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File 135755087084.jpg - (50.59KB , 480x388 , 6407_443588495708548_1087234395_n.jpg )
11415 No. 11415 [Edit]
some chilean engineering dude wrote this apparently:
>> No. 11416 [Edit]
What's the point if this thread?
>> No. 11417 [Edit]
I remember reading that a long time ago. It was posted here IIRC
>> No. 11418 [Edit]
what an amazing, shocking new development

alert the media

>> No. 11419 [Edit]
I dont think it was a chilean though
>> No. 11421 [Edit]
Well, it's new to me, OP. Ignore these ingrates
>> No. 11422 [Edit]

Look who it was written by.
>> No. 11423 [Edit]
>How do you tell people your love is 2D? You don't. Again, a main difference between the waifu and religion is the waifu is not out to hurt or provoke others, nor is it to facilitate a holier-than-thou attitude. Anyone who you tell will likely be unable to understand. If they are close to you, they may fear for your sanity and ask you to seek help, becoming personally upset and embroiled in your choice of lifestyle. You have just deprived another of their happiness by shoving your belief down their throat. Ring familiar?

This whole part really pisses me off, but I have a hard time articulating exactly why. How am I "depriving someone of their happiness" by doing something they think is weird?
>> No. 11424 [Edit]
You're not, they are depriving themselves.
There's a lot of stupid shit in that essay.
>> No. 11425 [Edit]

I think, for example, if you told your parents that you are indeed serious about your 2D relationship, and if, say your parents are normals if not strict, they would be disappointed and/or sad due to your chosen lifestyle. In a more exaggerated sort of way, it's like telling your completely religious parents you are an atheist or you're homosexual. Not only will they think it's weird, but they'll definitely be negatively affected.
>> No. 11426 [Edit]
Thats already been posted here, I think a year or two ago. The writer is/was a regular.
>> No. 11493 [Edit]
Cute croc.

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