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No. 6879 [Edit]
In this thread we share videos which are Tohno-chan quality
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>> No. 6880 [Edit]
>> No. 6881 [Edit]
Nothing to cry over.
>> No. 6882 [Edit]
>> No. 6883 [Edit]
Oh my, I can already see where this thread is going.
>> No. 6884 [Edit]
Some of us want to be Ayumu, some of us want to be Haruna
>> No. 6886 [Edit]
>Tohno-chan quality

Threads over.
>> No. 6891 [Edit]
>> No. 6912 [Edit]
>> No. 6913 [Edit]
It doesn't?
>> No. 6941 [Edit]
>> No. 6942 [Edit]
>> No. 6959 [Edit]
>> No. 6965 [Edit]
>> No. 7132 [Edit]
>> No. 7133 [Edit]
Certified tohno-chan quality.
>> No. 7147 [Edit]
File 13057971671.jpg - (23.17KB , 411x334 , 1262119631925.jpg )
That is so morbid
>Around the base part, you can peel off Furby's skin
>Furby saying "I love you" while meido stabs it in the head with scissors after tearing off its skin
>> No. 7164 [Edit]
that embarrassed me so much. i will never understand how people can do such things in public where others can see
>> No. 7220 [Edit]
>> No. 7306 [Edit]
>> No. 7383 [Edit]
I got just the thing.
>> No. 7432 [Edit]
From >>>/so/4323
>> No. 7451 [Edit]
One could only dream of a TC meet up being even half this awesome.
>> No. 7485 [Edit]
>> No. 7633 [Edit]
So meta slow.
>> No. 7670 [Edit]
This video fucking amazes me. That so many strangers could meet up and do that is absolutely awe-inspiring. Only through the internet could something so fantastic occur. Damn, that almost brought me to tears; why is the real world so lame.
>> No. 7671 [Edit]
>why is the real world so lame.
It makes the internet just that much more awesome.
>> No. 7675 [Edit]
>> No. 7681 [Edit]
Call now!
>> No. 7691 [Edit]
>> No. 7852 [Edit]
best OP ever.
>> No. 7972 [Edit]
>> No. 8061 [Edit]
oh Haruhi what
>> No. 8094 [Edit]
I was able to watch the entire thing in one go. Don't know how I did it and somehow the original intro at the ending took all the tiredness away.
>> No. 8112 [Edit]
>> No. 8853 [Edit]
American Tohno-chan quality.
>> No. 8855 [Edit]
>> No. 8856 [Edit]
The comments are the best part.
>> No. 8859 [Edit]
The 2010 giving day concert is the best one so far.
>> No. 8957 [Edit]
Tohno-chan in 2189.
>> No. 9007 [Edit]
amazing and beautiful
>> No. 9095 [Edit]
>> No. 9113 [Edit]
A thorough examination of modern geopolitics in a 2 minute video.
>> No. 9192 [Edit]
Want one
>> No. 9193 [Edit]
That ain't no Tohno-chan quality. This is.
>> No. 9199 [Edit]
>> No. 9202 [Edit]
>> No. 9207 [Edit]
I swear I could hear naught but the voices of angels.
>> No. 9229 [Edit]
>> No. 9280 [Edit]
Go to Tokyo while staying on Tohno-chan.
>> No. 9326 [Edit]
8-bit Madoka OP
>> No. 9327 [Edit]
As the title says.
>> No. 9328 [Edit]
The arcade game you will never play.
>> No. 9329 [Edit]
Just you watch, I'll own my own arcade someday, and I'll be damned if that game isn't in it.
>> No. 9400 [Edit]
My childhood ;_;
>> No. 9402 [Edit]
Wow, what an amazing song. I'm considering emulating the plataform for this to just hear its soundtrack. Thank you for sharing it.
>> No. 9466 [Edit]
I find this interesting.
>> No. 9500 [Edit]

Tohno-chan wouldn't let me embed
>> No. 9502 [Edit]
>> No. 9503 [Edit]
>> No. 9535 [Edit]
>> No. 9538 [Edit]
>> No. 9632 [Edit]
>> No. 9636 [Edit]
I would actually bother watching K-ON if it was more like this.
>> No. 9717 [Edit]
>> No. 9842 [Edit]
I usually don't like these nyan cat videos, but this one is actually funny.
>> No. 10151 [Edit]
This is awesome.
>> No. 10152 [Edit]
This is my favorite.

I bet no one will guess why
>> No. 10327 [Edit]


This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Male 45-54
Male 35-44
Male 55-64

>> No. 10926 [Edit]

>> No. 11068 [Edit]
I can't stop listening to this
>> No. 11146 [Edit]
who remembers this?
>> No. 11147 [Edit]
I do. I love older commercials, always so much nostalgia
>> No. 11154 [Edit]
Use captions for translation.
>> No. 11240 [Edit]
>> No. 11268 [Edit]
waa waa wa wa waa
>> No. 11607 [Edit]
>> No. 11619 [Edit]
>> No. 11665 [Edit]
I love this so much. It reminds me of when Portal came out and I wanted to use portals in real life but this time I actually can use it. So many live action puzzle games are to be had with this spray.
>> No. 11698 [Edit]
>> No. 11711 [Edit]
>> No. 11788 [Edit]
Maybe this?
>> No. 11797 [Edit]

What all true otaku should aspire to.He treats 3D as the PD it is.
>> No. 11799 [Edit]
My freaking hero!
>> No. 11860 [Edit]
>Cursed message requrements.
>> No. 11861 [Edit]

Great video.
>> No. 11862 [Edit]
This is such a beautiful and touching narrative.
>> No. 11863 [Edit]
I think he gets the most respect for staying so polite. I would've been cringing away from the beginning.
>> No. 11864 [Edit]
Anyone mind translating the first few minutes, or at least the general idea of what they're saying? Also, why the random NGE music?
>> No. 11866 [Edit]
>Every Shounen Dub Ever

>> No. 11867 [Edit]

It's really not that good since I don't know much Japanese and can't read Kanji at all, but I tried my best. I'm sure someone who can read Kanji could fix up a better translation.

This Visual Kei looking guy is 23 year old Arima Hirogi <may have gotten his name wrong>, nicknamed 'Prince of Akihabara' <something something something>.
He loves games and anime. He is the definition of otaku.
Take a look at his house.
His room is full of manga and games.
His collection cost him 5 million yen.
<something about his figurines, I think it may be 'because of his figures'>, the other otaku consider him their 'leader' because of his money.
So what is his reason for being the Prince of Akihabara? <He says a lot more, something about hesitation? No idea>

>"When you're watching tv and you see a good looking real girl, do you think 'she's nice?'"
"Absolutely not"
>"Have you ever had a 3DPD?"
>"<no idea on this part>"
"Ah, yes"
>"To put it bluntly, you've never done anything with a girl?"
"Never <he says something more complicated, but I'm not sure on this line>"
>"So, you're a virgin?"

Yes. This guy will stay as a pure virgin 'cherry otaku' even if given the chance.
Anime and figure women are his love. He is totally uninterested in real women.
On that note, why has he protected his virginity thus far?

"That's because you become a magician if you're a virgin at 30"

But what about his parents?

"Yeah, I think they're <something, is it 'given up?'> but I think they're a bit worried"

The prince of akihabara claims to have no interest in real women. However, is that true? Let's do a test.
>> No. 11872 [Edit]
>Also, why the random NGE music?
They also play Char's Theme.
I think that Ford Driver Japanese just associate gundam and NGE with otaku.
That or perhaps those are the only series the people that made this show know.
>> No. 11900 [Edit]
>> No. 11936 [Edit]
>> No. 11984 [Edit]
this is my new kitten
>> No. 11985 [Edit]
the music is wonderful
>> No. 12165 [Edit]
/tc/ workout
>> No. 12213 [Edit]
This guy has my respect because he is more fit than I am. I will try to look up that app too. It seems like it will help.
>> No. 12261 [Edit]
Looks pretty useful (if I had Android)...
Ar least it's easier than Horo's stretching (thought not nearly as cute).
>> No. 12358 [Edit]
School swimsuits have been danced off my list of favorites for a spell.
>> No. 12359 [Edit]
Jesus fucking christ.
I guess you have to hand it to Melonpan, though; just when it seems like he's destroyed every last shred of his dignity, he finds a way to raise the bar somehow.
>> No. 12392 [Edit]
So it IS true that sukumizu make (any) waist-line more hng'ble...
>> No. 12453 [Edit]
>> No. 12476 [Edit]
>> No. 13185 [Edit]
A moment of consideration for ford drivers everywhere.
>> No. 13516 [Edit]
Chorus of Choruses of Choruseseses
>> No. 13757 [Edit]
>> No. 13765 [Edit]
>> No. 13799 [Edit]
Its art.
>> No. 13800 [Edit]

Embeded the wrong video.
>> No. 13938 [Edit]
"Richard Stallman Eats Something From His Foot."
>> No. 13964 [Edit]
"Life-Size Haruhi Suzumiya Doll"
>> No. 14044 [Edit]
The destruction of humour through communal "creation"
>> No. 14065 [Edit]
Might also want to check out other related vids (especially the Arc Rise Fantasia one, hilarious).

I might have to change my opinions about dubs. The next time I'm playing a JRPG I probably won't bother looking for an undubbed version. I'm 100% serious, this is pure gold, haven't laughed this hard in weeks.
>> No. 14072 [Edit]

>> No. 14074 [Edit]
I'm glad someone finally sees the light.

A classic of the genre of horrible dubbing, I also kind of like MGS. IT'S JUST LIKE ONE OF MY JAPANESE ANIMES!
>> No. 14075 [Edit]
>finally sees the light
Dubs being laughably bad is not a good thing.
Did you stop to think for a second that the makers of the game might want some of the story to be taken seriously?
how are you going to appreciate anything when you're to busy laughing at it?
Poorly done dubs by assholes who clearly don't care about the stuff they voicing enough to give it any sort of effort should not be encouraged.
It's insulting to the game and the people who originally made it.
In a way, it's similar to the stuff talked about in the video in this post >>14044
Just replace 'web comics' with 'video games'.
>> No. 14076 [Edit]

>Did you stop to think for a second that the makers of the game might want some of the story to be taken seriously?

If they actually had any artistic talent they wouldn't be writing stories for video games.
>> No. 14078 [Edit]

I tried playing MGS in Japanese once. Solid Snake without Hayter's voice just isn't the same.
>> No. 14079 [Edit]
Because no one is in the video game industry as a writer by choice, right?
>> No. 14091 [Edit]
Elin Haatokyacchi
>> No. 14229 [Edit]
>> No. 14230 [Edit]
Now I know what I want to learn...
>> No. 14237 [Edit]
From the rumble of the war,
you saw that less was more.
You really loved that glass and steel,
and then you rocked that look and feel...
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
includes F/Z spoilers
>> No. 14317 [Edit]
Its related
>> No. 14605 [Edit]
>> No. 14606 [Edit]
>embedding disabled by request
Fuck, why can't I do anything right.
>> No. 14608 [Edit]
Don't be so hard on yourself, it is only a youtube video after all
>> No. 14610 [Edit]
[Message required to post]
>> No. 14754 [Edit]
I just want you to know that I fucking love that video and I've been watching it at least once per day.
>> No. 14771 [Edit]
Fuck the MPAA
>> No. 14901 [Edit]
Good video
>> No. 15501 [Edit]
>> No. 15869 [Edit]
A year later... I still haven't gotten an HMD
>> No. 16176 [Edit]
>> No. 16440 [Edit]
>> No. 16445 [Edit]
>> No. 16489 [Edit]



How does this even happen.
>> No. 16519 [Edit]

Now all it needs is voice recognition technology and a highly complex AI, and it will be perfect.
>> No. 16558 [Edit]

I meant 'how does one post the exact same video as the person above you'.
>> No. 17246 [Edit]
>> No. 17280 [Edit]
>> No. 17302 [Edit]
Maybe he dp'ed.
>> No. 17458 [Edit]
>> No. 17460 [Edit]
sounds like a typical poster on /so/
>> No. 17566 [Edit]
Best enjoyed in 1080p.
>> No. 17576 [Edit]
Too lewd...I can't approve of this
>> No. 17584 [Edit]
Ignore it then.
>> No. 17591 [Edit]
No I won't! I'll go into a personal crusade against everything that you post and ruin your life
>> No. 17633 [Edit]
downloaded that on my mother's ipad. it's nice but unsurprisingly all in japanese
>> No. 17637 [Edit]
My Hanyuu, those mounds of Venus and those asses were great.
>> No. 17638 [Edit]
You guys should make another thread already, this is getting to be a bitch to load.
>> No. 17652 [Edit]
Best enjoyed at 720p.
>> No. 17657 [Edit]
these breasts bounce so much they look they will burst out of their bodies

seconding this
>> No. 17797 [Edit]
I think it's about time we got a new video thread.
>> No. 19277 [Edit]
Japan working hard towards breaking the barriers between Man and Waifu.

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