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File 135138751612.jpg - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , 5844.jpg )
18023 No. 18023 [Edit]
Do you believe in the Conspiracy, /ot/?
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>> No. 18024 [Edit]
Which one?
>> No. 18025 [Edit]
Yes, reptilians, moon, soylent green, To Serve Man, ect.
>> No. 18027 [Edit]
I'm part of it
>> No. 18028 [Edit]
there's so many to pick from...
>> No. 18030 [Edit]

That guy was by far the most interesting person to grace tc for a few days.
>> No. 18031 [Edit]
The conspiracy to make us all lonely nerds?
>> No. 18032 [Edit]
The conspiracy to make us all lonely nerds?
>> No. 18033 [Edit]
File 135139796728.jpg - (87.25KB , 600x400 , computering2.jpg )
Oh was that due to a conspiracy, I thought it was because i was an awful human being
>> No. 18034 [Edit]
I for one thought it was becuase I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE!!!
>> No. 18035 [Edit]
I believe in every conspiracy at the same time, even if they contradict each other. It's what allows me to plausibly and consistently deny the physical world and pledge ontological allegiance to my own imagination.
>> No. 18036 [Edit]
Yes. That one. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who want us locked up in our rooms watching anime and trolling imageboards. What do they have to gain from this, you ask? Everything. Their fingerprints are all over the entertainment we are forced to consume everyday, and their goals have been laid out in broad daylight for the Initiated to see. We have been bombarded with subliminal programming ever since we started watching TV, and this is the end result: millions of underweight males cooked up in cramped rooms that stink of cum and piss, waking up at noon and sneaking into the kitchen to grab a bite while their family sleeps. Don't you see? Every single one of us could have been a musician, an artist, a politician, a motherfucking inventor. We should be changing the world. Second most common question at this point: So why can't we go outside right now and change it? It must be because I'm useless! I can't do anything! No. Nononono. Stop. That's the Hidden Hand's generational programming speaking. According to this website's statistics, you've probably been watching their films and drinking their water for at least twenty Rotations (I prefer using this term because they've also distorted our perception of time. I'll explain this in detail later) parts of your brain have been calcified, and their symbols have been burned into the deepest part of your consciousness to serve as constraints. You want to know how. Each of the 17 Elite bloodlines that rule this Plane of reality has a different area of expertise. The Hidden Hand were the ones who brought you Bambi, Aladdin, Cardcaptors, the Power Rangers and Slayers. Have you ever wondered if all those games you played and anime you watched are what crippled your mind? You were right. The Hidden Hand are the undisputed masters of thought control. By making us dumber, we are easier to manipulate and their plans can continue to gain momentum like a snowball rolling down the mountain. Movies aren't their only weapon, of course. In the medieval era, the Elite were known as sorcerers and hunted down for a good reason. You see, a ordinary human brain will produce electromagnetic waves on the 13~40hz range. This is because we are self aware. Our pets' brainwaves never go above the single digit. The earth produces it's own electromagnetic waves, known as the Schumann waves, which coincidentally are in the same range. This is why you've seen animals predict natural disasters and escape them unscathed. They can, to put it in simple terms, not just listen to the song of the Earth, but interpret it and use it for their own benefit. This is the Zaubergesang. The Elite are individuals who've found a way to understand it and in some cases even modify it, essentially ordering reality itself to conform to their wishes. You must have experienced something like this at least once in your life. You could have had a case of deja vu, or maybe you saw or experienced something that didn't quite sense, and tried to find a way to rationalize into something that fit your preconceived notions. What happened, anon, was that you were less than 50 meters away from a member of the Elite. That is their power. But more importantly, every human is born with these abilities. When we dream, our brain waves drop to the 7~10hz range (Theta region) and our creative drive is unleashed. Tying to control it leads to self awareness, which in most cases will wake you up. That is why they've calcified our brains. Somehow, the Elite discovered a method -most likely machinery of extraterrestrial origin- to unlock the powers of the human mind and emit Theta waves while awake, and they don't want to share it with anyone else. More recently, they've found ways to expand the range of their powers by installing special antennae around the world. Yes, HAARP. This is why days have been getting longer and longer since 1993. Perhaps you've heard people saying thins like "the last 10 years have been a blur..." or "it feels like yesterday". Now you know why. It's impossible to fight this kind of power. Anyone who tried to stop the Conspiracy would find his own past, or identities sabotaged. By traveling through time and editing history, the Elite can anticipate any possible attack. And even if it was possible to back them into a corner by long term planning and the production of a "impossible" situation where every outcome is the same, there are not a lot of humans on this planet capable of fighting someone who has the ability to alter every single aspect reality around him (short range omnipotence) and win.
>> No. 18037 [Edit]
This does a pretty decent job of tying together a number of the more popular conspiracies.
>> No. 18041 [Edit]
the japanese entertainment industry was funded by chinese sweatshop owners so that potential american factory workers would spend all day playing games, watching anime, reading comics, looking at porn, etc rather than working, thus outsourcing "american" jobs
>> No. 18044 [Edit]
File 135140856014.png - (145.54KB , 468x380 , dream other dreams (Mark Twain).png )
>> No. 18057 [Edit]
No. I belive in everyone being opportunistic as fuck. No ill intent no nothing. That's why I have hope for the future too!
>> No. 18064 [Edit]
I half-believe in some of them, if only as a way to make things seems less boring
>> No. 18069 [Edit]
I believe Lain was just schizophrenic

And I love her ;_;
>> No. 18080 [Edit]
That's just what They want you to think.
Seriously speaking, the problem with conspiracy theories is that when you start to doubt everything, there's no reason to stop anywhere at all.

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