>> No. 12966 [Edit]
I don't know how, plus I'm not really good at anything.
>> No. 12985 [Edit]
I have a half-assed "job" judging urban debaters. It can be good, ~80-150 dollars depending on tournaments (2-3 day tournaments) and they happen a few times a month on weekend, and when the urban debate league dies out (season ends in like april) there's a few suburban league tournaments after that until june by then it's all over and i'll look for another job. You're given free food and drinks which sometimes is pretty good (and can jack plenty to take home), you can steal a bunch of shit (stuff people at the HS leave behind or unlocked - i.e. alcohol or other stuff - and yes ive seen alcohol left unlocked/attended there) and there's plenty of time to read books/do other stuff/goof off/use the web.

You dont even need to be a former debater there's related things like Public Forum and whatnot where I dont think you need to understand/be versed in all the evidence/trap card bullshit policy debate has. L-D is less evidence-driven compared to Policy (Cross-X) but still required evidence and some research I think. So if you "volunteer" for this look for the L-D or speech ones, as straight-up policy debate can be boring, and waking up at like 5am for a tournamant that starts at 8 can be sucky, even if there's bound to be food there.

ranking from weakest to strongest

Public Forum - Lincoln-Style policy debate - Cross-X Policy Debate

I used to sell knives for a few months, that sucked dick and before then I got stipends for this academic program 8 years ago.
>> No. 12989 [Edit]
oh, I forgot. I like judging debates and even went to some tournaments to check on people I knew when I was in the league when i wasnt being paid to judge. Given debate is a social activity, some of you might not like it given the feedback to debaters and giving them tips etc.
>> No. 12991 [Edit]
Because I am lazy, hate people, and have very few interests outside little girl cartoons.
>> No. 13006 [Edit]
I'm freelancing as a writer whenever and wherever I can. It's not much money at all, but it's something.

I'm also starting a program where volunteers work with professionals downtown helping people who can't afford to consult with a lawyer with their bankruptcy and foreclosure problems. I'm hoping I can angle this into a job somehow, through professional networking.

I'm great at looking normal to the outside world, I just can't relate to anybody else on a deeper level, and so I have no friends. But I'm okay with that. As long as I'm making money, the rest of the world can shove their opinions about me up their collective ass. I'm happy.
>> No. 13023 [Edit]
No one hires the creepy shy people.
>> No. 13027 [Edit]
Because I haven't done anything yet to be considered self-employed.

Soon, though.
>> No. 13041 [Edit]
I've applied for so many jobs, been to so many interviews, with no luck at all. It's not like I'm aiming high either, most of the jobs I've applied for are of the shelf-stacking/floor-mopping type. Still nobody hires me.

Fuck my life.
>> No. 13055 [Edit]
Catalogue distribution pays like $2.5-$5 an hour, but its easy to get a job in it precisely cause it pays so freaking low. I see them advertising for people week after week in the newspaper because people keep dropping out. Seems they'd rather spend money advertising and leaving vast areas without catalogues (and just putting all the extras in the bin) than actually paying their workers better so they'd stay.
>> No. 13093 [Edit]
I really want a job, honestly, but I'm just too scared and my self confidence is so low. I don't have any work experience either and that is really embarrassing for me, I get this thought in my head of the people reading my application and saying to themselves, '20 years old and never had a job? what a loser' and that just makes everything worse.
>> No. 13094 [Edit]
Same, only 21 (22 in a few months)
>> No. 13108 [Edit]
Same here too.
I should be studying for some public contests' exams too, but it turns out that apart from all that I'm also a lazy bastard(many consider this a fundemental trait for the jobs I'm applying for, though).
>> No. 21083 [Edit]
jobs are wage slavery.
>> No. 21086 [Edit]
File 136362084478.jpg - (140.04KB , 550x410 , kcs.jpg )
I've held jobs ever since I was 17 but I don't think I am going to anymore. That shit is wage slavery.I'd love to get one of those magical $15+ an hour jobs, but they never seem to come my way. So realistically I work for 8.50 an hour.I cant get to my job without a car and the wonderful land I live in doesn't run hourly trains or buses.
Gas, car insurance and the cost of food are enough to nearly gobble a whole paycheck with no effort.
Not to mention if you car gets a shitty problem like your alternator goes bad it's straight up 120$ (probably a lot more if you trust a mechanic with your car.)

Oh and if you work for a wonderful employer like mine they will fuck with your hours. Some pay periods your check will be nearly 40% less of what it was the week before.
Fuck it, I give up. My parents are all like "maybe if you get a 3DPD, you can split costs and blah blah blah" That system is so fucking broken it doesn't apply to me.

More money, more problems.
>> No. 21087 [Edit]
I've never worked a day in my life. Stuff like this is the reason why. It's pointless to work if I can just get money from the government for any little problem.
>> No. 21089 [Edit]
I can kind of relate. The last job I had was just 4 hours a day with a 70 mile drive in a gas guzzler.

I was making less than $30 a day after taxes with $15 spent in gas each day I went. and becuase I would have no need for a car if not for that job, it was costing me $80 a month in insurance. (although I did switch to one for $40 a month) add onto that my employer was taking money out of each check for my uniform deposit.

my brain dead mother couldn't understand that I was practically working for nothing, she just wanted me to work for the sake of working.
on my last day of the job some cunt who started a fight with me was threatening to report me to my boss, I told her I didn't give a shit about my job and she gave me some crap about how hard it is to find jobs these days. I should have told her to go fuck herself but I had a hard time getting anything in as she flipped out on me.
>> No. 21091 [Edit]
Because I'm poor at networking. I graduated from university last summer and done tons of volunteering just to beef up my CV (or resume). Did a couple of internships which pretty much lead to nowhere; making me realize that most companies who offer internships are just looking for free workers to exploit. I wonder to myself whether spending all this time and effort is actually going to pay off before I wind up in a nursing home.
>> No. 21092 [Edit]
Hey, so do I! We should totally be pals or something.
>> No. 21101 [Edit]
File 136369320598.jpg - (200.54KB , 600x585 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>check for my uniform deposit.

Great, now I got this funny image that you worked at some shota bar-tending maid cafe, I cant get it out of my head.

Where did you work? retail?
>> No. 21104 [Edit]
And this is one of the reasons why I don't want to work even if I could, there's so much expenses that in a minimum wage job you're working for almost nothing. I can't drive and I'm never going to be. No one will let me into their work place. The a couple times I actually got an interview I was out of the building in record breaking time. I'm stuck here.
>> No. 21106 [Edit]
Security, aka mall-cop type work
>> No. 21107 [Edit]
>you're working for almost nothing
This is what keeps the poor poor, and the rich our masters.
>> No. 21148 [Edit]
For some reason some people decided to hire me (??) as a software developer and not give me enough work to fill the day (????). So I disabled the screensaver and I have an IDE open and I look vaguely in the direction of the monitor and daydream. It's a pretty alright arrangement I guess.

Only bad thing is I'm avoidant as fuck and it takes me hours of procrastination to develop the will to do something simple like ask the secretary about some paperwork.
>> No. 21643 [Edit]
>> No. 21650 [Edit]
A 40-hour work week would be too stressful to one so deeply sensitive and vulnerable, so I force others to support me. I wouldn't mind going freeter, though. Maybe.

Post edited on 26th Apr 2013, 6:31pm
>> No. 21652 [Edit]
- School with crazy schedules varying from term to term makes it hard.
- Poor grades mean no job at school.
- Parents provide enough for survival.
- There's absolutely nothing I urgently need to buy, thus no need for money.
- I hate cars and traffic so I'm mostly restricted to worplaces I can get to by foot, which is 70% clothing stores that only ever hire salespeople.
>> No. 21654 [Edit]
I'm already very, very wealthy.
I used to have a job, but I don't need to any more.
During the 4 years that I did have a job I put in enormous, near-constant effort - easily a lifetime's worth - and it paid off handsomely.
>> No. 21656 [Edit]
Curious as to what type of work you did and how much you made? Honestly if I could spend a few years doing that, then I wouldn't mind just living off of that for the rest of my years.
>> No. 21657 [Edit]
Probably something to do with drugs.
>> No. 21723 [Edit]
I used to have a job, but now I'm unemployed because of the physical and mental pain that I experienced from that job. The mental part was okay-- I used to be a sales associate for a retail store, which just meant I restocked and helped people find shit. I can be a ford driver for eight hours just so I can see the money roll in, no problem. The physical pain is what got me. I just can't stand up for a long time. A long time to me, is around 10 minutes. I've asked a bunch of people who stand up for a living and they said they just bear with the pain, but when I have to stand up for eight fucking hours while keeping my facade as a ford driver... I just can't handle that. The pain is so unbearable that I have to grit my teeth to even walk after six hours, so by the eight and final hour it actually looks like I'm limping/shuffling around the place. I don't know, I'm not obese but I'm not very active either, is it just me being a lazy piece of shit or is there actually something wrong with me? I haven't went to the doctor in a decade... I don't think I can get a job where I can just sit down all day, so I think I'm fucked when it comes to employment.
>> No. 21725 [Edit]
I used to have a higher paying job with more responsibility. However, it was way too stressful and the hours were pretty crazy. Now I've landed something lower but far more routine and stable. I love it.
>> No. 22871 [Edit]
You can join thepostloop.com and post at various forums for about $5 PayPal money a day, I know it is not much, but hey $5 a day add up to $150 a month.
>> No. 22874 [Edit]
File 137868853439.jpg - (194.21KB , 479x700 , 1339218896293.jpg )
>> No. 22877 [Edit]
I inherited a lot of money and want to make my living through investment. It's risky but it's already been way more rewarding than the job market, which just feels so degrading to me.
>> No. 22878 [Edit]
The store at which I was an assistant manager went out of business. I had gotten that job basically by sheer luck and not through the "usual" process. Now I'm stuck having to get a job the normal way and I absolutely suck at it.

Mostly because autism, whence social retardation, whence extreme anxiety and low self-esteem.
>> No. 22892 [Edit]
i do a bang-up job of minding the house
>> No. 22937 [Edit]
Just curious, what online broker are you using?

I've been trying to sign up for Ameritrade for months, but keep putting it off, and the one time I sent in all the stuff I forgot to sign something. Now they just keep sending me back spam asking me if I want some shitty life insurance scam.
>> No. 22941 [Edit]
Because I have 15 credit hours in university now and am a lazy piece of shit
>> No. 22946 [Edit]
Because I can't do anything and have no credentials. I've thought about trying to get a really bad job (Stop n' Shop, any fast-food place) but I have a lot of weird pride regarding that...
>> No. 22979 [Edit]
Because in my country burger flipping jobs pays $500 a month with a 45 hours a week schedule. I haven't finished high school anyways, dropped when I was 16.
>> No. 22988 [Edit]
I use Macquaire Prime. They're a branch of an Australian bank though, so that's probably not much help.
>> No. 23007 [Edit]
I can't imagine doing stuff I don't need.
>> No. 23009 [Edit]
File 138136809448.jpg - (793.48KB , 800x800 , calipers.jpg )
A better question: Why is having a job so desirable?

I spend 10 to 14 hours a day working on diesel/turbine generators. Its dirty work with grease and fuel everywhere and very loud noises all the time. Often I have to drive them to places and then push them around to their proper spots. Its very tiring, they're the size of a small car, about 1000 pounds.

It drains all the energy from my body, I come home from work exhausted with absolutely no motivation to do anything, just lie in bed and browse chans for an hour or two before falling asleep and repeating the next day.

Please don't take your NEET lives for granted, there are people who envy you.
>> No. 23010 [Edit]

Why can't you quit?
>> No. 23011 [Edit]
>> No. 23012 [Edit]
Military contract ;_;
I joined without fully realizing what I was getting into and the process for getting out early without a black mark on your record is very difficult.

1 year left and I plan on being a NEET when I'm done, I look forward to it very much. one signifigant advantage is that my parents or anyone won't be able to pester me about not having a job. I'll have sort of a moral high ground and can tell them to fuck off cause I've done enough work.
>> No. 23015 [Edit]

If it makes you feel better I appreciate what you are doing, and I think that when you do become a NEET, it will be well deserved.
>> No. 23039 [Edit]
I have a job and it's shit.
>> No. 23079 [Edit]
Now try, just try, to imagine how it might be on 3rd World countries.
>> No. 23080 [Edit]
its funny when NEET failures think that they're opinions about something complex like politics and economics are invariably correct.
>> No. 23082 [Edit]
Not sure how this is relevant.
>> No. 23083 [Edit]
It's even funnier when someone tries to act like a pseudo-intellectual, but doesn't even know the difference between the words "they're" and "their".
>> No. 23085 [Edit]
File 138218379242.png - (57.28KB , 400x300 , C75goSB.png )
>tries to act like a pseudo-intellectual
That just implies he's an intellectual feigning stupidity to garner favour or something.
>> No. 23087 [Edit]
Not necessarily. "Pseudo-intellectual" is a slang term that was originally used to describe people of average intelligence that enjoyed intellectual topics. Only fairly recently did the internet start using it as a glorified word for 'idiot that acts smart'.
>> No. 23114 [Edit]

back on topic, third world doesnt say much about a country. yugoslavia eas third world - it helped form the non aligned movement
>> No. 23247 [Edit]
I have a job. It's on call, though. I'm a "security" guard, which basically means I sit in a store when it's closed and make sure that the contractors don't make a mess or steal anything. I spend most of the time watching anime on my phone and listening to music.
>> No. 23313 [Edit]
Oh good lord that sounds ideal.
>> No. 23314 [Edit]
being on call for a sub $20/hr job is complete shit though.

you have to be ready to devote 8 hours of doing nothing (they *might* call you at any time to come in), and yet you aren't being paid. just waiting, and ready to leave on the drop of a pin and hoping they call you in so you can get the hours.
>> No. 23315 [Edit]
I used to do that, shit sucks ass.
>> No. 23319 [Edit]

oh Haruhi
>> No. 23321 [Edit]
File 138608475163.png - (19.39KB , 500x500 , url.png )
The US has a federal minimum wage ($7.25). Most states go above that for obvious reasons. My state isn't one of them.

I'm planning on applying to the public transit system in Boston. It would be, starting wages, $18 no matter what I do. Also ideal would be, with those wages, I could live within walking distance of an MBTA station and not have to waste money on a car (let's face it, cars are a tumour for economic prosperity).

My main issue with not wanting to work is the cost of working. It's a trap. Some kids work just to keep a car running to get them to work. That's bullshit.
>> No. 23352 [Edit]
I've recently began thinking about something similar to this: I'd like to move out ASAP. To do that, I'd need to get a job (the most important part) that has a nice payout and is not part-time. I'd need to get there every day, which would be hard because I don't even have a car to begin with. So that means taking the bus, which means walking 3 miles to the bus stop any day I have to work.

To move out, I would need enough for first months' rent and a security deposit - That's around 500 (if I get a shitty house) and the security deposit where I live with my folks is 900, I'll take that as an example. That's 1400 dollars. Assuming I'd get paid 10.00 an hour - Which is asking for a lot considering my qualifications (none), making it a near-impossibility. It'd take me a month of saving, without any spending at all. This isn't including furniture/moving van for the stuff in my bedroom or anything like that, just a bare-bones place to live.

I used to wonder why my friends don't move out of their parents' house. Now I get it. It just feels like I have no hope no matter what I do, and it worries me.
>> No. 23366 [Edit]
Not sure what housing is like where you live, but apartments are usually much cheaper and more sensible than houses. And the deposit on an apartment shouldn't be anything near $900. I've never paid more than $200 for a deposit on any of the apartments I've rented, but the cost of living is fairly low where I live in the midwestern US.
And yes, a whole month of saving.
Tumour is too kind a word for the automobile.
>> No. 23372 [Edit]
No one will take me, not even for a job that's simply stocking. I got to an interview once but I was rejected almost instantly. People just take one look at me and I'm instantly to hated by their default judgement to be considered. I can't drive either and probably never will. A job for me isn't even something to consider anymore I'm locked out and living from money I get from holiday to holiday. That is usually spent on music collecting and if not that food, drinks, and other small essential stuff.

yes that to, if you have a car and a minimum wage job your money is just going to go to that car. You probably won't even be left with anything more than pocket change. If your lucky after everything else has taken a bite out of that pay you may be able to get a average amount of food at the dollar store. Want to save up for anything else? forget you won't be able to. For me everything is trap right now.
>> No. 23374 [Edit]
what kind of shitty cars have you guys had experience with?

if you buy an old civic for cheap they will last forever with decent gas mileage
>> No. 23395 [Edit]
I'm both unbelievably lazy and socially anxious, which means that on the off chance that I got off my sorry arse and hopped down the job centre, I would freeze and end up going home after seeing the door. Or, more accurately, the bus stop.
>> No. 23401 [Edit]
File 138765072226.png - (49.87KB , 1648x720 , NEET.png )
>> No. 23402 [Edit]
File 138765077464.png - (10.47KB , 1442x421 , normie response.png )
>> No. 23403 [Edit]
Giving us a good name as always I see
>> No. 23404 [Edit]
Send her a follow up letter with another email saying your previous account was hacked by anonmuse lejuns or your ex-gf.
If you don't they'll think you're a total spaz.
>> No. 23405 [Edit]
Wow I didn't know you still browsed this site.
>> No. 23407 [Edit]
Oh wait, I thought you were Erika. never mind.
>> No. 23437 [Edit]
I got my first real job when I was 23. It was an overnight job stocking. It is shit and the pay is low, but at least I'm full time. After about a year I managed to get myself into the back room working with the inventory. Now I don't deal with customers at all. It could be a lot better, but it could be a lot worse.

I had no experience when I got the job, but I used financial aid and fee waivers to get a free 2 year degree at a community college.

Good luck to those of you still looking.
>> No. 23464 [Edit]
I do. And I get bitcoin for American Girls.
>> No. 23474 [Edit]
The fuck are you doing, whoring your self out over web cam?
>> No. 23476 [Edit]
How's your tendonitis?
>> No. 23528 [Edit]
It's shit. My computer use is very limited. At least I can live without general suffering these day though.

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