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File 136502219613.jpg - (173.42KB , 600x800 , e4ea06ec5414aa301485cf62adcaedfb.jpg )
12252 No. 12252 [Edit]
Lets imagine your waifu comes for whatever reason to our ugly 3d world and actually falls in love with you.(for those like me who dont want to drag her into this shit world: she comes here to bring you to her 2d world, with magic or whatever fits her world.)
She is now (or at least for the time you two have here before going to her 2d world) officially your girlfriend and you have to introduce her to your family and your friends. How would it end? Do you think your family/friends would like her?
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>> No. 12253 [Edit]
I see no reason why my family wouldn't like her. Considering the area I live I think they'd be fine with anyone who isn't a crack whore or something. considering my current status however, I think they'd be fine with just about anything compared to me dieing alone, which is what I'm sure they expect of me now.
friends are a none issue becuase there aren't any.
>> No. 12254 [Edit]
My sister has watched the series that she is from so I have no idea how I am going to bullshit my way past that. My mother would probably like her.

>friends are a none issue becuase there aren't any.

>> No. 12255 [Edit]
File 136502931562.jpg - (172.15KB , 1050x1500 , 5e8122fc9cc93390d35c0b28399fe847.jpg )
"Hello family. You see this white-haired, red-eyed, flying doll who is shorter than a 7 year old child with black wings? Yeah, she is now my girlfriend! Be nice to her!"

...Yeah, that can only end well.
>> No. 12256 [Edit]
File 136503144947.jpg - (475.07KB , 1920x1200 , Kusakabe_Misao.jpg )
"Hello everyone, this girl next to me is Misao, she's my girlfriend. I'm going to marry her and there is nothing you can do about it"

My friends would be cool, they like Misao.

Now i want to meet HER parents and her brother, that's something i've always wanted to do.
>> No. 12258 [Edit]
My family would just hit it off with her. She'd fit right in. We're both of the same race so most of the cultural experience is the same. My family might even comment on how similar our personalities are and how suitable we are for each other.

My friends might find her a bit serious and a person who keeps to herself most of the time, but its not a big issue, a lot of people are introverted. Shes not an outcast anyway, she could fit in if she wanted.
>> No. 12259 [Edit]
My parents and I are no longer in communication. My older sister has already known of my waifu for several months now and is supportive though is doubtful to call it 'love' when I have known it is love for years. I have no friends.
>> No. 12262 [Edit]
File 136503878911.png - (2.27MB , 1390x1805 , Yuyuko 117.png )
If anything, I suspect that they would be afraid of her.
>> No. 12264 [Edit]
File 136504096357.jpg - (180.10KB , 600x498 , Tomo123.jpg )
I can actually break it down by family member.

My mother would be happy and just make a comment on "So you aren't gay!" and then proceed to tell her stories of how I was as a child.

My father would just say something like "Of course you go for the girls with the big boobs", and then make jokes about that all day.

My younger sister would just say nothing, she would be in awe that someone as beautiful as her was my girlfriend.
>> No. 12265 [Edit]
File 136504262328.png - (268.97KB , 1000x1000 , 32433525.png )
If she was in this world, huh.
She probably wouldn't say a word to them, and I'm quite sure they wouldn't like each other. Most of the things they dislike about me are traits the two of us have in common.
>> No. 12266 [Edit]
File 136504786359.jpg - (827.83KB , 1200x923 , Flandre (455).jpg )
The only problem I could see that would occur is her appearance as a 14ish year old girl. My parents would be really concerned at my choice, and my sister would think I'm really creepy. Although I think they would like her after they get past the whole appearance issue.

I've already told my closest friends about her. Her normal, cheerful side of her is rather similar to mine, so I don't think they would have any problems with her either.

Everything should be fine as long as nobody provokes her...
>> No. 12267 [Edit]
File 136505821611.jpg - (103.01KB , 500x779 , 9cf0dd96be98c18fafded09cb29f4ad6.jpg )
I believe that I will have no problem regarding her personality and how my parents will receive her, provided that I get a job. Which, of course, I will. They might get surprised for a bit that their son, who rejected marriage for economic reasons, is finally getting a girl for himself. As for friends, no problems regarding that if they don't exist.

The only problem I will have them is her appearance. ZUN's art portrays her and the other characters in her home world as little girls but many people believe that it is only the result of him being bad at drawing, so their ages are ambiguous, much more of their appearances. But well, ZUN said once that Marisa is somewhere in her teens, so that will be...a bit problematic.
>> No. 12272 [Edit]
My mom would find her cute.
My dad would make some defamatory comment about her, probably about her chest size, when she is just slightly within earshot and I would have to get into a fight with him.
Everyone else would just be like "okay, so you aren't gay".
>> No. 12275 [Edit]
File 136510537342.png - (313.78KB , 523x297 , my empressu wedding.png )
I don't think they would care. I'm not sure if the topic of her being Nero or not would come up, or how they would feel about that. I don't really care what they would think though.
>> No. 12284 [Edit]

This post fills me with disgust.

I apologise for my rudeness, and have sat for a while trying to suppress the urge to post, but ultimately am powerless to resist my emotions.
>> No. 12285 [Edit]
Care to expand on that?
>> No. 12286 [Edit]

I'd rather not shit up the thread further. I just felt compelled to express myself. It's a pointless grievance.
>> No. 12287 [Edit]
It's probably because he said he has friends. God forbid.
>> No. 12303 [Edit]
File 136525479859.png - (70.79KB , 199x201 , c_granberia.png )
I can't imagine it going well. Someone would probably end up insulting her by calling her a lizard or something and then things could get ugly.
But on the other hand, perhaps my parents would just be relieved I got a girlfriend.
>> No. 12306 [Edit]
File 136528657064.png - (1.30MB , 1200x1694 , 100000000683.png )
I think a lot of it would depend on the "physical form" she'd take in the 3D world. Assuming she looked like a well-rendered 3D anime character, my family would probably be pretty thrown off by it.

Other than that, I don't think they'd have a problem with her. I'd imagine that she'd be very quiet and unimposing, similar to both myself and my parents. My mother is an avid reader as well, which would probably help.
>> No. 12315 [Edit]
File 136531292328.jpg - (38.94KB , 509x700 , Asuka sundress 5.jpg )
My parents are pretty supportive so I think, short of a druggie or prostitute or something, they'd be ok with anyone. I'm slightly worried an offhand comment from Asuka might irritate one of them but I'm confident they'd bite their lip and wait to tell me about how "rude" she may or may not have been until after she was gone, and then I'd just explain to them that's the way she is and I love her for it.

The only problem I see coming up is her age. Asuka doesn't exactly look 14 but she doesn't look like an adult, either. That would probably prompt the question of how old she is and when that comes out there'd likely be problems. As supportive as my mom is I can't see her letting me date someone ostensibly still in high school without causing problems, the extent to which I'm not sure. The fact that she's already graduated might alleviate some of that but she's still only 14. On the bright side I think there's hope that I can convince them to accept it.
>> No. 12371 [Edit]
File 136579795210.jpg - (902.06KB , 1568x2166 , 1353798673041.jpg )
If you profit from Shikinami, at least on that regard, age is not a problem anymore.
>> No. 12372 [Edit]
File 136581762053.jpg - (189.43KB , 1600x1200 , Konachan_com - 27091 black black_hair enma_ai jigo.jpg )
I'd have to think of a background story for her... There's no way I could tell my family the truth.

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