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File 136449997224.jpg - (1.00MB , 1280x1024 , 4acb4b10edab85695d3408ccb26a6670.jpg )
13783 No. 13783 [Edit]
Human voices make me increasingly angry, moreso with each passing day. I always hated them and loved silence but it's gotten much much worse recently. I wish all people would magically turn mute overnight. The second someone opens their mouth my day is already spoiled. The fact that they never have anything to say and keep blabbering either way doesn't help.

Being deaf would suck probably but sometimes I wonder if it isn't the lesser evil here.
>> No. 13784 [Edit]
I really hate hearing internet people voices. I think the main reason I don't try to play games with the few internet friends I have is because hearing their voices would make me hate them.
>> No. 13785 [Edit]
I never leave my home without earbuds on.
>> No. 13786 [Edit]
I can never understand the appeal of watching gameplay videos with audio commentary. It's bad enough that there's tons of "Let's Play" videos available on Youtube with so few that are actually decent.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2013, 2:52pm
>> No. 13787 [Edit]
Me too. I watch some game videos to see what the game is like before acquiring it and it's incredibly annoying to wade through all the Let's Play garbage.
>> No. 13788 [Edit]
I always put headphones on and listen to music load enough to overshadow their voices when I'm in the train and people are talking nearby.
>> No. 13789 [Edit]

I'm not really defending them, but Let's Plays actually helped me to improve my English listening skills.

Anyway I agree with OP, my roommate usually tries to engage in a conversation each time he sees me, which infuriates me since it's a pointless one and all I do is answer with monosyllables.
>> No. 13790 [Edit]
Just to make sure you guys won't miss the point, it's not the small talk I hate or even conversations general, I just hate people's voices.

The world would be a much better place if everybody would go mute and learn to use sign language or something.
>> No. 13791 [Edit]
I only hate to hear people with negativity or obvious fake emotion in their voice. It drives me insane when I hear my mother in another room getting angry or using a stupid obviously false nice tone of voice with someone trying not to be and failing and sounding like a ironically condescending idiot. Strangely it's only attached to her and a few others I'm commonly around. Other people don't bother me as much. Gives me headache from what it sparks in me.
>> No. 13792 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, does this apply to voice acting as well?
>> No. 13793 [Edit]
I can barely stand unknown people chitchat anymore. Cracks of laughter in particular are damned painful to hear ("what imbecility stimulated your reptilian brains now, suckers?").
>> No. 13794 [Edit]
I don't mind hearing laughter but if it's really obnoxious then I'll be pissed off. What's the worst sound a human can make to me though is the sound of very small children crying and screaming. I can't think of anything else that sets me off more.
>> No. 13795 [Edit]

Kind of does, kind of doesn't. I began muting all the human voices in video games long long ago (if possible through in-game options; if not I usually tend to mute it altogether).

As for anime it usually doesn't bother me that much. I think part of it is related to the fact that I can't speak Japanese so it's more or less gibberish for me. The other part is that I'm prepared for it and willingfully expose myself to it. But sometimes I mute it either way, I've got subs to read afterall.

I think big part of my growing disdain for this ear grating noise is that I have tons of days when I simply do not wish to hear anyone, much less speak with them. And the all of a sudden someone decides it's a perfectly fine idea to talk to me. When it comes to anime when I don't feel like listening to it I can mute it, unfortunately it's not as easy to mute people IRL.
>> No. 13796 [Edit]
I usually can't stand people's generally disgusting voices, but it's often fun to hear them when they're fighting, crying or otherwise upset.

Post edited on 29th Mar 2013, 8:16am
>> No. 13798 [Edit]
Female voices often sound awful, but males are fine.
>> No. 13799 [Edit]
I agree
>> No. 13801 [Edit]
Only applies to people whose values I consider to be worthless. Namely, my mother.
>> No. 13809 [Edit]
I hate fake female laughter. It's one of the sounds of hell.
>> No. 13824 [Edit]

But I feel the same way about voices, at least in English.

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