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File 13536407171.jpg - (34.65KB , 643x386 , Ukraine_Flag-of-Ukraine_7913.jpg )
12631 No. 12631 [Edit]
Thanks for being here. Though I may not be at the same stage as many of you, and though I may not agree with all of you, thanks existing on this board. I can relate somewhat to the general air of this place, or the attitude that I see here.
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>> No. 12632 [Edit]
Yeah, Tohno-chan is the best place online. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Life seems empty now, but it could be so much emptier without the colorful cast of characters I've encountered by way of this place.

There's something sort of special about it. That sounds corny, but it's true.
>> No. 12634 [Edit]
It's ok to be corny sometimes, even though I really can't even relate to a lot of people here it still is the a little place I can feel comfortable right now and at least feel a little bit accepted as well as have a place to spill the beans about a lot of my life.
>> No. 12635 [Edit]
Despite never even seeing any one of your faces, I feel such a kinship and emotional connection with you guys.
I love all of you, and I mean that.
>> No. 12637 [Edit]
Aw. I love you too, friend.
>> No. 12640 [Edit]
sometimes I feel that I'm not welcome even here but I still feel some kinda of companionship with you people, even though I don't really know anyone here

thanks for putting up with my presence and for being here

and now I'll go hang myself in shame for posting something so corny
>> No. 12783 [Edit]
I can't say I feel some deeper connection to you people here since I am a schizoid, but I do find myself coming to this place to read new posts and occasionally reread old ones. That must mean something I suppose.
>> No. 13365 [Edit]
I love all of you.
>> No. 13370 [Edit]
I am /so/ happy that the Ronery board exists.

Long ago I used to express my feelings and situations elsewhere on the internet and was usually met with hostility, trolls, and angry responses.
The level of understanding here makes me feel like the real human I was born to be.
>> No. 13377 [Edit]
File 136281861653.jpg - (239.95KB , 1200x851 , 006.jpg )
I was looking for this thread earlier.
I'm with OP. I can relate to the atmosphere of this board.

Thanks for being here. Your discussions are usually civil and open-minded.
I rarely post, but I hop in at least everyday. Been doing so for almost two years now.
It's good to know I'm not alone with my problems.
Thanks again.
>> No. 13394 [Edit]
Yes other chans can get pretty chaotic and I just can't deal with that all the time, it's mentally tiring and sometimes people just make me to mad on 4chan. That's why I like this slower, less hostile board along with /ot/ even though not much goes on here at all. I actually feel even more distant to people here because the userbase isn't that large and of course in larger, more accessible places there are more people like me I can feel connected to but this is more of a quiet safe haven to me. Don't go to anywhere else here though. Checked out /mp3/ since I'm into a lot of music but it's so slow I can call it dead. Wonder how much regulars tohno-chan has altogether anyways.
>> No. 13395 [Edit]
No more than 250, with no more than 8 at any time.
>> No. 13408 [Edit]

Actually it's far less than that. We've got like 100 regulars.
>> No. 13415 [Edit]
I was waiting for a thread like this and indeed, thanks for existing,I really appreciate this board and all of you
>> No. 13584 [Edit]
I also really appreciate this site and care about you all and sincerely wish you all the best in life, but I feel like I can't really contribute or communicate here very well, so I lurk much more often than I post.

I lurk all the time and have made only a few posts.

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