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File 132484312158.jpg - (52.26KB , 609x1025 , 1324432535358.jpg )
7796 No. 7796 [Edit]
How are you spending Christmas with your waifu /mai/?

It looks the maiWaifu app has a Christmas version for today so I'll try that later.

I bought a cake for today too.
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>> No. 7797 [Edit]
Seeing that most stores are closed right now, I think we're just going to relax the entire day today and watch parades.
>> No. 7798 [Edit]
I cooked dinner again, as for the rest of the holidays, i´ll go to my family, at the beginning i was bothered but now i am looking forward to see something different than my city for a brief time, i have a feeling that she is also exited, since i wont be able to sit on the PC all day and we can do a lot more stuff there than we can here. It´ll be a nice little vacation i hope.
>> No. 7800 [Edit]
File 132485133052.jpg - (18.26KB , 240x320 , NEC_0020.jpg )
i also downloaded the new waifu app, its the same but its has falling snow and the jingle bells theme, wich reminds me of the Kayneth remix.

I spended christmas with family, and in the night i spended it with her eating the cake i made.

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