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File 140555776196.jpg - (798.45KB , 2200x1240 , yume-tsukai-00-cover.jpg )
20043 No. 20043 [Edit]
We at the tc IRC decided to scrap the artificial season project and try to watch together the most voted anime: yume tsukai.
If you're interested in joining us you should get syncplay, one of the compatible video clients listed in the site, this release of the anime and perhaps join the IRC so we can stay complete and utter awkward silence talk about it while we watch.

Use these data to connect to our syncplay room:
Server address: syncplay.pl:8995
Default room: tc

We start today(07/16) at 04:00AM GMT.
Sorry for not announcing it earlier, but we ourselves decided everything only yesterday.

If you have any questions feel free ask them here or at IRC. Feel free to talk about the anime here too in case you plan to watch it on your own.
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>> No. 20044 [Edit]
Is it going to be a marathon?
>> No. 20045 [Edit]
were were thinking one ep a night
>> No. 20056 [Edit]
First ep sure was something. loving the discount harry potter BGM.
Shame we only got up to 5 people for the first ep, but then that was four more than I was expecting. Here's hoping for a better turn out for the next ep.
>> No. 20059 [Edit]
Aww, I missed this. I knew that I should've properly checked the time zone differences and stuffs.
>> No. 20062 [Edit]
just get in the first ep on your own then join us for the next one.
>> No. 20063 [Edit]
starts in 1 hour and 38 minutes for those confused about time
>> No. 20067 [Edit]
Where do I watch this?
>> No. 20068 [Edit]
Join IRC and we'll give you instructions.
>> No. 20072 [Edit]
Everything's so rushed I got no clue what the fucks going on.
>> No. 20074 [Edit]
I fell asleep and missed it again. Sorry.
>> No. 20075 [Edit]
File 140570548374.jpg - (25.08KB , 704x396 , spooks.jpg )
From what I've seen of the first two episodes this show the thing that stands out most is that it is pretty rushed. Just OK at best. That said, watching it with others definitely for the best as I could see myself watching this really slowly if I took it up myself.

So far it's been that each episode has a different story arc of the Yume Tsukai(Dream Users) solving some mystery involving dreams. Personally I would like to see an arc that spans more than one episode later on with a bit more than the "mystery solving" part in the beginning and a quick transition to a short closing scene where they cast away the dream and what have you.

Also, I dunno about anyone else but I found this huge angry teruteru bozu really funny.
>> No. 20079 [Edit]
>Seinen, Tragedy

    彡彡彡             ミミミミ     `ヽ、
     彡彡彡彡                ミミミミ      `ヽ、
  彡彡彡彡                     ミミミミ       \
       ,,ヅ彡ニミ;;,,              ヅ彡ニミ;;,,          l
      ィ<"  , ‐ 、 ゙ミ、          ィ<"  , ‐ 、 ゙ミ、         ゙i      NOT AGAIN
      ミミ、, ゝ_゚_,ノ,, イ           :ミミ、, ゝ_゚_,ノ,, イ           ゙i
       ゙'ヾ三≡彡'"            ゙'ヾ三≡彡'             i!
                /        ヽ                    i!
              /            \                  !
             /       ',/       ',                 l
             !          l        l                l
              、        ,' 、        ,'                i!
              ヽ . _ .. '  ヽ . _ .. '                 i!

>> No. 20083 [Edit]
I didn't think it's too rushed. Standard villain-of-the-week fare so far.
Ofc it would be a shame if it were just that and I hope we'll get a bigger arc which pushes the characters forward in some way. But since there's one character from the OP image that hasn't shown up yet I guess we'll get to meet her today and the bigger arc will begin by ep. 4 or 5.
>> No. 20084 [Edit]
File 140574431886.png - (819.71KB , 704x396 , shot0048.png )
Ain't she kawaii? Uguu~
>> No. 20085 [Edit]
Honestly, she looks like an anime version Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls.

Anyways, this show is only on episode 3 and it has already played out the villian-of-the-week shtick to its natural extreme. I wonder what the significance of the hi-tech temple is?
>> No. 20086 [Edit]
look at them long enough and it's like they're moving and pulling you in.
>> No. 20087 [Edit]
She reminds me more of a young Kuroko.
>> No. 20088 [Edit]
>one character from the OP image that hasn't shown up yet
I thought it might have been the girl from the first ep
>> No. 20089 [Edit]
I saw some simmilarity too, but she didn't show up in later eps and the girl in the image has different hair and eye color.
>> No. 20105 [Edit]
what do you think it is about this anime that made it become so obscure and overlooked?
>> No. 20106 [Edit]
It's pretty shitty
>> No. 20107 [Edit]
On what account?
>> No. 20108 [Edit]
File 140583667079.png - (234.07KB , 704x719 , Satoka-chan.png )
Ain't she?

Not very good art, with probably low budget, first episodes didn't make much of an impression.
Not sure if it's due to the non-720pness, but it looks more like late 90ish than 2006 to me.
>> No. 20109 [Edit]
The animation and art is pretty bad and from what I can tell from the first 4 episodes it follows a generic monster of the week scheme and has no memorable characters.
>> No. 20110 [Edit]
I like the characters, but I concede the show just hasn't been dedicating much time to them. Up until now the personal issues of the characters were just hastily mentioned and then sweeped into the background.
Hopefully it will get something going as we approach the final half.
>> No. 20111 [Edit]
Oh I forgot to mention the soundtrack. That's by far the worst part.
>> No. 20112 [Edit]
whats the matter, don't like harry potter?
>> No. 20117 [Edit]
I'm already a wizard
>> No. 20124 [Edit]
File 140591716516.jpg - (168.02KB , 704x396 , 23456yut.jpg )
Am I kawaii, onee-chan?
>> No. 20126 [Edit]
File 140592324772.jpg - (190.79KB , 704x396 , Rude.jpg )
"Onee-chan! Its nice and all, but you don't have to shove it in my face!"
>> No. 20128 [Edit]
File 140592398641.jpg - (152.78KB , 704x396 , duuuuur.jpg )
I don't understand that last episode. was the old lady's family imaginary? Did they skip town and ditch her? Did she kill them and bury their body's under the flower bed in the backyard by the fence?
>> No. 20144 [Edit]
>> No. 20146 [Edit]
Sorry to hear that, but can't say I blame you.
>> No. 20161 [Edit]
The budget cuts are among us.
I can already feel a hammed-up, esoteric ending a-brewing.
>> No. 20162 [Edit]
I'm puting my bets on the ending feeling just like another regular episode and having nothing special about it.
>> No. 20163 [Edit]
I bet someone is going to die near the end for the drama.
>> No. 20164 [Edit]
I'm betting on that as well.
>> No. 20167 [Edit]
I hope it's rinko
>> No. 20169 [Edit]
This show is so horrible repetitive. I feel like you could skip half the eps and not miss out on anything.
Prediction for next ep:
some dumb kid is having dumb family drama and it causes a bad dream thing. Since there are no police in this world of theirs they turn to the wannabe ghost busters. They do about eight minutes of investigating then five minutes of exposition dump. They then beat up a mecha version of something related to the bad dream or skip it again becuase they're too lazy then roll the poorly sung ending.
>> No. 20191 [Edit]
File 140634884975.jpg - (40.98KB , 704x396 , shot0053.jpg )
Bet he was browsing TC on that laptop.
>> No. 20192 [Edit]
I saw what you did there.
>> No. 20194 [Edit]
File 140635482695.jpg - (164.73KB , 704x396 , 543234567.jpg )
Finally, an enjoyable episode.
>> No. 20195 [Edit]
How did you like watching with Syncplay overall?
>> No. 20196 [Edit]
I now use it to watch other shows with a friend. It's pretty neat, we both have been livestreaming games and anime for each other for about 5 years and sometimes the connection would just fuck up and it couldn't be helped. But with Syncplay™ everything works quite well.
>> No. 20200 [Edit]
File 140639617494.png - (372.19KB , 704x396 , vlcsnap-2014-07-26-10h32m08s184.png )
I was thinking. When she looks left or right, does one eye move while the other stays still?
>> No. 20204 [Edit]
Really decent, especially since my connection speed forbids any kind of streaming.

But were you cross-eyed when you saw it?

All of them can look to the sides ok and all of them are cross-eyed when looking straight. Rinko just looks so bad because she has the biggest eyes.
>> No. 20205 [Edit]
File 140641465573.png - (230.38KB , 704x396 , 4rt5yw3yfs64w.png )
An employe has barricaded himself in your warehouse and he's in there destroying your merchandise and he's being guarded by a giant. A handful of your female employes have just gone missing and one could easily assume at this point that he killed them or is keeping them hostage. So instead of calling the police, you run to a small toy store that deals in the occult and kidnap the first person there you see.

yeah I wouldn't have any faith in your company either.
>> No. 20232 [Edit]
File 140652146062.jpg - (264.57KB , 1440x900 , Youtube.jpg )
It was on Youtube all alone.
>> No. 20235 [Edit]
Rinko really has to get that eye checked out...
>> No. 20236 [Edit]
thank god it's finally over.
>> No. 20239 [Edit]
I think I'll be taking a look at the manga. Just to see if it's a little better.
They didn't even explain what that computer thing that summons their giant gun thing is in the anime.
>> No. 20254 [Edit]
How did that shop stay open? I never saw them sell anything let alone take payments for their dream exorcisms.
>> No. 22129 [Edit]
File 142372160050.webm - (1.29MB , Rinkos_eye_twitch.webm )
reposting as a webm

will we ever watch something together again, I wonder?
>> No. 22130 [Edit]
Sure why not, plenty of shitty anime out there to be made fun of.
>> No. 22131 [Edit]
Oh I see now.
Her eye didn't really twitch. she looked to the right, but because her left eye was already all the way right it had nowhere to go so only the right eye moved.
>> No. 22132 [Edit]
she actually looked normal for once when she looked over
>> No. 22133 [Edit]
Yeah, she would actually be cute if she wasn't cross eyed.
see >>20200
>> No. 22135 [Edit]

>will we ever watch something together again, I wonder?

We really should. If not a TV series then at least some 80s OVA(s).
>> No. 22136 [Edit]

>Sure why not, plenty of shitty anime out there to be made fun of.

If we're going down this route I'd like to propose Burst Angel or Soukou no Strain.
>> No. 22137 [Edit]
ovas would probably work better
>> No. 22303 [Edit]
A few of us are planing on marathoning Nanatsuiro Drops either this sunday, maybe monday.
>> No. 22305 [Edit]
We're thinking now 8:00pm utc this sunday.

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