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File 137316997173.jpg - (89.40KB , 600x578 , Madarame_Harunobu_600_315541.jpg )
16438 No. 16438 [Edit]
wtf are all these cute moegrills doing studying modern visual culture?
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>> No. 16563 [Edit]
File 137351748979.png - (336.16KB , 648x364 , (T)oh-no.png )
I could have sweared I saw another thread for this one.

Anyway: this series... is weird. And scary (I thought the fat one girl was Daru with softer voice). But it looks entertaining for a change of pace. It's like the season it's mocking itself (or us).
>> No. 16564 [Edit]
File 137351752581.png - (810.10KB , 544x928 , not bad_.png )
>> No. 16568 [Edit]
its nice that they realized that all the new characters are shit and found a way to bring madrame back into the fold.
>> No. 16570 [Edit]
Am I the only one who actually likes the new characters. I think most people are just looking back at the old Genshiken with rose tinted goggles.
>> No. 16572 [Edit]

No, I like the new characters too.

I only like the last 3-4 volumes of the first generation.
>> No. 16573 [Edit]
I think it's a crying shame this anime turned into a taco fest. There are already countless anime with all female casts, and more than a few that have female otaku.
I just wanted something with relatable otaku brethren, some real bros who deal with the same experiences and problems many of the viewers do. Some of the things I enjoyed most from the first season were the things I could relate to, but how the hell am I supposed to relate to stuff like this >>16564 ?
>> No. 16574 [Edit]
Yeah it's a huge problem when you take a realistic anime and make the focus of it the women. I too would like to see an anime with relatable otakus, without the GF or bitches bullshit, and without posers claiming one minute they love 2D and the next going for the girl (NHK).
>> No. 16585 [Edit]
I don't have any problems with new Genshiken. At least in first episode it was pretty clear how Genshiken makes parody of itself ('this club won't be an otaku club soon'). Actually I find it interesting that Genshiken will show other sides of otaku lifestyle too.
>> No. 16586 [Edit]
>I find it interesting that Genshiken will show other sides of otaku lifestyle too

yeah it probably wouldn't be a very good show if all it did was show some losers sitting in their rooms alone f5ing all day on an obscure imageboard that gets almost no posts
>> No. 16587 [Edit]
a otaku who has a life outside of sitting in their rooms alone f5ing all day on an obscure imageboard that gets almost no posts is not otaku!
>> No. 16599 [Edit]
lol noob, all the real otaku are idling in irc.
http communication i for people with no skilz.

>posted from the command line using perl -e …
>> No. 16603 [Edit]
This summer is like "Fujoshi, the Season". Anyway, the Spotted Flower manga hypothesis doesn't really helps vindicating the Madarame die hard otaku stance (not realistically, I mean).
>> No. 16604 [Edit]
>how the hell am I supposed to relate to stuff like this >>16564 ?
I think you're meant to laugh at it; you know: topic humor for otaku, mocking anime references.
>> No. 16615 [Edit]
File 137375841523.jpg - (167.19KB , 534x1228 , the worst.jpg )
Does women really want one? They're damned ugly things (and pretty useless, more times than most will admit).
>> No. 16648 [Edit]
File 137390872557.png - (532.97KB , 1280x720 , ROTT-2013-07-15-09h54m47s71.png )
Did anyone catch what she said in this scene the night before in the fat one's room? It wasn't "Fujioshi", but thats how Anime-Koi translated it. It sound like she said something like "xsaddi girlu" and I'm pretty sure it wasn't usagi girlu, but I can't think of what else it might have been.
>> No. 16649 [Edit]
File 137390884634.png - (573.37KB , 1280x720 , ROTT-2013-07-15-09h58m39s252.png )
>> No. 16653 [Edit]
File 137391220828.png - (971.96KB , 1280x720 , realplayer-2013-07-15-10h55m17s251.png )
Its fat, female Madrame.
>> No. 16748 [Edit]
File 137438518390.png - (273.94KB , 646x363 , Madarame episode.png )
This was heaven sent.
>> No. 16749 [Edit]
File 137438529788.jpg - (61.33KB , 647x364 , references.jpg )
Man, of course we get it.
She's nothing but platinum jokes.
>> No. 16750 [Edit]
File 137438536878.png - (495.06KB , 648x362 , not gay no.png )
>> No. 16751 [Edit]
File 137438541167.png - (391.72KB , 650x362 , cabaret.png )
God. No.
>> No. 16821 [Edit]
File 137498255642.png - (1.51MB , 642x1822 , true stories.png )
>> No. 16822 [Edit]
File 137498261594.png - (480.01KB , 644x724 , the feel.png )
well played
>> No. 16823 [Edit]
File 137498267382.png - (667.76KB , 646x727 , magic fingers.png )
I don't know if nice or
>> No. 16824 [Edit]
File 137498274673.png - (272.57KB , 502x276 , da fuck.png )
>> No. 16875 [Edit]
I prefer the 1st TV season better...
>> No. 16899 [Edit]
File 137561033490.png - (727.24KB , 520x1132 , cosplay fail.png )
Even the characters couldn't stop commenting how off all this was.
It was all the foreigner's fault, anyway.
>> No. 16900 [Edit]
File 137561048537.jpg - (427.85KB , 640x2180 , pointless.jpg )
Yeah, I wouldn't buy it either. He's tall and might have certainly settled down with age, but he's still a beardless duck voiced glass wearing emaciated looking awkward behaving low income salaryman. He is beta as fuck; a potential bottom indeed. There's no way a carnivore would go for him, no point even messing with 3D anyway. The really good things never ever happen (Spotted Flower my ass)...

BTW, I got Hato alright but no Sue. What are her motives?

Post edited on 4th Aug 2013, 3:08am
>> No. 16901 [Edit]
File 137561219314.jpg - (446.30KB , 850x1192 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>Sue. What are her motives?

Is this what it seems? this is getting less and less believable.
>> No. 16990 [Edit]
File 137616581279.png - (539.63KB , 630x712 , a woman's touch.png )
Allow fujoshi in the club, they said.
They'll behave, they said.
Nothing will really change, they said...
>> No. 17053 [Edit]
File 137677921323.jpg - (53.30KB , 543x304 , sure_ always.jpg )
I've never understood this stereotype. Before I locked myself up and even if I (fortunately) never quite succeeded, almost as far as I have memories I was always in love with someone and quite madly too, a few times. It was precisely that hopelessly romantic drive what convinced me that 3D would never measure up.
>> No. 17054 [Edit]
I have never felt (romantic) love for real women and even the times I tried to force myself to love women back when I was a normie and trying too hard to fit in I couldn't get anything out of me.
>> No. 17058 [Edit]
I wanna fuck Yoshitake. And i want to motorboat Yajima's breasts and slap her fat belly and thighs.
>> No. 17063 [Edit]
These aren't cute moe girls. These are realistic girls. How dare they depict women in a realistic manner. It makes me puke how they are trampling on the supporting structure of anime.
>> No. 17064 [Edit]
Stuff like that makes me wonder why they took this series in this direction. They not only alienated otaku who could related to the subject matter but also people like yourself.
>> No. 17067 [Edit]
Well the mangaka for Genshiken seems to like writing things which are thought provoking or explore certain ideas. Like Digopuri (single mother), or Yonensei (university students dealing with growing up as they nearly graduate).

So not neccesarily does he write the crowd pleasing stuff. He explored male otaku in the first genshiken so whats wrong with exploring fujoshi in the second?
>> No. 17068 [Edit]
From the latest comments, I'm glad I never even watched this shit.
>> No. 17075 [Edit]
you know this is the third (technically forth if you count the ova) season right?
The first genshiken had women in it too, then they just kept adding more and more while pushing out the guys. the only guy they added in was that fucking annoying Manabu Kuchiki which the show would have been better off without.

yeah it's not that great overall. This series had been on my backlog for ages and I've heard a lot about it before so I was looking forward to it but forgot about it until just recently and saw all of it back to back including the spinoffs.

First season wasn't bad in-spite of that cunt Saki whom I could not stand. She was a closed minded noralfag bitch who forced her way into an otaku club and would do nothing but give them shit about their interests. The show was gold when she wasn't around, which averages the show out to something decent I think. The second season however left me feeling like my eyes and ears were being tortured at times (especially when the American skank was on screen) she honestly made me feel ill to the point of wanting to vomit. It was a truly an awful experience but I felt I had to endure and push through the pain and see it to the end like it was something that needed to be done. ...but when I saw the direction they went with for season 3 I just said fuck it and gave up.
>> No. 17118 [Edit]
File 137738099190.png - (337.99KB , 647x363 , Hato's route.png )
This was even funnier than Saki's route. Madarame's shitty VN is the shit.

However: 10,000 Yen for the real thing? I could get 2 or 3 quality figures for that. And yeah: fashion clothing prices are batshit insane; no way in hell I'd throw away gold like that either.
>> No. 17119 [Edit]
File 137738105295.png - (298.12KB , 645x364 , eh.png )
say wat
>> No. 17120 [Edit]
File 13773811364.png - (223.44KB , 649x363 , KyoAni.png )
I might check it sometime.
>> No. 17122 [Edit]
>Yoshitake [Rika]
I have the hots for her as well. Though it might be that she's basically a talentless version of that other Rika.
>> No. 17177 [Edit]
File 137799768159.png - (444.70KB , 639x730 , Hato's source.png )
>Becoming one with the person you love
He's doing it right.
>> No. 17256 [Edit]
File 137919875723.png - (236.47KB , 639x359 , rumors.png )
Well, I can sort of relate with this. Not BL but, during middle school, I used to draw lots of naked man (between Michelangelo and DBZ) and people did start rumoring I was gay. I was even approached by a certain dude. Rumors faded about a year after, when I confessed to the 3D I had a crush on; I was rejected too.
>> No. 17257 [Edit]
File 137919879251.png - (211.77KB , 637x358 , final attack.png )
Sue is the shit.
>> No. 17258 [Edit]
File 137919885492.png - (279.78KB , 636x360 , this is it__.png )
This was tremendous...
I felt you, Madarame. Every second of it.
Let it go now.
>> No. 17265 [Edit]
I just read Chapter 80 to check the adaptation.
It was good.
>> No. 17272 [Edit]
Atelier reference in my anime?
>> No. 17330 [Edit]
File 137983582783.jpg - (165.09KB , 1118x622 , Welcome to Tohno-chan.jpg )
Wow. This went form awkward to... well... totally appropriate.
I thought it was the last one but no, so: good episode.
>> No. 17331 [Edit]
File 137983613778.jpg - (161.29KB , 1116x628 , Megahouse Sora.jpg )
Great taste, Madarame.
Great taste.

(I should finish Haruka na Sora someday)

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2013, 1:01am
>> No. 17335 [Edit]
File 137984160661.jpg - (119.59KB , 1116x612 , eh_.jpg )
OK, I don't get this one.
>> No. 17371 [Edit]
Final episode was nothing memorable.

Well, nice ride in any case; though everything really good about it was related to Madarame.

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