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File 136050725316.jpg - (286.08KB , 600x848 , Makise_Kurisu_full_1406661.jpg )
11680 No. 11680 [Edit]
We have had discussions about ageing before, but does your waifu age physically? How do you see your waifu in 10 or 20 years? Does fandom or canon provide you any information how she would age? Or do you think she will not age physically at all?

I made this thread because I found this picture which in my opinion is pretty good presentation of what Kurisu might look like in 10 years. Before I had seen this one, mostly ideas had come from similar characters. When I imagined Kurisu after 10 years first in my mind comes Yuuko from Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative(physically, not personality). Funny because in my opinion this picture looks a bit like Yuuko.

On other hand I think canon 18 year old Kurisu looks older than typical 18 year old girl so I could easily "use" current presentation maybe for 10 years, but when I get older, I think I would feel uncomfortable if she didn't age too.

Post edited on 10th Feb 2013, 7:54am
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>> No. 11681 [Edit]
File 136051327550.jpg - (1.29MB , 1856x1500 , 1325811653918.jpg )
She doesn't age. I would be anf old man covered in wrinkles and she wouldn't have aged a day. It gives me a contradictory feeling when I think about it. It makes me both relieved and sad at the same time.
>> No. 11685 [Edit]
File 136053526195.jpg - (259.24KB , 1230x1400 , 16235304.jpg )
Living in the dream world, there is no physical aging.

On my part, while this body may age, I will not.
>> No. 11686 [Edit]
File 136053775030.jpg - (436.07KB , 832x1252 , 33368960.jpg )
I'm pretty sure Servants don't age. It doesn't really bother me though. I guess I kind of like it. Though I wouldn't mind even if she did age. Old or young I'd still find her beautiful in more ways than one. What bothers me is how I'll probably age.
>> No. 11687 [Edit]
File 13605527993.jpg - (761.40KB , 1283x1283 , 877f96c55aae651a02798accd1a14330.jpg )
She does. But being an youkai, she is already hundreds of years old and still phisically young. I'll die before I get to see her age significantly. That's kinda of sad when I think about it, the difference between our lifespans, but anyway.
>> No. 11688 [Edit]
File 136055441948.png - (1.09MB , 1400x1000 , onpu-age.png )
She's poofed into an adult once or twice via magic during the series, but it was a very quick shot of her so I dunno if that's what she would really look like or not. She had a slight redesign in season 3 to reflect her aging, but the most significant was the LNs that take place 4 years after the series. Anime series on left, 1999-2003, LN on right. The LN pic on the right is a fan-color from a sketch in the LN. I prefer her in her anime age because that's what I'm most used to, but it's nice to see that she's growing up to be quite the fine young lady.
>> No. 11692 [Edit]
File 136056769580.jpg - (257.56KB , 550x650 , ritsu_age.jpg )
I'll probably deal with her aging by just imaging her to age with me. I know her birthday so that allows me to celebrate it and also keep track of her age.

I found this nice picture depicting an older version of her the other day. Still absolutely beautiful, of course, but I'd hope she wouldn't completely abandon her habit of keeping her bangs up with a headband. I've always found that look adorable on her.
>> No. 11693 [Edit]
File 136057754379.jpg - (887.67KB , 681x1000 , 7191df7eae932f146acacd212fac90ac.jpg )
>I'll probably deal with her aging by just imaging her to age with me.

This, actually. In fact, I already imagine the two of us bickering as old people in a log cabin.
>> No. 11694 [Edit]
File 136059820439.jpg - (206.08KB , 368x579 , 29-2.jpg )
Yes she does age, i think she is around 20 now, she was 17 when she first appeared, we are around the same age me being older, i love the fact that she ages but i still love her 17 year old version the most.
>> No. 11696 [Edit]
File 136059860320.jpg - (2.13MB , 2841x4096 , yande_re 231986 bodysuit eyepatch neon_genesis_eva.jpg )
>does your waifu age physically?
NO, SHE DOESN'T!!! and it's the best gift Hideaki Anno could have possibly gave with the Rebuild so far. Together with a couple new traits of her, that finally put Shikinami on the map for me.
>> No. 11698 [Edit]
File 136061018287.jpg - (131.69KB , 1240x1748 , 15036151.jpg )
In canon, my waifu died at age 22, and that's how old I was when I first played her VN. So I usually just imagine we're both around that age indefinitely (think "comic book time").
>> No. 11699 [Edit]
File 136062068884.png - (265.31KB , 500x500 , 4d299d5465b5163446a9aa11e1deb253.png )
She ages along me. I'm pretty young right now so she's one year below me, though I can easily imagine us as we were the first time we met. I doubt I'm going to live past 40-ish, so I can't really imagine the "being old while thinking waifu is young" scenario.
>> No. 11705 [Edit]
File 136075551778.jpg - (105.50KB , 803x826 , 5119394.jpg )
I think she'll get taller and not much else. Konata is similar, physically, to her (although much shorter), and she isn't going to grow much.
Minami is at a good height right now, though.

I count how old she is using when we met as the base year. She turned 16 last September.

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