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File 140029293759.jpg - (134.81KB , 400x656 , http%3A%2F%2F37_media_tumblr_com%2Fefd111775a8073c.jpg )
15326 No. 15326 [Edit]
Do you think our waifus hang out with each other? Who do they hang out with?

I imagine Ryuuko getting along well with Kagura.
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>> No. 15327 [Edit]
File 140029630873.jpg - (175.65KB , 512x768 , 0a1504027129b4b876b0aa2c6e28cd71.jpg )
She was always just kind of bad at dealing with people and Rebellion made it worse, so I can't think of anyone in mind. Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero is similar in his emotional detachment, fighting style and weapons usage but his principles are different... Maybe she would get along with other obsessive/yandere girls but no one comes to mind.
>> No. 15330 [Edit]
No but I'm working on a story where one of the characters is basically her clone. She gets to have a lot of fun with the other characters.
>> No. 15331 [Edit]
File 140033707918.jpg - (854.50KB , 956x1280 , 47e64570f498cfbd0c4c546578051b59.jpg )
Given her tendency to try hanging out with different people in her own native canon, I guess she will also try hanging out with everyone else too.

The questions: Would you guys and your spouses like that and like her?
>> No. 15332 [Edit]
Everyone likes Marisa... unless they're a youkai, or is named Patchouli.
>> No. 15337 [Edit]
File 140035229371.png - (393.75KB , 900x1745 , Kagura_Flying_by_Madbird_Valiant.png )
That's a nice idea.

I haven't gotten round to watching KLK yet, so I don't know what Ryuuko's like. What do you think they'd get up to?

Personally I'd say Makoto, Misao and Emi are good friend candidates. And Osaka too, but that's a given.
>> No. 15352 [Edit]
File 14003628423.jpg - (578.08KB , 1000x1000 , 7ff6d980989cc7e72f18433bd43aab51.jpg )
I'm sure I'd get along with her fine. I've always found her personality and antics to be amusing, even if my waifu would undoubtedly disagree with that sentiment.

I don't think Patchy would make much of an active effort to hang out with anyone else either, being as reclusive and quiet as she is. I think she might still enjoy spending time with those that have a similar mindset/personality to her own though.
>> No. 15389 [Edit]
File 140039432611.jpg - (349.13KB , 1600x1128 , 5ddc095ddb046f6ffa8aa8b19fcc5e61.jpg )
Marisa is a cool and charismatic girl, but Momiji gets beaten by her and all, and the Tengu seems to be very clannish, so who knows. Personally I like her well enough.

Momiji seems the kind that would get along with everyone(as long as you are not Aya) but rarely develop friendships with strangers
>> No. 15412 [Edit]
File 140045721642.jpg - (134.49KB , 600x600 , 11843808.jpg )
Yes, absolutely. She's her best friend after all. Reimu really appreciates her more than she usually shows. I also like her a lot.

About hanging out with non-touhou waifus, i can't really think about anyone specific. I think Reimu can get along quite well with pretty much anyone here.
>> No. 15429 [Edit]
File 140049721153.jpg - (1.92MB , 1400x958 , s - 1193463 - 6+girls _d bat_wings blonde_hair blu.jpg )
>Do you think our waifus hang out with each other? Who do they hang out with?
Mostly other folks from the Scarlet Mansion area. Not really anybody outside Touhou.

>Would you guys and your spouses like that and like her?
I happen to like Marisa. But her, I don't think she's much appreciative of the extra work Marisa gives her.

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