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8379 No. 8379 [Edit]
I just want to preface this by saying that my world view does not make me think I'm better than any of you or that my relationship with my waifu is any better or worse than any of you. I hope you take no prejudice towards me.

I had no idea that there was a place on the internet, like tohno-chan, where people are so accepting and tolerant towards the concept of waifus, let alone a place to discuss it. So when I found tohno-chan, I took some time to lurk; find out what this place is like. I read some of the literature on waifus and some old threads, and it all led me to the same conclusion:

My way is not the norm in the waifu community

Namely, I don't believe in the ideas of 2D perfection, 3DPG, or jealousy as the cause of waifu hatred. I also don't believe it would be impossible for me to love another 3D woman like I love my waifu; I just don't because I already love my waifu.

I think I had more to say before I started writing, but I can't remember it now.
My point is just this:

There is another way, even if its not yours, its still an option.

Its like what you would tell to Ford Drivers. I guess I'm telling you this because I feel like I'm not excepted here, before any of you even found out who I am. That's all. Thanks for your time.
>> No. 8381 [Edit]
>> No. 8382 [Edit]
What was unclear?
>> No. 8383 [Edit]
I don't know what impression you have of us, but we certainly are not dogmatic. We've reached the general consensus that 2D loves takes a different form for different people each time the issue was raised (on a detailed level such as what you are talking about that is). So what exactly are you trying to prove to us?
>> No. 8385 [Edit]
>Namely, I don't believe in the ideas of 2D perfection, 3DPG, or jealousy as the cause of waifu hatred
you mean "love/preference", right?...

However, your standpoint actually reminded me of giascle's and he's always been (or was) well accepted in here. You don't really need to go or feel alienated; /mai/ is intended, indeed, for straightforward share and (passionate) discussion of each one's viewings on the subject.
>> No. 8386 [Edit]
It's just kind of hard to tell what you're getting at.

Everyone's relationship with their waifu is unique to them, and while some consensus may have been reached about what the 'standard'
relationship entails, I doubt anyone is seriously going to suggest you're wrong for doing what makes you happy.
Unless you're not actually taking the concept seriously.

This is, after all, a community for people who take pride in being different, and by definition there is no one way to do that.
So, don't think you'd be excluded just because you go about things a bit differently.
>> No. 8387 [Edit]
Sorry, I guess I just saw sweeping generalizations of waifufriends in stuff like this http://feor.org/wiki/A_Discourse_on_and_Defense_of_the_Waifu_Movement and got scared and defensive against the only place I know to discuss waifus now that 4chan's /a/ is shit; thats where I came from
In retrospect, I think the reason I wrote that was to be told I'm wrong. I'm kind of ashamed of it now.
I guess that works with what I was trying to say. I think I fucked up the syntax, I'll rewrite what I meant to say.
>Namely, I don't believe in the ideas of 2D perfection, or 3DPG I also don't believe that jealousy is the cause of waifu hatred.
>> No. 8388 [Edit]
If you think you are not welcome, just don't mention things that would generate backlash. It's not difficult to adapt to a group and pretend to fit in. I do it on many sites and boards in order to expand my knowledge of people.
>> No. 8389 [Edit]
>pretend to fit in. I do it on many sites and boards in order to expand my knowledge of people.

That sounds... dishonest, both condescending and avoidant (of critique); lonely, in any case.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2012, 7:12pm
>> No. 8391 [Edit]

Yes. That's the reason why most of us here tend to dislike most people. Because of that.

...Only to find out that it works out like that even here.
>> No. 8392 [Edit]
you cant escape all the terrible aspects of human nature no matter where you go
>> No. 8393 [Edit]

And those Ford drivers say that we are building walls around us, eh?

We did not escape society, people. We just created our own.
>> No. 8394 [Edit]
In my opinion waifu is for people who have no interest for 3D alternatives and feel 3D has nothing to offer in romantic and 'mating' purposes. I don't want to sound like elitist but that's just for sake of protecting the concept. There was waifu survey in /a/ while and over half of people who filled the survey felt they could be interested about 3D partner in future. In my opinion that feels wrong in so many ways.

And yes, in some point of my life, I've had interest in real females, like I think all of us have had (?). Which is kind logical; 2D girls are based on real females. I personally don't find 3D disgusting or gross; I just don't find them appealing in any way. That's why I feel that in reality, I can never love 3D like in same way I love my waifu. Only maybe IF I could embody my waifu into three-dimensional human body, I think I could love her as 3D, but we all know it is impossible. I don't love her because she is 2D. I love her because she presents my ideal lover, and she just by chance is 2D.

I think OP your view is very acceptable. It feels you aren’t defiling or misunderstanding the concept. I think it is fine as long you don't keep her as 'placeholder' for 3D relationship. It is always possible that even the deepest love will end and who knows is the next one who you fall in love 2D or 3D. I just find it impossible for me to love 3D after what I've experienced with 2D.
>> No. 8395 [Edit]
It's not dishonest. If I say many things there will come a point where someone will disagree with me and a conflict will arise. It's best to not mention those topics at all, that's why the rules are here after all.
By following the rules of this board you are doing the same thing.
>> No. 8397 [Edit]
I just think its kind of dangerous and can lead to defiling and/or abandoning of one's waifu
But if you are willing to take that risk that is up to you
>> No. 8412 [Edit]

I agree with this post completely. It's how I view things as well and I understand what OP's point is as well.

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