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File 134916631251.jpg - (130.40KB , 500x667 , 130893347729.jpg )
10556 No. 10556 [Edit]
Have you guys "made up" fantasy background story how you met your waifu?
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>> No. 10558 [Edit]
In a perfect world, I'd have attended her same school, where at I'd have been captivated after first seeing her in the halls or same class. which would lead to my joining the astronomy club so that we might get to know each other and form a relationship over time.

Post edited on 2nd Oct 2012, 1:30pm
>> No. 10560 [Edit]
Not really. I´m working on it though.
>> No. 10561 [Edit]
I have, actually. I ended up being taken in by her after being "spirited away" to her "dimension" and left in a near-death state. While recovering over several days, we talked frequently and became friends. Eventually it evolved into more than that- after a few months of visiting her (and eventually staying with her).

Cliche and uncreative I know, but I felt the need to use some sort of premise for the relationship.
>> No. 10562 [Edit]
File 134922841679.jpg - (69.25KB , 640x480 , 3_11a.jpg )
I want to do it like in the Lucky Star PS2 dating sim, from hate to pure love.
>> No. 10563 [Edit]
Have you played it? Is there an english patch?
I've been frantically searching for the past year or so.
>> No. 10564 [Edit]
File 134923594682.jpg - (156.80KB , 640x480 , 1202442310982.jpg )
>Have you played it?
Yes, i played the hell out of it, Misao was the one the last routes, i hated that.
>Is there an english patch?

I have the game and i still play it in my PS2, and in my PSP.

It's not hard to find it, at least the PSP one, i don't know about the PS2, but there are some walkthroughs at NicoNico with all the routes.
>> No. 10565 [Edit]
File 134923847981.jpg - (165.20KB , 1440x810 , 1319733656727.jpg )
Actually I do. Every picture I save of Makoto, I think up of a backstory that relates me and the picture of her. For example, this picture from the anime is from one of our dates. One of nekopuchi's pictures (that I've already uploaded and can't use again..) depicts her in a school like setting. I like to imagine that I saw her and immediately fell in love, eventually becoming friends and hearing about her stories about wanting to be an idol-- in which I persuade her to follow her dreams and I help her become top idol as her producer. Then we go on dates and eventually I marry her. I'm skipping alot but this is just "meet", so I'll end it here.
>> No. 10586 [Edit]
Yeah, several, actually. I honestly can't decide what I'd like to be "canon" for it though. I guess largely it depends on what would happen after I pass on, since that's when I'd be with her.
>> No. 10587 [Edit]
Several, but none are "canon" yet. I'm working on it.
>> No. 10658 [Edit]
File 135022685080.jpg - (114.14KB , 452x800 , Kurisu drpepper bicycle.jpg )
Always when picture has special theme around it, I do this too. I try think some sort fantasy story behind it. Like this is pic how I imagine things when went bicycling together.

While I have nice memories there are still big holes in my story of meeting her. I just can't imagine anyway how I could have met girl like Kurisu. We are from so different worlds. But if I leave meeting her first time out, I always imagine events of Steins;Gate have never happened but her background story is same; she never had friends and all she did during her childhood was studying. With me she has experienced similar things that happened during Steins;Gate, like forming first real social bonds, love and getting over bad father-daughter relationship. Some other nice memories are when she was supposed to cook, but she just burned everything and we ended up ordering pizza. And of course when I busted her browsing imageboards first time.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2012, 8:09am
>> No. 10659 [Edit]
Yeah, still working out the details, in my story I still haven't asked her out...
>> No. 10661 [Edit]
File 135023506058.jpg - (68.76KB , 512x512 , 056.jpg )
When I appear in Gensokyo, she saves me from some nasty monsters and takes me back to her place where she takes care of me. We have tea and talk about books
>> No. 12866 [Edit]
I do, but I replace her companions with myself. It's close to the canon story as possible even though the show is mediocre at best. Still working on it.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2013, 3:55pm
>> No. 12867 [Edit]

I'm in the same boat. I try to focus on how I would most likely meet her in the afterlife. I want to make that "canon" because that's how it would really happen. She appears about 3/5 of the way through the first season, so I dunno when I would appear. I don't want to muddle up the main canon too much, so I dunno if I should appear before her, just before, around the same time, after, etc.

Fuck this is hard. Maybe I should just let her pick.
>> No. 12870 [Edit]
File 13722860668.jpg - (288.53KB , 598x879 , 1280108269193.jpg )
Absolutely. My only talent is writing, so I've used this skill to create an entire back-story for us. I would hate to do anything except for hunting Neuroi, consequently, I choose the infantry route. I end up as a Britannian soldier in a multinational Joint Task Force (oh the similarities). I am by no means infallible, and Erica/Trude/Witches receive the vast majority of the glory.

My plan is 95% complete and the final text is about 40% done, but I'm always reading through and revising a lot, except for those rare perfect paragraphs. I'm also a big fan of Orwell's style, thus I avoid purple prose at all times.

Post edited on 26th Jun 2013, 8:32pm
>> No. 12873 [Edit]
File 137238598352.jpg - (428.21KB , 725x837 , 7a28a43dc10478a25613b84d05205775.jpg )
I haven't sorted it out, but it does end up with me cleaning her messy house and gaining her trust enough for me to become her houseboy.
>> No. 12894 [Edit]
File 137262383194.png - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-2012-02-13-23h19m43s36.png )
I did, but it's nearly the same as canon story.
So, I picked her off the street and brought her home. I treated her with kindness and cared about her, so she was happy and eventually opened up to me a little. After finding out that she's been really lonely her entire life, I asked her if we can become family. She gladly agreed, and we started growing even closer. Eventually, our relationshp became romantic.

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