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File 143010773468.jpg - (2.29MB , 1610x3459 , summer2015v3.jpg )
22921 No. 22921 [Edit]
>summer anime chart
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>> No. 22922 [Edit]
so far shimoseka, dollx10⁶, prison school, seiyuus, umaru-chan, redhair princess, monster musume, these dubs, wakaba, gate: shiggydiggy and whatever moonspeak, jistu wa watashi wa desu ne uguu, MOTHERFUCKING WORKING!!!1!!oneone, hetalia kawaii countryballs, charlotte & classromm crisis are looking pretty good. summer is the most important anime season because i like watching anime outside at night on my laptop.
>> No. 22925 [Edit]
>implying it's summer
>> No. 22928 [Edit]
I'm surprised that Prison School is actually getting an anime. I feel that it's too good for that, but whatever.

Himouto! Umaru-chan I'm definitely looking forward to. Umaru sounds like the cute girl I'd like to learn more about. I hope she's really good at games!

I'm not sure what else to watch or if I'll care enough to watch anything else. Maybe I'll see a thread and pick something up from whatever people put up.
>> No. 22930 [Edit]
File 143016574071.jpg - (130.30KB , 1200x871 , prison-school-camaradie.jpg )
I think Prison School first part is really good as an anime. The second part is too over the top for it, it would end up getting censured/badly presented in anime form. The 1º is better anyways though, so it's all good.
>> No. 22954 [Edit]
File 143030226464.jpg - (204.39KB , 871x1000 , zHest.jpg )
Which has the sexiest chicks?
>> No. 23453 [Edit]
shimoneta has that colored outline on the eyelashes thing that that other show had a season or two ago and it was pretty hot iirc
>> No. 23731 [Edit]
File 14391262231.jpg - (97.10KB , 1280x720 , z20150810.jpg )
>> No. 23745 [Edit]
yeah thats hot post more

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