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File 138515064316.jpg - (60.07KB , 225x350 , 18954387654343.jpg )
18031 No. 18031 [Edit]
Season is half way over and no one has made a thread for this show yet. Is no one else watching it?
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>> No. 18032 [Edit]
I'm going to watch it when it's over.
>> No. 18033 [Edit]
I like how Petrarca is awfully flat but I don't enjoy the show itself that much. In my opinion, they try to push the otaku characteristic too hard.
>> No. 18038 [Edit]
File 138517239730.jpg - (89.13KB , 1280x720 , [Anime-Koi] Outbreak Company - 06 [h264-720p][882E.jpg )
There was a thread.
it was deleted for being too lolidom-centric.

I really dislike the OST, the "da-da-da" track in particular.
>> No. 18043 [Edit]
The way they're pushing otaku culture onto the people of another world kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Those rebels have every right to be pissed off becuase it really -is- trash that they're teaching their people when you get down to it. They don't want to teach the different races to understand each other and get along but are okay with teaching them all about moe and boys love. Rather than teach them how to read and wright they build a school in the new world to teach them about Zettai Ryouiki. The show could probably do to let a bit more lose and take itself a tad bit less seriously with that stuff in mind or at least leave out some of the drama and conflict till latter in the show. This isn't a premise that should be taken seriously at all, yet stuff like with that hostage situation only serve to highlight how fucked up it would be if we really did discover a new unspoiled world like that and teach them almost exclusively about a generally looked down upon subculture.

It's kind of depressing how this show reminds me of the piss poor track record our modern world has with newly discovered previously uncontacted civilizations. such as in like in south America, Peru, or Brazil. They have a tendency to develop problems with alcoholism, rampant disease, slave labor, sexual exploitation and so on. but I suppose in light of that, teaching them about 'no pan' isn't so bad in comparison.
>> No. 18054 [Edit]
I'm beginning to think that it's showing how shitty being really into it is, or at least episode 8 tried to, by showing that Petrarca practically quit working and had to be forced to work by showing the pressure put on those who become hiki. I do agree that at the very least they should have thought out some stuff though, but I would guess that they actually have to learn JP in order to fully enjoy most of the stuff that's brought over, although I don't think the students have much of a reason to use it outside of the otaku stuff.
>> No. 18510 [Edit]
I thought this show was a pile of diarrhea. I couldn't believe the creators of this were so moronic to think infecting a newly discovered civilization with otaku culture was kool. But moronic themes being as common place in anime as they are I just rolled with it.
however while I think it could have been executed better the second to last ep really redeemed this whole series for me. It was nice to see the guys working on this didn't have their heads stuck to far up their ass to realize how fucked up much of what's going on in this series was. while I don't want to spoil anything, I gotta say it was a nice twist and kinda makes me glad I didn't drop this earlier on. I might have seen it coming if the moronic nature of the show didn't lower my expectations.

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