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File 133627211331.jpg - (153.74KB , 602x451 , ;_;.jpg )
10021 No. 10021 [Edit]
When I wake up in the morning I go on my computer and browse different sites and hope that I'll feel tired soon because sleeping is the only thing I enjoy.

What do you do?
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>> No. 10022 [Edit]
>> No. 10023 [Edit]
Refresh /tc/
>> No. 10024 [Edit]
Anime, visual novels, imageboards, study Japanese, read, porn, etc. web browsing.
>> No. 10026 [Edit]
Complain on IRC
>> No. 10027 [Edit]
Once I manage to force myself out of bed. I turn on my pc and go eat a breakfast bar. Then I just waste time on the internet all day till I exercise later, then I'll eat something, and then it's back to pc all night unless I feel like using my ps3. Occasionally on Wednesday nights I'll get high and be happy for a while. Friday and Saturday are just eat and drink coffee and soda all day, days. Depression hits like a brick often on usually Sundays. And that's my life altogether. Not much else happens.
>> No. 10028 [Edit]
I wake up whenever. Always have some tea, maybe eat. Then I just occupy myself with various hobbies. Electronics, art, books, music. Sleep and then repeat.
>> No. 10029 [Edit]
Eat, sleep, videos, radio, anime, reading, video games, repeat until I die in 50 or 60 years.
>> No. 10030 [Edit]
Schedule for the last 4 years:

Wake up at 11AM-12PM

Drink coffee in living room with my parents

Get on computer around 12-1PM

Internet, games, and anime (with a break for lunch around 2PM) until 5PM, when I usually watch jeopardy

back on computer until 7PM, dinner time

Get in shower around 8PM

Back on computer until 2AM, when I normally go to bed
>> No. 10031 [Edit]
Browsing of assorted image boards and text boards.

Anime and video games.


Mot really much else to do in life...
>> No. 10032 [Edit]
arent textboards great?

dqn has been pretty rad lately. love the world domination game, im sir "uh oh". whic hones do you goo n?

sage because i'm drunk
>> No. 10040 [Edit]
Listen to music
Play the vidya
Go on 4chan and /tc/
Shower (I love showers)

I don't even know what happened to watching anime. I completely stopped keeping up with Fate/zero.
>> No. 10042 [Edit]
-Wake up at a random hour.
-Go back to my computer, insert my earphones, play some random music and browse the Internet for the rest of the "day". My random browsing includes various imageboards, porn every 2 or 3 hours, completely random and ever-changing subjects I'm investigating on wikipedia or other websites, only ending up grasping useless facts about, and some anime sometimes.
-Eat at some random hour when I feel hungry.
-Have depressing thoughts randomly.
-Go to sleep at a random hour.

Repeat endlessly until death.
>> No. 10050 [Edit]
I wake up around 7-10 AM assuming I sleep.
Make breakfast, and coffee.
Browse the internet
Shower every 2 days
>> No. 10051 [Edit]
3pm - 3pm: masturbate
>> No. 10052 [Edit]
Yes, they are incredible, DQN and SaoVQ are the best things on the internet
>> No. 10057 [Edit]
File 133650430471.png - (379.10KB , 633x465 , homolordus.png )
I masturbate/internet, lift weights, eat/internet, masturbate/internet, lift weights, eat/internet, masturbate/internet, sleep/masturbate

Kind of like that is my schedule.
>> No. 10060 [Edit]
I spend the day crying in a puddle of my own jizz and tears
>> No. 10061 [Edit]
Same. Don't ask me how I found your puddle, but I did
>> No. 10063 [Edit]
Whata fuck man, how come I never noticed you?
>> No. 10065 [Edit]
Browse chans, irc, youtube, sleep at odd hours of the day etc...
>> No. 10100 [Edit]
File 133670056874.jpg - (862.44KB , 2560x1920 , 2012-05-11 05_41_21.jpg )
I have a cute little nest in fact, picrelated. So I can sleep near my PC.
>> No. 10101 [Edit]
>small backspace key
My Haruhi, how do you live?
>> No. 10105 [Edit]
I did that but on my floor. I had a bunch of blankets.
>> No. 10129 [Edit]
I'd sell this bed I have and get a futon for the floor, so a similar set up to yours.

That is, if I had a place of my own and a job.

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