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File 135773030199.jpg - (371.70KB , 930x883 , 8236370919_19b5209a1d_o.jpg )
13219 No. 13219 [Edit]
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>> No. 13223 [Edit]
Pretty lame show. I'll probably drop it a few episodes in if I even end up watching ep. 2.

Sounded kind of interesting from the description, but it turns out it's just some harem fanservice garbage
>> No. 13224 [Edit]
They need to stop doing that. Its starting to get boring. Sex appeal should augment a story not be the whole point of it, unless its a hentai.
>> No. 13226 [Edit]
File 135774429038.jpg - (144.93KB , 800x1165 , ore-no-kanojo-to-osananajimi-ga-shuraba-sugiru-336.jpg )
Also is it just me or does silver haired girl resemble someone?
>> No. 13236 [Edit]
They're not even trying. It's got everything: the generic long light novel name, the typical harem cast, and the inevitable MISUNDERSTANDINGS that will probably start happening soon.

Usually I find shows like this watchable because they're cute, but this has nothing added to the formula whatsoever.
>> No. 13347 [Edit]
File 135802183442.jpg - (106.98KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] OreShura - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
She is so evil... and I like it.
>> No. 13711 [Edit]
I think it is really funny how this show has many Jojo references while Jojo anime is airing on same time. Maybe they have set it up on purpose?

Anyway show itself isn't anything special. Girls are cute.
>> No. 13749 [Edit]
yeah, they're ripping off a lot of crap from chu2moe also
>> No. 14008 [Edit]
It seems that this thread is unpopular, which doesn't make any sense at all to me because the show is fucking awesome.
An almost perfect execution of a high school harem show, it just needs some T&A to score 100%. The girls are retarded and they wear the cutest school uniforms I've ever seem.
The only logical reason I can think of for why this thread isn't more popular is that there is something off-putting about the OP.
>> No. 14009 [Edit]
File 136108738443.jpg - (88.73KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugi.jpg )

It's more embarassing than chu2, less original than akikan, and at times just gets boringly predictable. Not hard to see why somebody would lose interest in the show.

It is pretty though, I will give you that.
>> No. 14100 [Edit]
File 136169215546.png - (464.61KB , 922x720 , OH MY.png )
I can't believe they actually "shared a banana" like that - and in public to boot!
>> No. 14105 [Edit]
File 136170608554.jpg - (497.32KB , 1300x2200 , zOMGpolitix11.jpg )
anyone else think that there might me more going on here than what is readily apparent?
>> No. 14178 [Edit]
I don't know how I've ended up being fond of silver.
>> No. 14401 [Edit]
don't anyone doing any studying for medial school lately
>> No. 14494 [Edit]
File 136348038787.png - (1.21MB , 976x1400 , ekakkub.png )
holy shit the last ep is going to be amazing
those horny sluts are going to reverse bukkake kido at the beach
>> No. 14609 [Edit]
File 136410196486.png - (925.56KB , 1280x720 , shot-2013-03-23-22h09m36s49.png )
anyone know who/what Magure Keiji is?
>> No. 14613 [Edit]
Google does.
>> No. 14623 [Edit]

it actually doesn't
i know because unlike yourself, i checked before posting.
>> No. 14624 [Edit]
File 136423296521.jpg - (267.57KB , 1607x902 , keeping your priorities straight.jpg )
>> No. 14650 [Edit]

it is ogooglebar
>> No. 14660 [Edit]

Why is everyone standing around staring?
>> No. 14666 [Edit]
Because that's what Japanese people do. if someone has even a trace of individuality, people will gather around to stare at the freak and whisper things to each other.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2013, 4:12pm

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