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File 132389450639.jpg - (36.59KB , 533x490 , Kanako 100.jpg )
7566 No. 7566 [Edit]
It was quite a subject recently and so here it is, a thread about Hair!

What do you like about the Hair of your waifu? Or maybe, dislike? Are there some hairstyles you would like to see her wearing?

Personally i always had a thing for "simple" hairstyles like ponytails, tied back hair or knotted hair.
Kanako looks marvellous with each one of that hairstyles, plus she has a hime-cut and a cute fringe fanning towards her cheeks. All in all an almost perfect hairdo according to my preferences.
As mentioned before i really like that red ribbon she is wearing most of the time but i would like to see her wearing a white one from time to time, nothing great though.
The only thing that bothered me was the "antenna" because in the manga and in the most fanart it looked either ridiculously long or short, sometimes complete missing. Its not that much about her hair itself but it annoyed me sort of.
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>> No. 7569 [Edit]
File 132389839562.png - (551.28KB , 1024x768 , Madotsuki (20).png )
I love how most artists draw her with a nice bob and I just thinks it looks amazing no matter what. But her hair would probably be a lot messier, knowing her lifestyle, and I love that too because I just want to run my fingers through it and if its all caked with other things then I imagine it wouldn't be as nice
>> No. 7570 [Edit]
File 132390059222.jpg - (41.45KB , 485x364 , minagi 14.jpg )
I adore it, the color shade is so soothing and unique, there might be a lot of girls out there with silver/black hair, but not many with a shade of gray like this.
I'd love to feel it, so much volume to it, I can see myself playing with it all day, even tasting it as she laughs it off like nothing.
I imagine it being as soft as a pillow.

that unique shade of hair color has made it a little on the tough side for the doll i was making of her, since it's extremely hard to find doll hair in that exact color, and as such, as put of project on indefinite hiatus.
>> No. 7571 [Edit]
File 132390396017.png - (515.97KB , 1280x720 , Konata20101121104611.png )
I love everything about her hair, I especially like seeing it draped over her and her bed.
Another thing I like which wont be obvious is those two bits that hang around her shoulders at the front around her chest,is there a name for them?

Post edited on 14th Dec 2011, 3:11pm
>> No. 7572 [Edit]
File 132390608766.jpg - (194.01KB , 778x1100 , 03fd6deaf2de9c1956c073a6f4b91a6b.jpg )
The "dog ears" Miko sports are what I love and how her short hair falls comfortably around her face. The headphones make a cool accessory as well.

It bothers me when people make her "dog ears" too large or too thin. It just doesn't look proportional. Large is the worse of the two, though, because it looks like she has horns growing from her head like Suika. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often.

I want to pet her hair and stroke her "dog ears". Is there a name for them or something better I can call them? I don't think there is. Bed head, but I don't really like that.
>> No. 7573 [Edit]
File 132390717674.jpg - (156.31KB , 600x664 , s - 331167 - head_wings koakuma long_hair red_eyes.jpg )
As with everything else regarding her, there's little canon standardization on how her hair should look like.
However, one of the few things canon about it was what initially caught my attention when I first saw her, that is it being red in colour (well, more red than blue or green, at least). I'm just crazy about red hair.
As for style, I'm fine with a lot of depictions, even some crazy artists drawing her with nearly curly magenta hair. I just overall dislike seeing her with short (i.e. above the shoulders) hair and/or without a fringe.

Post edited on 14th Dec 2011, 4:01pm
>> No. 7574 [Edit]
File 132392015059.png - (537.35KB , 983x717 , 102893323.png )
oh god her hair, i love it, its her fault i only like hair that looks like hers, i always loved short haired girls, and her brown spiky hair takes the cake,since makes her look more tomboyish.
>> No. 7575 [Edit]
File 132392241033.jpg - (141.16KB , 1276x707 , Lizlet L Chelsie pic 9.jpg )
Well I love how she has long twintails as it makes her love very cute aside from having a blonde hair. The manga also depicts her with her hair down (not having the twintails) but I prefer seeing her with those as while she also looks cute with her hair down, she looks better if she wears her twintails.
>> No. 7576 [Edit]
File 132393027983.jpg - (834.25KB , 2368x3424 , 71.jpg )
While it's nothing out of the ordinary, I definitely love Reki's hair, especially the way ABe draws it in some of his illustrations. However, I have to admit my favorite hairstyle is the classic hime-cut. I'm not sure it'd suit Reki, though, even though her hairstyle is close to it already.

If you either shower infrequently or stop using shampoo, your hair's oil production normalizes. I really doubt her hair would be that bad, even if she never so much as rinsed it.
>> No. 7578 [Edit]
File 13239340183.jpg - (255.97KB , 858x1224 , GC08-157.jpg )
I really like my waifu's hair. The bangs give a lot of style and I'm head over heels with locks on the sides of the head near the cheeks.
>> No. 7579 [Edit]
File 132393410242.jpg - (205.82KB , 817x1226 , GC03-114.jpg )
Her bed head is a cause of many a lovemakings.
>> No. 7580 [Edit]
File 132393518868.jpg - (289.51KB , 800x800 , 78e933e6e288022a57892086eb164f1f.jpg )
I was always a fan of short-medium length hair. I love how it flows naturally and has the really cute ahoge. I liked her hair during [email protected], but [email protected] 2 hair is really nice too. I really feel like petting her because of her hair, or just brushing her hair with my hands. It's not long hair, but I think it's just perfect.
>> No. 7583 [Edit]
File 132396003052.jpg - (320.17KB , 640x480 , b3208182c0a831fe0aff5f0f5e9c6584.jpg )
I dunno, I'm not always a fan of blonde hair, but damn, Marisa pulls it off well for me. And that little braid on her cheek? That's damn cute.

I always wondered what her hair feels like through my fingers. And I certainly know that her hair smells like burnt chemicals or something like that. But yeah, my blonde-haired, black magic woman sure is cute.

I suspect she dyes it, though. No problem for me if she does.
>> No. 7586 [Edit]
File 132399084245.jpg - (62.53KB , 368x700 , 4d591f677584de4cc640f415c9464551da1ab1d2.jpg )
I usually prefer longer hair but I love Yuki's hair. Purple being one of favourite colours is a plus.
>> No. 7590 [Edit]
File 132407925758.png - (86.86KB , 476x720 , Kurisu-297.png )
Kuriru's hair isn't the key point of my attraction to her but I still find her hair unique. I've always loved very long hair like she has. I specially love this single bang between her eyes which makes her hair somewhat unique. I am kind neutral about her haircolor. I prefer dark/black hair color but her brown hair is really nice too.
>> No. 7593 [Edit]
File 13240879562.png - (22.10KB , 100x99 , 1168446494e20a7a8c93a1.png )
From ash brown to deep black, I always preferred rather dark and "serious" hair colours (over a fair skin); be it long and wavy or likely short and tied up in a classic ponytail, it had to be something subtle and somehow noble: with tanned platinum blondes as the epitome of vulgarity, a flashy colour and style was a simple no. I never had any doubts about this, and thought I'd stay that way forever; but then... then... when I realized, I was already comsumed by the flames of Lilith.

Nevertheless, this is pretty much only valid for mai waifu: she's almost the only one I find "deserving" to be a natural redhead; like if with such an intense and passionate hair colour, would come the great responsability of displaying a burning personality just to make justice to it.
>> No. 7596 [Edit]
File 132411122541.jpg - (334.44KB , 775x1143 , 352055cb644d8be7f3a212025e0f7c81.jpg )
I love her hair, especially the fact that she still has bangs after tying all that hair back into her distinctive twintails. The color is also very beautiful, one of my favorites.
>> No. 7673 [Edit]
File 132445840529.jpg - (261.56KB , 978x1401 , Sekirei Engagement (40).jpg )
I love Miya's hair. I love how it has that little ribbon and ponytail in the back. I love how soft it looks. And it also seems like I can really run my fingers through it, and they won't get tangled. I like hime cuts a lot. It's quite pretty, but I never thought of it as her defining factor - Her defining factor being that abstract, indefinite "Miya-ness" about her.

I'd actually like to see her with a hairstyle like Beatrice's (who Sayaka Ohara also voiced), Saber's or even Kanako's hair, actually - The bath scene she was in featured something like that, and I love the little details, the stray hairs at the base of her neck and such. It's beautiful.
>> No. 9381 [Edit]
File 133987288960.jpg - (376.59KB , 800x1335 , Super_Princess_Sunshine_Peach_by_hikolol35.jpg )
Her hair is magnificent. It's just as lovely as any other part of her. She usually wears it down in her characteristic wavy style, but she'll put it up into a pony tail if need be (and it looks adorable)
>> No. 9382 [Edit]
File 133988450944.jpg - (91.00KB , 640x896 , 123f4de30bc2d9859ca6052af781b469.jpg )
I find her hair mysteriously attractive. I sort of like other Touhou-girls who share a similar hairstyle (like Nue); I even find myself feeling some kind of sympathy towards 3D women with this hairstyle. Weird.
>> No. 9383 [Edit]
File 133988750142.jpg - (142.39KB , 500x735 , 14319256.jpg )
Double-braids kill me.
>> No. 9385 [Edit]
File 133988934576.jpg - (310.99KB , 1075x819 , 7e3251229ea0af7ac05a32b13acfacd0.jpg )
She has very beautiful hair. I love it how she has a variety of hairstyles and she still looks good no matter what hairstyle it is. Personally I love her twintails as my favorite hairstyle, since I am naturally attracted to them.
>> No. 9386 [Edit]
File 133989537783.jpg - (31.20KB , 720x480 , 38e7a8856ccf465ad19d9945b415d7c9.jpg )
That long white/light gray hair is incredibly beautiful, how it graciously falls towards her back, it's volume and her hairstile are really pretty.
Suigintou's hair can be so mesmerizing.
>> No. 9388 [Edit]
File 133989737313.jpg - (506.19KB , 829x1191 , f8ea12fbfca2e04a858d1b89943020bde836f93d.jpg )
That long, reddish-brown hair... I definitely like it. It's not even close to her best asset, but it is beautiful in any case.
>> No. 9443 [Edit]
File 134016161991.jpg - (25.00KB , 430x643 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I love every single hair on Osaka's head AND her body. Pic related.
>> No. 9445 [Edit]
For a poorly drawn, censored picture, that's pretty hot.
>> No. 9449 [Edit]
File 134021749784.jpg - (188.58KB , 800x800 , 1284269391122.jpg )
I can post the full-version on /ns/ if you want...

Here however is another picture, that someone from 4chan /a/ drew for me. her hair is so beautiful; I bet it is smooth and smells great.
>> No. 9456 [Edit]
File 134025581648.jpg - (184.90KB , 372x650 , 57197-sakagami_tomoyo_104.jpg )
I can't begin to describe how much I love her long rich silver hair with those bangs layered in so nicely. Her headband is like a halo as she is an angel.

The only bad thing I can think about it is that it must be rather difficult to manage. Without constant combing, it could end up a tangled mess.

My first crush was with Elly, and I am a bit infatuated with Luka. The hair style does play quite a part it would seem, but Tomoyo is the one I truly love. Her personality clenches it without doubt.

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