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File 131512281230.png - (47.75KB , 669x636 , bingotime.png )
5090 No. 5090 [Edit]
If a figurine or a dakimakura has never been made for your waifu, you may mark these two items if you intend on buying them upon production.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2011, 1:00am
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>> No. 5091 [Edit]
File 131512818053.png - (80.29KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.png )
>> No. 5094 [Edit]
File 131514178450.png - (41.29KB , 669x636 , Asuka bingo.png )
>> No. 5095 [Edit]
File 131514383447.png - (44.51KB , 669x636 , Kanako Bingo.png )
>You would switch worlds to be with your waifu, leaving everything behind.

;_; Wish i could.

I am saving money for a figurine of her and my quest for an Dakimakura isn´t over yet.
>> No. 5096 [Edit]
>> No. 5098 [Edit]
File 131515120175.png - (65.53KB , 669x636 , Ui bingo.png )
>> No. 5100 [Edit]
I sort of agree. Everyone loves their waifu in a different way and they might not do the things listed.
This seems like it's only here to make some people feel like they're a better spouse than others.
>> No. 5103 [Edit]
>feel like they're a better spouse than others.

What? Of course no! it's just an inside survey/game (bingo, this time, wich I didn't win) to spend the time, like many others we've had here on /mai/; if anything, we may get a bit of a typology of this board's users, but certainly not with any kind of hierarchical status associated. If you'd like other variables around 2D love to be considered, you can come with your own surveys/games; most of us are normally willing to participate on all this stuff.
>> No. 5105 [Edit]
File 131516261189.png - (47.39KB , 669x636 , Konata_bingo.png )
I lose. I had her as my desktop but paranoia made me switch back to my regular black background. I want to own a daki and at least 1 fig of her, as well as all of her manga volumes, but I lack the money. I haven't been with her long enough to celebrate valentine's day yet, I have celebrated her birthday though. I don't think I've ever seen her cry, but if I did I would be heartbroken.
>> No. 5106 [Edit]
File 131516302978.jpg - (377.49KB , 669x636 , bingo.jpg )
The word bingo sort of ruined it, making it sound like a competition.

Paranoia like what?
In my case, I can't stand using any wallpaper which has eyes on it, is your paranoia anything like that?
>> No. 5107 [Edit]

No, just paranoia someone will use my computer and find out I have a waifu and we won't be able to be together in peace. Also, I think if I see her image all of the time it starts to have less meaning.
>> No. 5108 [Edit]
That's why I don't have a cute girl wallpaper either. I do however have my homepage set to google, where I have a neat picture of Miku as the background
>> No. 5110 [Edit]
Oh, I see.
Both of those I feel aswell, but the thing with eyes alone holds me off from doing it anyway.
>> No. 5111 [Edit]
File 131516481723.jpg - (259.80KB , 669x636 , bwwvtw.jpg )
>> No. 5112 [Edit]
>You would marry your waifu

This is kind of a tricky one: I mean, it should be implied, but somehow is not...
>> No. 5113 [Edit]
File 131516856013.png - (123.47KB , 873x636 , BINGO.png )
Some of these will be fixed soon (figure, pillow, picture).
Would anything gaming/anime/manga related work for "Item that reminds you of her"?
>> No. 5114 [Edit]
File 131516905654.png - (108.84KB , 669x636 , 00000000.png )

Don't like making meals.
Bottom right I'll never know.
>> No. 5116 [Edit]
File 131517114687.png - (50.46KB , 669x636 , Righto.png )
I don't like the idea of this thread, but I did it anyway out of curiosity.
>> No. 5117 [Edit]
File 13151736751.png - (59.35KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.png )
Here's my card.
>> No. 5118 [Edit]
File 131518193987.png - (98.56KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.png )
Valentine's day hasn't happened yet. Also I plan on making her favorite dessert for her birthday. Well try to at least. ┐('~`;)┌
>> No. 5119 [Edit]
File 131518527447.jpg - (325.27KB , 669x636 , misao bingo.jpg )
it was fun
>> No. 5126 [Edit]
Everything except the bottom right one, because she's incapable of it (not that there's anything wrong with that).
>> No. 5139 [Edit]
File 131522744279.jpg - (371.25KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.jpg )
So close yet so far away...
>> No. 5152 [Edit]
File 131524884332.png - (42.67KB , 669x636 , Untitled.png )
Bottom right is questionable, but she does in my mind.
>> No. 5174 [Edit]
File 131525923912.png - (53.21KB , 669x636 , waifubingo.png )

It's for fun, and/or out of curiosity.

As long as that middle fucker's ticked, you're grand.
>> No. 5176 [Edit]
File 131525998570.png - (61.23KB , 669x636 , waifubingo(´ι _` ).png )
>> No. 5225 [Edit]
File 131527313856.png - (76.19KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.png )
Prior to looking at the actual bingo tiles I wasn't expecting to have anywhere near as many ticked off on there as I do. I'm extremely poor and don't have the money or space for a daki or figures and of the 2 daki's I've seen for Misato one just looked off for lack of a better word and the other looked like it was done by the same artist who did the original toyota miku where she doesn't look correct.
>> No. 5251 [Edit]
File 131534455268.png - (78.93KB , 669x636 , waifu bingo complete.png )
Well, that was fun. Also, I'm noticing some people are checking off cuddling and crying without owning a dakimakura. How are you supposed to do it then?
>> No. 5252 [Edit]

in response to:
I don't own a dakimakura but I've got a huge amount of pillows on my bed and one of them is a very long pillow and that's what I cuddle with. I just can't afford the cover right now. And the two I found, as I mentioned in another thread, aren't anything to write home about.
>> No. 5253 [Edit]
I own a plain bodypillow that I sleep with, and I imagine that it's Miku. When I have a reliable source of income again I'll buy a cover with her on it.
>> No. 5254 [Edit]
No problem with that at all. I do love my Hatsune pillow, but you honestly don't get much of a good view of a dakimakura point-blank anyways.
>> No. 5256 [Edit]

Not to mention in the dark.
>> No. 5257 [Edit]
what about going on dates, or just hanging around the house together?
>> No. 5259 [Edit]
I can mark off all of these apart from 'Loves you back' I can't really say for sure realistically but I think she'd love me if I met her. I actually spent a year in the real world learning how to become the person I think she'd want me to be. I'd do anything for her
>> No. 5280 [Edit]
File 131550370813.jpg - (324.55KB , 669x636 , bingo.jpg )
>> No. 5281 [Edit]
The imagination is a powerful thing. I cuddle with my waifu (in fantasy) prior to going to sleep virtually every single night. It feels more realistic the more you do it.
>> No. 5297 [Edit]
File 131558742996.png - (50.59KB , 669x636 , 131512281230.png )
>> No. 8501 [Edit]
How do you decide if your waifu loves you back?
>> No. 8502 [Edit]
You think she does.
>> No. 8511 [Edit]
So it's a matter of confidence?
>> No. 8517 [Edit]
File 132949199380.png - (69.38KB , 669x636 , BINGO.png )
revised chart I found something new that she was in that I will never be able to get or interact with simply because it was a subscription based XBL/PSN thing that only came out in Japan where Misato reads you local news, and you can play some little games and stuff.

I have 3 figures of her now. I got a nice poster and got it framed of her, and I still don't have a dakimakura of her. I just don't like the two that are out there and I feel lost as to how to go about getting the artwork commissioned for one.

Possibly, I don't know how to describe it really. Same question as how do you know that your Mom loves you? You can list off the things she does for you but that may just be her feeling as though she needs to mother you. You aren't her so you won't really know. But, I trust Misato and my mother and believe that both love me. Naive, maybe, but if I didn't believe it would have probably offed myself by now.
>> No. 8518 [Edit]
File 132951612589.png - (54.51KB , 669x636 , bingo.png )
>> No. 8519 [Edit]
File 132952387773.jpg - (86.03KB , 678x640 , chart.jpg )
>> No. 8520 [Edit]
File 132952490859.png - (61.01KB , 678x632 , 17-2-12.png )
Well, I did better worse ;_; than I thought I would.

Maybe one day, I'll be able to get them all red!
>> No. 8522 [Edit]
File 132953585196.png - (45.12KB , 669x636 , ワイフビンゴ.png )
>> No. 8525 [Edit]
File 132956324041.png - (243.56KB , 669x636 , 4waybingo.png )
Bit surprised I never bothered to do this, I guess maybe becuase >>5096
But whatever.
>> No. 8527 [Edit]
File 132958701831.png - (214.67KB , 700x665 , Bingo!.png )

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