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File 136417436947.gif - (289.35KB , 1000x800 , 74564.gif )
13724 No. 13724 [Edit]
How many times do you guys leave your house in a week? Also, how much of time spent in your house is it that you spend in your room?
>> No. 13725 [Edit]
I leave outside all the time. My family lives like pigs so I stay in my room all the time I am at home.
>> No. 13726 [Edit]
lately I've been leaving the house maybe 2 times a week. I'd say I spent 75% of the day in my room.
>> No. 13729 [Edit]
Depends on what you mean by "leave the house", I go out onto the driveway all the time to help carry in groceries. If that doesn't count, then I honestly can't remember the last time I left.
>> No. 13730 [Edit]
I mean it literally. Stepping outside in any way, even if it is a type of front or backyard, would be leaving your house.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2013, 7:02pm
>> No. 13732 [Edit]
I guess in that case maybe 5-6 days a week. Now that our backyard is fenced off I feel a bit more comfortable venturing out there.
>> No. 13734 [Edit]
3-4 times a week. I spend probably around 80% of my time in my room.
>> No. 13738 [Edit]
Plenty. I'm not a hikki, nor am I even that reclusive. Just a NEET with other assorted mental problems.

As for my room, not much. I dick about my laptop on the couch more. My room's uncomfortably small and mostly for sleeping and fapping.
>> No. 13741 [Edit]
Around 2-4 times a month, only to visit my aunt and to take the trash out.
I live alone, so the last question don't really apply. But before that, almost all the time.
>> No. 13742 [Edit]
I haven't been outside since a little before Christmas. I spend roughly 23 hours in my room. 1 hour outside of my room doing things like cleaning, showering, eating or using the bathroom.

But. I haven't been out of my room for nearly a week. I can smell myself. I stink. Too tired to shower or get any food. Haruhi, what am I doing to myself? I need to pull myself together and stop being such a disgusting mess.

On second thought, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow might be a good day.
>> No. 13743 [Edit]
I don't leave my home period and I haven't for years.
>> No. 13745 [Edit]
1 to 7 depending on the week. 1/4 - > 1/2 in my room
>> No. 13747 [Edit]
1-2 days a week, only to buy cigarettes and prescription, and when I have to go to the therapist.
>> No. 13749 [Edit]
I don't think I've left the house since the year started. I leave my room constantly though.
>> No. 13751 [Edit]
I wish I could say the same.

For the past two weeks I had to go outside to walk my mother's dog since it was in heat. I tried to walk the dog when there were very few to no people outside so that I could avoid as much contact as possible with anybody. Aside from that, there are the Sunday nights I go outside to accompany my uncle to a super market to buy snacks and stuff that might be necessary. Otherwise, I just stay inside without taking a step outside.

Most of the time in my house is time spent in my room because I need it. It's the only place in this world where I can feel the most comfortable and truly relaxed.
>> No. 13753 [Edit]
0 on average (rounded).

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