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File 142863610385.jpg - (348.03KB , 1280x720 , 1400639544699.jpg )
17922 No. 17922 [Edit]
Do most people here post about their waifus on other sites? If so, which ones?
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>> No. 17923 [Edit]
>> No. 17924 [Edit]
On a personal blog, but I only make jokes and I'm still shy about it and usually end up deleting them.
>> No. 17926 [Edit]
I don't post about him in any identifiable way online, for the most part, but I do post about general waifu things on other anonymous boards. I keep more specific things in text files on my computer.
>> No. 17935 [Edit]
I post in my subreddit.
>> No. 18035 [Edit]
I talk about her on /a/ in waifu threads
>> No. 18036 [Edit]
File 142965239750.png - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-2012-02-13-23h19m43s36.png )
I used to post her in waifu threads on /a/ quite a lot, but that was a while ago. I don't even watch anime anymore, but my love for her is still as strong as always.
>> No. 18037 [Edit]
This, and also my waifu.pl shrine.
>> No. 18040 [Edit]
I used to but I've became displeased with them all for one reason or another.
>> No. 18046 [Edit]
File 143024507231.jpg - (29.52KB , 700x525 , Lilly Satou.jpg )
8/a/ talks about waifu's quite alot.
>> No. 18050 [Edit]
waifu.pl is just depressing seeing like half the bloggers there stopped/gave up.
>> No. 18052 [Edit]
That and it looks like joke sites are starting to crop up. Like the Pen-pen one.
>> No. 18056 [Edit]
Mine looks bad because I'm lazy, and I'm not very good at HTML stuff. I'm planning on writing a LOT for my page sometime soon, though.
>> No. 18057 [Edit]
No. Actually its quite the opposite. At least on boards I tend to browse the word "Waifu" seems like a funny meme. As soon as there is a picture or mention of a female character there are some idiots spamming "im in love with x" or asking who this "semen demon" is. Its quite sad to see how Waifus are getting more and more attention for the wrong reasons. I even see the word sometimes on sites I really didnt expect them to see. People running around with names like "Waifuhunter", people ironically discussing "Waifus" on forums where usually only normals tend to post and often you see the word "Waifu" as a synonym for the word "Girls". (this game has even more waifus now, lololol :--DD).

This trend really angers me which is why I only talk about my waifu here and with friends who already know her and about my relationship with her. I try to avoid any unnecessary attention to her to avoid the risk that she ends up as a target for people who state that she is someones waifu because they happened to see her and think shes cute without even knowing her. Sure, for them its just a funny joke, but I dont want her to be reduced to a joke.
>> No. 18059 [Edit]
That's why I just refer to her as my wife. It's an easy way to distinguish of whether you're serious or into the meme.
>> No. 18060 [Edit]
I'd like to do this, but I'm always worried that people will think I'm talking about a 3D partner.
>> No. 18109 [Edit]
8/mai/ and wizchan only.
>> No. 18112 [Edit]
File 143176281642.jpg - (911.83KB , 1000x1414 , 08ed6f097c070ed6e6751e2559a23918.jpg )
I only ever talk about her here, on my waifu.pl page, and on an IRC channel.
>> No. 18136 [Edit]
File 143202484332.png - (91.29KB , 414x228 , 37561860.png )
IRC, waifu.pl, and the waifu threads on /a/.

I do that too.
>> No. 18137 [Edit]

I'd use Cripplechan but I'm not comfortable with a community where mods who supposedly have waifus end up having sex with each other during conventions.
>> No. 18138 [Edit]
File 143218534337.jpg - (80.37KB , 600x800 , 1310379651998.jpg )
IRC and /a/, but some of the other alternatives don't seem all that great or I wouldn't enjoy them.
>> No. 18155 [Edit]
Same here, used to look at 8 /mai/ on occasion in addition to those, but with the attitude the bulk of the userbase has I've lost all interest in it.
>> No. 18159 [Edit]
I just saw the archive for this week's waifu thread on /a/, and what the fuck, man, all that fucking shitposting?

What's happened? What on earth is this /ghost/ thing?
>> No. 18160 [Edit]
I have no idea why there is so much shitposting but i feel like this is one of the only genuine places left
>> No. 18161 [Edit]
All this talk about IRC channels makes me wonder if there are ones dedicated to waifu discussions.
>> No. 18162 [Edit]
There used to be one, but legend says the owner got incredibly bitter and closed the shit down.
>> No. 18163 [Edit]

That's a shame.
>> No. 18164 [Edit]
waifu.pl linked at the top of here has one, with the same name. Not all that active though.
>> No. 18165 [Edit]
I just went on 8ch /mai/, anything I should be wary of?
>> No. 18166 [Edit]
File 143243781285.png - (163.80KB , 750x323 , cripplechanfaq.png )


I don't know if the people mentioned are still mods (or volunteers) but they're still regulars in the community and still claim to have waifus. Some even have the gall to complain about "normalfags". Maybe it wouldn't bother you, but it's a deal breaker for me.

Also, their FAQ gave me bad feelings.
>> No. 18168 [Edit]
I think they go on here and if i told you exactly what had happened they would recognize my post and bitch about me on their steam chatroom or something. but just know that they can get really catty and mean even though they seem nice on the board
>> No. 18169 [Edit]

This is what happens when things turn into circlejerks. Most of the board activity revolves around the off-topic thread and tangentially related activity threads.

And yes, they do seem rather nasty when pushed the slightest bit.
>> No. 18170 [Edit]
Wow, what a fucking mess. Thank you for the links, I will keep my eyes open.
>> No. 18171 [Edit]
Monstergirl threads on 4chan's /a/ and /jp/
The waifu thread on wichan's /jp/

I looked at 8chan a bit but i didn't really like the boards with the topics i was interested it.
Their /a/ was ok, i don't mind going there now and then, but their /monster/ was really bad. The whole website just has a culture that doesn't clash well with what I'm looking for, it's all meaningless shitposting and bad bait, everyone is trying to make "epic" posts to get screencaped or a bunch or replies, or everyone shitposting to try and get gets on other board
>> No. 18177 [Edit]
Is it bad that I don't care much about any drama in any of the communities? I just like having places to post about my waifu.
>> No. 18178 [Edit]

>Is it bad that I don't care much about any drama in any of the communities?

No, that's fine.
>> No. 18180 [Edit]

I wouldn't go that far.
>> No. 18198 [Edit]
Too many waifubros fall into the trap that is drama, and it seems to make them miserable. I'd say it's a positive thing.
>> No. 18201 [Edit]
Gotta focus on the wifus.
>> No. 18204 [Edit]

I don't know what you're talking about. I'd rather talk to others who are actually serious about this and stay far away from the circlejerking.
>> No. 18208 [Edit]
You know, I just read some ghostposters taking the piss out of a remark I made about her and that really triggered :^) me hard.

I guess I gotta remember to take it easy though, it's literally retards talking shit on the internet.
>> No. 18210 [Edit]
It's less shitposting and more people being bored and trying to rock the boat to get something interesting happening. As shitty as it is, it's still a genuine place to talk about her, to me at least.
>> No. 18232 [Edit]
File 143312487276.jpg - (116.85KB , 588x575 , 1394653492001.jpg )

I was pretty disappointed myself.
/mai/ was lied to, tricked, and led into a shitstorm and then /ghost/ fueled the fire by shitposting it into hell, which was obvious, and they fell for it.
Those OP's are filled with a lot of lies, there is only one mod on /mai/, the tomokofag was never invited

It's calmed down again for the most part
if your /r9k/ as sin though, its pretty frowned upon
>> No. 18233 [Edit]
well, two, but only one was at the con.
"They were all mods" as a downright lie, and several people including Bern/Rikafag are still pretty bitter at the board for kicking them out
>> No. 18234 [Edit]
oh and then 8/mai/ followed up trying to recover from this drama, by doing a donation drive

So far they are at $550 dollars donated to a charity to help abused kids
>> No. 18237 [Edit]
>It's calmed down again for the most part
I felt there was still residual saltiness from what happened and a lot of the regular posters left so it's become like a circlejerk of only a few people.
>> No. 18239 [Edit]
it's sadly starting to point in that direction, but far from too late to save it from truly suffering that fate
>> No. 18240 [Edit]
/ghost/ seems to hate anything from 8chan a lot for some reason.

I've been lurking 8ch /mai/ for some time and haven't really seen anything bad yet.
>> No. 18252 [Edit]
8chan /mai/ is filled with /v/ retards who don't take it seriously, that's why.
>> No. 18253 [Edit]
I always see this on /ghost/, but what's wrong with having a waifu from a video game? Or is it just /a/ and /v/ hating each other as usual?
>> No. 18254 [Edit]
>> No. 18256 [Edit]
That seems paranoid.
>> No. 18257 [Edit]
Fuck off fags I'm tired of seeing the recent posts being filled with talk about 8chan and /v/, if you want to talk about 8chan go the fuck there
>> No. 18258 [Edit]
Someone needs a hug from his waifu.
>> No. 18259 [Edit]
Don't we all...
>> No. 18272 [Edit]
File 143352745073.jpg - (66.23KB , 951x412 , 9834592367.jpg )
He isnt wrong though. I visit it fairly often to be honest, and Im tired of reading the word "Waifu" so often there. Everything is a Waifu there, custom made characters without any soul, random female NPCs, maincharacters, everything is a Waifu there. Its like there is a wordfilter there replacing "random girl I dont give a fuck about" with "Waifu". Its really common over there to read shit like "what game has the best waifus?" or "more waifus coming soon". Even worse is the fact that it seems waifus are even leaking over to normies now. I even saw the word waifu in a fucking amazon review. It was completly wrong used though and probably intended as a joke. (It was a comment about a Marth Amiibo with the title "mah waifu").

Anyway, I think most people really dont mean it in a bad way, but for someone who really has a Waifu and really loves her its annoying to see that this whole "lifestyle" is getting degraded to a joke or meme. Especially shit like pic related makes me angry.
>> No. 18274 [Edit]
It'll eventually reach a point where it dies out or calms down - jokes get old. I dislike it as well (mostly because it sounds stupid when used casually) but I don't use the terms waifu/husbando except to find legit discussion on it or when in a discussion with like-minded people. I'm not particularly attached to the words and it's easy enough to separate who's serious and who isn't regardless of what word(s) they use to describe their beloved.
I'm not really fussed if other people treat it like a joke, it's when it insults the character I get annoyed. I have disliked the casual use, when somebody referred to my beloved as their 'husbando' and weren't being serious, when it felt like it was disregarding him. It felt like he was the joke in that instance, not my love life (if that separation makes sense).

>Its like there is a wordfilter there replacing "random girl I dont give a fuck about" with "Waifu".
From what I've seen (and your picture) it's more 'attractive female character designed to be liked', which is basically all of them.

It's useful to know where to avoid, even then it's possible to post in places and not see any drama.
>> No. 18291 [Edit]
I think it'll probably die out soon. It's been around for long enough that it doesn't make sense for it to be catapulted into the spotlight now.

Then again, the complete opposite could happen, and everything will become a waifu.

I just wish there was another way for me to describe a character I'm genuinely in love with that wasn't associated with retards who call every hot anime girl "MAI WAIFU XDDD"
>> No. 18304 [Edit]
Yeah 8chan is garbage that's nothing new.
Not to mention the mod making their oen rulea that allow for them to cheat on their waifu by claiming it's allowed because their own rules allow it.
>> No. 18313 [Edit]

It's okay because the sex wasn't out of love!

>> No. 18314 [Edit]
Go there and tell them.
>> No. 18315 [Edit]
At least say what site it was, I'm curious now
>> No. 18318 [Edit]
Go take your drama there.
>> No. 18319 [Edit]

Personally, I don't mind you letting know how bad things can get over there. It's getting harder and harder to find a good place to discuss our lifestyles with people who share them in earnest.
>> No. 18320 [Edit]
8chan /mai/ is complete cancer. But, honestly, I think it's better to just bitch about how awful it is with people you know, as opposed to posting about it here.
>> No. 18321 [Edit]
File 143373691188.jpg - (503.29KB , 800x900 , 49954958_p0_master1200.jpg )
Please don't
>> No. 18322 [Edit]

Posting that with Suiseiseki attached just makes me want to see him do it more.
>> No. 18323 [Edit]
File 143373867440.png - (15.40KB , 128x128 , 1433227725025-0.png )
>> No. 18326 [Edit]
This is intended as a friendly suggestion, but please consider proper capitalization. People might take you more seriously.
>> No. 18328 [Edit]

Doesn't seem very friendly to me.
>> No. 18401 [Edit]
If something related to waifus is worrying you, we are here to listen.
>> No. 18414 [Edit]
Only on 8chan's /mai/, but I only started going about a week or two ago. I have no idea about any of this drama people speak of, and everyone there seems nice, but what do I know.
>> No. 18421 [Edit]
>everyone there seems nice
"Seems" is the keyword.
>> No. 18422 [Edit]
Stop with the personal army shit.
>> No. 18449 [Edit]
>this site has shitty people on it, be sort of cautious about them
>> No. 18451 [Edit]
The point is no one cares and people are tired of seeing the front page filled with talk about 8ch or whatever other shit site, go away
>> No. 18452 [Edit]
You and whoever else post about your personal bullshit everywhere on any board to do with waifus. It's obvious it's all the same couple of people because you're all fucking broken records.

I'm so sick of hearing about it. I don't care about your fucking personal life or theirs. I want to talk about waifus not waifufags.

We are all adults here, or at least I fucking hope we all are, we can fucking decide for ourselves what websites we want to use or not use. I don't give a shit about whatever safe space garbage you're trying to preach because whoever did whatever and other shit I don't care about. I and everybody else can pass judgment fine on their own on what site they want to or don't want to go to.

Just fucking get over it, because nobody fucking cares.
>> No. 18454 [Edit]
Took the words out of my mouth, I'm so tired of seeing this thread on the front page.
>> No. 18455 [Edit]
I post her on 4chan /int/

Its a bit obnoxious I guess
>> No. 18461 [Edit]
When I made this thread, my goal was to find other places to talk about my beloved. Not to talk about drama.
>> No. 18462 [Edit]
That too. I'm sorry your thread got derailed so hard. These people don't know how to keep shit to themselves.

Let's get back to the topic. Have any of you guys ever kept an online journal for waifu related entries? What website do you think would work well for that?
>> No. 18465 [Edit]
Do you think that would be beneficial? I never really liked the idea of waifu.pl but maybe keeping an offline journal would help me organize my feelings for her? I'm not very good at expressing myself and when I've tried to do it on forums people try to bother me sometimes instead of give helpful feedback. I mean, it's just that other people seem to be good at expressing how they feel about their waifus and I'd like to be able to do the same for her.
>> No. 18470 [Edit]
Online? Nope, it's just a text file on my desktop I write in every day or two. or three if I'm really lazy and have nothing to really talk about.

Yeah, it's a good thing to try out. I think almost all of my discussion about her is now in it, whereas before it was all either online, with other people, or with threads. I really like it, it feels a lot more personal. There's some stuff I just can't talk about in a really public place like that, so it's nice to be able to keep it personal and private.
>> No. 18472 [Edit]
Well, it's not really so much that people are bothering me as much as that I didn't feel like it was helping with my expressiveness.
That sounds great, I'll try my best.
>> No. 18473 [Edit]
Honestly, there's really no place you can talk about it unless you find people who take it seriously as well. The usual sites seem to have the impression that its "always been a joke"
>> No. 18474 [Edit]
This might been hard to answer, but what exactly do you write about in it? I've never been able to keep any sort of diary because i just can't ever think of things to say.
>> No. 18476 [Edit]
Honestly? Just whatever comes to mind. Some days it'll be about an idea for a date I want to take her on, or I'll talk about my day and her influence on it, and sometimes it'll be really deep and sort of depressing stuff. I haven't been doing it that long, but I've got a good 15 or so pages of things like that. All of it is pretty much a more detailed version of what I'd normally post in a thread or something.

Basically it's just whatever waifu-related shit pops into my head that I want to write down.
>> No. 18478 [Edit]
Do you have a link for that one?
>> No. 18479 [Edit]
Not him, but http://penpen.waifu.pl/

Something about this whole site has always given me a weird vibe. I don't know what it is, but the thing as a whole makes me sort of uneasy. Especially when I see someone with a page about a girl from my waifu's show.
>> No. 18480 [Edit]
I wouldn't want an online one. I prefer to keep private thoughts private. I keep a physical paper one at the moment. I'd like to have a digital one but I can't find a format I like - I keep other text files related to him though.
>> No. 18483 [Edit]
File 143642327464.png - (84.78KB , 665x787 , wpl.png )
What happened to waifu.pl?
What is this thing?
>> No. 18487 [Edit]
Isn't there a moderator on waifu.pl or a way to report this site?
>> No. 18488 [Edit]
That's asie.pl, not asie.waifu.pl.
It has nothing to with waifu.pl, it's just a different site with a .pl top level domain.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2015, 5:42am
>> No. 18490 [Edit]
All of the waifu.pl pages redirect to it though. The name sounds familiar, so I'm pretty sure it's the same guy.
>> No. 18493 [Edit]
I wish he'd just kill the fucking site already, instead of letting it break every other day and whining about how he wants to shut it down. Like, if I really wanted, I'd just host my own site, it's not the end of the world if it goes away.
>> No. 18494 [Edit]
waifu.pl was being redirected to that site.
Now it's normal again.
>> No. 18495 [Edit]
I sort of agree. At least 75% of the pages there are dead, forgotten, or just have an image and nothing else. If not shutting it down, some of the "In progress" sites that were last updated years ago should be taken off to give the illusion it's not completely dead.

The most recently updated one is a fan site, come on.
>> No. 18496 [Edit]
>half the list is just domain squatters
>half of the "active" list is just "wip", "learning HTML", or a picture
It seems kind of silly and pointless. It's a nice idea, but the reality is embarrassing. It looks like a lot of people found out about it, wanted to "put their flag up" or whatever, and claim a spot of it for their waifu without actually knowing what they were going to do with it.
>> No. 18516 [Edit]
The code is a buggy mess, so the site literally crashes every so often and asie.pl is the default domain. I plan to make a rewrite when I get some time.
>> No. 18517 [Edit]
As I said on #waifu.pl, the domains were slated to be purged eventually. Thanks for reminding me - a warning has been sent to all 81 domains classified as contentless.
>> No. 18528 [Edit]
I didn't really give up (mine is the Hanako one), just felt like there wasn't much more to add at the moment. Especially since it is about her and not a personal blog where I whine about my life. Also the "Ask" page somebody finally used, but I don't know how to answer their question (which character most resembles Hanako).
One alternative idea is to have a directory of waifu personal sites instead of hosting them on .pl. Or perhaps the top hits should be "endorsed pages" of actually completed websites, with WIP below.

Post edited on 12th Jul 2015, 4:04pm

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