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File 131657751737.jpg - (55.75KB , 595x442 , 65f5b130f95f03cb778ba5e61e24739d287f16fb.jpg )
10413 No. 10413 [Edit]
Let's have a request thread!

For all those times when iqdb.org or tineye can't help, maybe the high power level experts of TC can!!
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>> No. 10414 [Edit]
File 131657799921.jpg - (66.27KB , 283x212 , sig.jpg )
Anyone got a bigger version of this by any chance?
>> No. 10415 [Edit]
File 13165781076.jpg - (50.06KB , 241x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This please. I got it from here, so hopefully someone knows.
>> No. 10416 [Edit]
I've always wanted to see pictures or preferably videos of a fat man getting tit-fucked. I've actually look for it quite a bit and an somewhat skilled in this type of hunting, but I've always come up dry. To me the appeal of this genre of pornography is not titillation (sorry about the pun, but I don't have a good enough command of the English language to have avoided it), but absurdity. I think that of Marcel DuChamp had been a pornographer, he'd have made this type of film and that is why I request it.
>> No. 10417 [Edit]
File 131657826295.jpg - (105.41KB , 599x800 , e1e8c781069691ef69992334a40f0b9e6dec0146.jpg )
>> No. 10418 [Edit]
File 131657831871.jpg - (1.10MB , 2830x2120 , 131657799921.jpg )
This is the best I can do
>> No. 10420 [Edit]
>> No. 10454 [Edit]
Whats the name of this song? Ive been trying to find out for years.
>> No. 10455 [Edit]
I mean the source for the melody, not the name
>> No. 10467 [Edit]

I tried helping you out but aol wasn't cooperating when I tried to create an aim account. I need an aim account to ask. If you can get me one I might be able to get you an answer, otherwise I'll try again tomorrow. I'll be on irc.

"Thanks for putting 110% into signing up for AOL accounts.Love your passion! We'd also love a quick break to process your requests. Take a breather. Maybe grab a bite? You may qualify for additional registrations in 24 hours.Error code 420"
>> No. 10531 [Edit]
File 131688140330.png - (390.56KB , 640x480 , That's not normal.png )
I'm colourblind, and this has always bothered me. What colour is the background of PCB stage 6?
>> No. 10533 [Edit]
>> No. 10537 [Edit]
Ah, thank you very much.
>> No. 10554 [Edit]
Why would you want to know? The word "purple" is meaningless to you, isn't it?

Like "recreational sex" to all of us...
>> No. 10556 [Edit]
Maybe they have a mental image of what they believe the color might resemble?
>> No. 10557 [Edit]
File 131694584879.jpg - (51.86KB , 1024x768 , who_comes_up_with_this_crap.jpg )
Maybe he needs to know it for his job? I often get the impression that colorblind graphics designers are in great demand lately
>> No. 10559 [Edit]
Thankfully, I'm not completely (achromatic) colourblind. I can see colours, I just can't differentiate between them very well. I know what vivid purples look like so I have something to associate that colour with.

The only real problem my colourblindness has caused me is trying to tell the difference between red and green UFOs in Th12.

Mother of Haruhi, that looks hideous even to me!
>> No. 10593 [Edit]
Why do you need AIM for it? Do you know loli ripe's account or something.
>> No. 10624 [Edit]

I was asking how to get in touch with loliripe during allkore and I got told one of the DQN people's AIM accounts who supposedly knows loliripe. I just don't know if I should say what it is.
>> No. 11896 [Edit]
File 132385995243.jpg - (24.05KB , 252x355 , moriban-img252x355-1323771438zvbj3e137.jpg )
Higher resolution of this by any chance?
I need it bad, reeeeal bad.
>> No. 11931 [Edit]
I once watched a Japanese or Hong Kong or other asian film a long time ago. It was about a disgruntled businessman who learns wrestling. He trains hard, doing pushups and other exercises in his cramped room in the dark. At the end of the film he encounters his boss, which he hates, in a nightclub. They fight and the boss easily kicks his ass, and the the film ends.

I think the film was called friday night fever or something like that. Can anyone help?
>> No. 11989 [Edit]
File 132433793813.jpg - (906.74KB , 1128x1600 , 1324174837095.jpg )
The one result I got lead to a removed gallery. What doujinshi is this from?
>> No. 12009 [Edit]
>> No. 12041 [Edit]
This gallery is pining for the fjords.
>> No. 12053 [Edit]
File 13245737552.jpg - (137.10KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gintama - 214 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_2.jpg )
I've got a somewhat weird request this time. I've been catching up on S2 of Gintama yesterday and at the end of the Four Devas arc there's this scene with Pirako and Jirocho. Knowing Gintama it's a parody of some famous scene (from a novel maybe?), something like 'The Oath of the Peach Garden' except it probably has to do with Sengoku period (or not, maybe Edo period would make more sense if you take the setting into account). You know, Oda Nobunaga/Date Masamune/Miyamoto Musashi or someone of their caliber meeting someone or something.

Any ideas?
>> No. 12057 [Edit]
A tip. You can easily fine the source of a doujin page by opening exhentai's file search and pasting the url of the picture, like so. It will probably take a few seconds to download the image to cache and select it. Google has a similar feature if you paste the url into image search.

How to get into exhentai and avoid any bullshit like fjords or whatever.

1. Clear all exhentai cookies. On FF you can do this by right clicking > view page info > security > view cookies. Close tab.
2. Clear all e-hentai cookies. Refresh.
3. Create or login to your account on e-hentai
4. Clear cookies from exhentai once again. Refresh

That should be you in. It's worked for me several times, at least.
>> No. 12107 [Edit]
I'm sorry to ask for this, but what is the source of the image that goes with the new thread on /mt/? The one about the rar files.

I would ask there, but since we have a thread for this, better to ask here than shit up a regular thread.
>> No. 12323 [Edit]
File 13265033342.jpg - (104.19KB , 560x420 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Is there a torrent to the full version of this game? I've looked everywhere with no results.
>> No. 12324 [Edit]
By magic I found torrents! Here's the link for anyone interested.

>> No. 12332 [Edit]
Does anyone have that pic of Mugi with the caption 'i want oyu to hit me as hard as you can'
>> No. 12346 [Edit]
File 132656129582.jpg - (1.32MB , 1040x1600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Can anyone tell me the name of this artist?
>> No. 12347 [Edit]
For anyone wondering, IQDB is down for server maintenance, as well as all the other sites run by the guy (Imouto.org, BSS and gg's sites among them)
>> No. 12350 [Edit]
That looks a lot like the style of the person who does the art for Type-Moon. Takashi Takeuchi. Same style of eyelashes.

I could be way, way off, though. I'm no iqdb, and this is just off the top of my head.
>> No. 12351 [Edit]
Thanks. I tried to find it on a booru but the only one that seems to host it is imouto.org, and as >>12347 said, it's down for maintenance. On the bright side, it seems like it won't be long before it is back online.
>> No. 12352 [Edit]
For all those interested, iqdb is back up.
>> No. 12354 [Edit]
Suddenly my life got much easier. You don't miss it until it's gone.
>> No. 12355 [Edit]
thank Haruhi
>> No. 12510 [Edit]
File 132723952919.jpg - (235.81KB , 813x633 , CH54B_and_M551_Sheridan.jpg )
This is one of the weirder sauce requests, but here it goes...

I saw a picture of this helicopter for the first time a few days ago and it's been bugging me ever since. It's a Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe, but I just know I've seen it in some game before. I assume it's a PS1/2 or a GBA game, as those were my first consoles, and I'm certain I can remember every game I've played recently. Thanks guys.

Edit: Don't think I've played C&C generals, thanks though.

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2012, 9:54am
>> No. 12516 [Edit]
Command and Conquer Generals?

I know the USA faction had a helicopter like that

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2012, 9:06am
>> No. 12517 [Edit]

What genre of game was it?
>> No. 12518 [Edit]
Most of my games were strategy ones, so that's as good a guess as any.
>> No. 12601 [Edit]
File 132765033982.jpg - (306.45KB , 800x532 , zooathome-47.jpg )
Sup /ot/
Apparently tenshi.ru has stopped updating and so I now don't know were to download anime OSTs. Please help, I really need to score the Hyogue Mono OP and a lot of other stuff as well. I derped around on Google for a while trying to figure it out for myself, but failed…
>> No. 12602 [Edit]
Have you come across this site yet?
>> No. 12603 [Edit]
No, thanks for the URL. They don't have the Hyogue I am seeking, but I bet it will supply other stuff I'm after
>> No. 12604 [Edit]
Did you find this when googling? Is it alright?


Got it using "hyouge mono op site:mediafire.com"

Post edited on 27th Jan 2012, 12:15am
>> No. 13410 [Edit]
File 132987837521.jpg - (1.26MB , 1626x2008 , Movies.jpg )
A while ago I found a site with a collection of recommendation charts such as in the image, but I forgot the URL. plz help
>> No. 13411 [Edit]
just to clarify this, there was a chart labeled "mindfuck" thats the one i'm really looking for, but there were some good manga ones i want also.
>> No. 13426 [Edit]
Have you tried going through the /a/ recommendation wiki? There are loads of charts there.
>> No. 13440 [Edit]
thanks, i didn't know that existed. i'll go look for it
>> No. 13443 [Edit]
File 133001510276.jpg - (50.69KB , 400x579 , SICP Cover.jpg )
Me again. What colour is the background of the SICP? (The bit which isn't red that is red, isn't it?)
>> No. 13444 [Edit]
Dark purplish blue. And yes, the square bit is red.
>> No. 13445 [Edit]
Thank you!
>> No. 13492 [Edit]
File 133019959767.png - (83.25KB , 766x572 , s.png )
There are actually programs which can tell you what color a picture is
>> No. 13535 [Edit]
File 133043049632.jpg - (72.97KB , 727x1020 , 124535385.jpg )
Does anyone know what this is from? I can't find anything by reverse-image searching and googling the text doesn't get my anywhere either.
>> No. 13537 [Edit]
File 133044991914.jpg - (1.01MB , 1131x1600 , 130713321466.jpg )

It's Kuroneko from Oreimo
>> No. 13538 [Edit]
Thank you.
>> No. 14004 [Edit]
File 133230546987.jpg - (646.08KB , 1076x1516 , 62580274201109052241262641773463548_029.jpg )
I've been wondering about this one for a long time. Does anyone know what this is? For some reason, I can only find it on Chinese sites, like this:

But apparently it's by the author as Hoshi no Samidare (Mizukami Satoshi)... which doesn't make sense to me, because I can't find any information on this work by searching his stuff. At least, not unless it's in Chinese. It makes me question whether or not it's even his. I never asked because I've never got far in reading The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer and don't know anything about the author, so I might be misinformed somehow.
>> No. 14006 [Edit]
Might just be a minor one-shot or doujin or something. Thers a manga sourcing thread on /ma/
>> No. 14636 [Edit]
File 133594950423.jpg - (9.72KB , 168x200 , fate_001.jpg )
Anyone have the full version of this?
>> No. 14637 [Edit]
File 133596657127.jpg - (102.43KB , 655x1021 , zipyaru-20091107-28-00127.jpg )
Might as well ask about this one now that this thread has been bumped...
>> No. 14647 [Edit]
File 133603331919.png - (246.46KB , 531x492 , AzD19.png )

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