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File 137318495448.png - (703.99KB , 1280x720 , shaft-2013-07-07-00h48m59s248.png )
16442 No. 16442 [Edit]
I just watched the first episode of the new season of SHAFTmonogtari and it seems pretty much the same as the others. They have a complicated, convoluted plot; but they tell it in such a flat fashion that it seems boring. Plus they have the quirky artwork.
I actually liked this a lot the first season, it seemed different and amusing, but I think maybe all that has worn off now.
>> No. 16445 [Edit]
I like how every female character already got a haircut but they're still going on with the series. It's like they painted themselves into a corner with character development. whats next shaved heads?
>> No. 17141 [Edit]
Oh yes!
Bald females are smexy!

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