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File 133915732260.jpg - (54.31KB , 640x480 , shinji037.jpg )
15150 No. 15150 [Edit]
I recently had some problems with my computer (a Macbook) randomly highlighting and clicking unwanted things. I took it in to the semi-local Mac Outfitters and found out that the battery was in the beginning stages of expanding, which could have been bad if I had let it go on, I had to buy a whole new battery for nearly $130, which is a lot for me. I am glad I caught on to the problem early, because I probably saved my computer from being damaged. Computer lucky and near misses/disaster thread? My computer is my baby almost, so this was pretty bad. I do so much on it...
>> No. 15153 [Edit]
My most recent disaster of sorts was a hard drive failure. I lost years of music I composed and recorded.

Other than that, I had a PSU die on me but I managed to fix it by replacing some of the capacitors.

It's really awful when you lose a computer, or any part of it. Especially if you have no backup to use.
>> No. 15154 [Edit]
I was robbed and my computer was stolen recently. Thankfully I have many back-ups, because I am paranoid about this stuff and I could not bear to lose everything I have amassed and collected up to this point.
>> No. 15155 [Edit]
I've lost a hard drive, too. It is a painful experience.

So much music and porn lost.
>> No. 15156 [Edit]
Hard drive crash.

Funny, it happened a year after I decided to stop only saving things to an external memory stick.

After I got the hard drive and installed it the guy I had to have on the phone while I installed it (lest warrantee is void) asked me if I wanted a new battery because the old batteries tend to die. It was only a year old so I said no, because $130.

Lo and behold upon startup my battery had a 5 minute lifespan only a day after installing a new hard drive and doing an update.

Twenty-first century capitalism at its finest.
>> No. 15157 [Edit]
Hard drive failure is the worst.
>> No. 15164 [Edit]
My eeepc's recharge port became loose so I couldnt charge my battery anymore. I bought a new port and tried to fix it, but found I didn't have a small enough soldering iron tip or anything to suck the preexisting solder out. Also I broke one of the ribbon cable connectors in the process, fucking it up even more. If you're gonna try something similar people, remember some of them pull out, while some pull forward.

The same computer I sent in for repairs before, when the screen kept blacking out. The guy fixed the screen but fucked up the camera and tried to charge me to fix the camera. Fuck this shit.
>> No. 15165 [Edit]
There was a power surge at my house recently.
All the ethernet ports in the house that were on were broken. And my cell phone charger was broken.
>> No. 15167 [Edit]
It seems everyone does this.

If you send in your laptop to Dell to repair small things, they demand you put your power pack in the box when shipping it to them. Why? So they can replace it with a faulty one.

Also I liked how the computer repair service that took my family's computer in removed Windows Media Player and the scroll function on the mouse pad.

If you think this is a good idea, and this is how making money should work, you are a cunt.
>> No. 15169 [Edit]
I get exceptionally paranoid about hard drive failure. I hoard everything fearing that it will at some point become impossible to find on the internet. I posted about my 2TB anime drive dying some time ago. Thankfully I had everything backed up on a pair of 1TBs, but the few weeks of sitting without a backup was agony. I'll also need another anime drive in a few seasons time, which means I'll need another backup drive too. I have literally no money, so I'll never be able to afford it.

One of my computer's RAM sticks has been faulty for about two years now. I can't afford to replace it, so I get random blue screens once every few weeks. It scares the shit out of me every time.
>> No. 15184 [Edit]

I broke the same thing on my EeePC. It's a pain in the ass to repair and it always seems to break off again anyways.
>> No. 15187 [Edit]
Thanks for the tip. If I ever send it to get it fixed I'll make sure to remove anything thats not important and give them specific instructions not to do anything besides solder on a new port and cable attachment.

Yeah I believe I talked about it with you on IRC one day. I think its just poor design. They should design a beefier port that won't break off all the time.
>> No. 15195 [Edit]
I hear you can just buy cheap working batteries online, from china and shit. Batteries work better if you cycle them (let them drain completely) and disconnect them once they are fully charged.
>> No. 15220 [Edit]
My computer used to be really noisy.

It's not anymore.
>> No. 15222 [Edit]

Oh no, I hope it didn't die on you.
>> No. 15607 [Edit]
My PC died on me yesterday, it's a pretty terrible experience so far. I just hope my data didn't suffer any damage...

Even if I'll recover my data and it'll be safe and sound it'll feel real weird for a while. I'm sure of it. This uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, hard to put in words, it'll linger around for a week or two I bet.

If my data's lost I'll honestly consider suicide.
>> No. 15608 [Edit]
there was a few times 2 years ago where my computer wouldn't boot up for some reason, and it hasnt done it since but I still worry every time I turn it on. I also worry my external and my computer will die at the same time and I will lose everything
>> No. 15613 [Edit]
if your PC just doesn't power on, your data's very likely to be fine, though this should be a reminder to backup.
>> No. 15624 [Edit]

Actually it looks like I somehow caught a virus and it damaged my Master Boot Record. I fixed it and all my data's fine of course, I don't even have to format my drives (but I think I might do it either way). Hooray!

There was one other time when my external hard drive started malfunctioning. It was pretty nasty, with the help of some recovery programs I managed to get some stuff back but pretty much all my saves from various games were lost in the process. Like Rostran said, losing one of your hard drives is a nightmare.
>> No. 15625 [Edit]

That's great news.

Losing a hard drive is an awful experience.
>> No. 15643 [Edit]
It's probably as painful as losing a child or pet or something.
>> No. 15646 [Edit]
I wouldn't say child, but the pet comparison is accurate. you can get a new one and build it up but its probably never going to be exactly like the old one

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