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No. 21048 [Edit]
Say, /tc/...
Do you like dance?
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>> No. 21055 [Edit]
What do you mean? Do I like dancing? No, I do not. Do I like the music genre? It depends on the artist or how well everything is done and how well it flows without dropping the emotion that it's giving out.
>> No. 21056 [Edit]
I like playing DDR
>> No. 21057 [Edit]
I mean dance as a specific form of art, just like painting or cinema (covering from ballet to flamenco, jazz, MikuMikuDance... anything), either practicing or watching it. Music is secondary to the question: you may like some sort of dance but not its music and Vice versa.

>> No. 21058 [Edit]
File 136339622560.gif - (9.33KB , 400x200 , ClaveBeats.gif )
Learned square-dancing in elementary school.

Went to a few free Salsa Dancing lessons at my community college. I really took interest in that. I've torrented gigs worth of videos and music. I'd almost consider myself to be a little on the advanced side of things.

Shame I am way too fucking shy to ever dance with a girl... ;_;
>> No. 21061 [Edit]
It feels good to just go crazy to the rhythm of the music when I'm alone sometimes.
>> No. 21062 [Edit]
No, I don't. I dislike dancing, both me dancing as well as watching others dance. I was once dancing by myself in my room like a moron and accidently tripped on my fan, falling and almost breaking it in the process. Once I went out of my room, my parents just stared in shame, reflecting my own state of mind at the moment. This is the sole purpose I hate dancing.
>> No. 21066 [Edit]
Sometimes I think it would be sweet to know some moves, to let the body flow with the music.

>my parents just stared in shame
That's horrible.
>> No. 21067 [Edit]
Personally, I think that dancing is a waste. I don't understand how people can view it as a thing of beauty or as an attractive thing. Then again, I think that I might be blind to this sort of thing as I can't find beauty to anything that isn't a cute 2D girl.
>> No. 21068 [Edit]
Acrobatic, high-tech dancing can be quite impressive, but the casual hip-shakester flinging usually seen is rather unaesthetic.
>> No. 21100 [Edit]
Very shameful but I love vids like this.
I even have a huge mirror in my room that I practice to.

Shame shame shame... ;_;
>> No. 21102 [Edit]
Hey, do you like Ikura?
She's the only one cam dancer I like.
She used to do some ballet.

Post edited on 19th Mar 2013, 5:58am
>> No. 21112 [Edit]
I enjoy looking at pretty girls moving their bodies to music that I enjoy, a very hoi polloi way of enjoying dance I guess, but myeah.
I don't care much for what they do with their legs though, its all about hands and facial expressions

Is this dance? I don't know what else to call it
This is pretty much the most attractive video ever made in my world... even sober I make about twice the amount of facial expressions as she does while listening to it
>> No. 21120 [Edit]
but its 3D, arent you guys supposed to hate it?
>> No. 21129 [Edit]
I don't post here often enough to be called a regular. I'm indifferent for the most part, my relationship with live action females starts and ends with music
>moving their bodies to music that I enjoy
Being the key, their bodies mirroring the music I like makes them pretty. Took me over a year of listening to j-pop before I was used to it enough to enjoy the music videos.

I'm sorry, I'll try to keep my idolfaggotry to other sites.

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