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File 142101819047.jpg - (40.43KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_01_[720p][D8B3717A]_mk.jpg )
21735 No. 21735 [Edit]
This show certainly delivers everything in its title.
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>> No. 21736 [Edit]
eh, i watched the first episode and didn't really like it.
>> No. 21737 [Edit]
Pardon my french but, storm of yuribears? Sounds right up my alley
>> No. 21739 [Edit]
Yuri is boring and not appealing.
>> No. 21740 [Edit]
I know how you feel, but its not as good as it sounds
>> No. 21744 [Edit]
Go be gay in some boys love thread then you gay homo gay person, who's gay... and a homo.
>> No. 21745 [Edit]
I'll go ahead and do that. Although I'm not that guy.
>> No. 21747 [Edit]
You have to wonder what makes some people think their opinions are so important that the mere existence of them is enough to say them.
>> No. 21748 [Edit]
Nothing ever is. Sadly.

It's boring and extremely appealing. That duality is the mystery of yuri and, some say, of the whole universe.
>> No. 21754 [Edit]
Your opinion on the matter is unwelcome.
>> No. 21757 [Edit]
File 142110013188.jpg - (68.11KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_01_[720p][D8B3717A]_mk.jpg )

What about when you throw bears into the mix?
And not just any bear, but an alien race of man-eating, sentient, shapeshifting bears?

who eat human flesh, and symbolically devour and deflower the yuri couples, sucking the honey nectar out of each pedal of the girl's lilly flower of her soul?

With an almost absurdly metaphoric narrative that makes you wonder whether the setting is truly a fantasy tale, or a symbolic representation of their Brazilian/Filipino immigrants.
>> No. 21774 [Edit]
I may be wrong here, but I just saw the first ep and as far as I can tell it seems like the whole thing is a metaphor for homosexuality and homophobia. I'm struggling to understand this but it seems like the wall separating the species is meant to represent the wall separating homosexuals from heterosexuals. homosexuals can easily infiltrate heterosexuals communities by pretending to be straight and consume those who are questioning their sexuality.

I also thought of the possibility that the bears were meant to represent some sort of boogieman who would come and get you if you're gay. This is why I feel the protagonist has to fight them, she's fighting the judgment and ridicule that would come with being homosexual. She's basically proving her love is true by willing to take these personal demons head on. Maybe those who can't commit and are half hearted in their affairs are the ones that completely succumb to the bears. I've heard someone claim that the bears might represent homophobia with how they attack people, but it's very much so the opposite. The bears are all very very gay and they consume people who are still in the closet about the matter.

The trail thing was the most confusing bit, but my best guess is that has something to do with the way society judges homos.
The weird thing is though, this might work for how western society views homosexuality, but I've been lead to believe the Japanese don't give nearly as much of a shit about it.

Not sure if I'm gonna be keeping up with this one to be perfectly honest. I think Yuri is great, but I can't stand the art style and direction in this anime. I find it very obnoxious, but of course that's just me. I don't mean the character designs btw, those are more than fine.

Post edited on 15th Jan 2015, 2:11pm
>> No. 21777 [Edit]
I'll never look at bears the same way again...
>> No. 21793 [Edit]
My opinion was brought out by matters more pressing than just I had an opinion and felt the world should know I have opinions.
>> No. 21829 [Edit]
I don't really get what's going on anymore. Why are the bears wanting to protect Kureha Tsubaki against that other bear when they've just been wanting to eat her? Am I just following it wrong and being dumb? Pls explain.
>> No. 21836 [Edit]
File 142176889674.jpg - (53.51KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 03 [E8B1C3F0]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I think that there are two bear factions, the invisible ones (aka those who, at least officially don't want to eat humans)(see pic, compare it to what Life Sexy says in court) and the ones who just want to eat (Ginko and Lulu). In this situation, Ginko wants to protect Kureha because she wants to be the one who eats her.
>> No. 21838 [Edit]
i like this show
artwork is a bit too shafty though
>> No. 21839 [Edit]
>artwork is a bit too shafty though
My thoughts as well. I find it somewhat annoying.
>> No. 21841 [Edit]
File 142180240265.jpg - (71.64KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_02_[720p][310370C3]_mk.jpg )
Yeah no fuck you. In the time it takes to say "There's no time to explain" you can easily say "they're bears!"
>> No. 21854 [Edit]
Homosexuality amongst girls isn't unusual in Japan, and isn't necessarily frowned upon traditionally. However, because of how oriental cultures view family. It's considered their duty to have a proper marriage and extend the family lineage. Also, collectivism and all that jazz. Individuality is more of a western concept.

Ikuhara's works have always shared art and structure amongst each other. And are a trademark of the director. Inu Curry certainly didn't invent the style.
>> No. 21855 [Edit]
yeah, like I was saying my theory seems like it'd fit more with western views of homosexuality.

Also, if the theory is correct; Kureha Tsubaki will become a bear by the end of the series.
>> No. 21856 [Edit]
Indeed, two bear factions sounds right. The eaters and the phantoms.
>> No. 21868 [Edit]
Why was Yurizono eating a girl is she's of the phantom faction and not an eater?
>> No. 21871 [Edit]
File 142196560388.gif - (0.96MB , 500x281 , a8f9626c9726173b53f82227bb448abc.gif )
Why was it that dirty tooth bitch was the one who attacked that girl on the roof the second time around, but it was the original two bears that ate/raped/whatevered her all the same?
I know there's a lot of things that are weird in this anime that don't make much sense, but this kinda stuck out to me.
>> No. 21892 [Edit]
Then Kureha wouldn't believe her, and she would have to explain. Just saying "they're bears" isn't enough.
>> No. 21897 [Edit]
so instead she chases after her classmates with a gun without saying anything?

Weather she believes her or not, it beats not saying anything.
>> No. 21901 [Edit]
Because she pretends to be invisible aka she's a lesbian with a fake life as straight girl.
>> No. 21974 [Edit]
Oh I see now, so the 'phantoms' are bears that choose/swear not to eat and instead live like normal people? Like homos in the closet?
>> No. 21980 [Edit]
File 142238388413.webm - (0.95MB , pjokqm.webm )
>> No. 21981 [Edit]
File 142241148424.jpg - (86.83KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
So I'm guessing she's a bear?
>> No. 22031 [Edit]
After seeing ep4, I've completely given up trying to understand this anime.
>> No. 22127 [Edit]
File 142370302262.jpg - (49.24KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_05_[720p][D4DB08E8]_mk.jpg )
Behold the awe inspiring beauty of the naked female body!
>> No. 22128 [Edit]
File 142372106588.jpg - (75.77KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Oh boy, more implied offscreen guro. How fun...
>> No. 22134 [Edit]
File 142373149358.jpg - (76.03KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_05_[720p][D4DB08E8]_mk.jpg )
Yup, that confirms it.
>> No. 22144 [Edit]
>Ikuhara's works have always shared art and structure amongst each other. And are a trademark of the director. Inu Curry certainly didn't invent the style.

wow, you really know your anime.
so can you tell me why some of the girl's faces remind me of Cross Game?
>> No. 22146 [Edit]
File 142381141124.jpg - (79.67KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_05_[720p][D4DB08E8]_mk.jpg )
>> No. 22178 [Edit]
gow gow
>> No. 22180 [Edit]
While watching this I'm always hoping for more yuri and less shit like this >>22128
>> No. 22181 [Edit]
Yeah same. When this show does yuri, it does it daaamn well. All the other crap though is making me wanna drop this show.
>> No. 22243 [Edit]
File 142483754036.jpg - (37.96KB , 1280x720 , [Watashi]_Yurikuma_Arashi_-_07_[720p][45449237]_mk.jpg )
So the military fighting off the bear attack was composed entirely of women? ...and this is what happened when bears killed them?

...see it's stuff like this that makes me think it's all just symbolism.
I'm still holding out hope that no one has actually died in this show, and when women get eaten it just means they've been consumed by homosexuality.
>> No. 22244 [Edit]
I'm betting that they won't even tell us by the end of the show.
>> No. 22245 [Edit]
That actually seems like a safe bet.
>> No. 22274 [Edit]
so is there no ep this week or what?
the torrents usually up by now
also i want to fuck ginko
>> No. 22319 [Edit]
Why can't anyone ever explain a situation properly. Do the Japanese get a raging hard on when being blamed for stuff they didn't do or something?
>> No. 22334 [Edit]

Blame the director.
It's the only thing he has going for him at this point.
>> No. 22373 [Edit]
i like the song at the beginning
>> No. 22378 [Edit]
File 142609687719.jpg - (105.39KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 09 [720p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
uhh yeah, they always have 'Yuri' in their name. I'm surprised no one in this world would have eventually noticed something like that.

For that matter, shouldn't there be a military or something to take care of bears that cross that wall? What's the point of building such a massive wall if you're not gonna defend it? It's not like the authorities aren't aware of the deaths, they keep showing up to laydown body chalk lines. What would it hurt to have a cop or two keep an eye on that school?
>> No. 22457 [Edit]
next ep is due in a only a few hours and this excites me
>> No. 22458 [Edit]
Doesn't take much to excite you, huh?
>> No. 22464 [Edit]
File 142648470951.jpg - (42.82KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 09 [480p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
That's what she said.
>> No. 22597 [Edit]
File 142751657537.png - (222.41KB , 994x505 , Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11_20_30 PM.png )
>I'm still holding out hope that no one has actually died in this show, and when women get eaten it just means they've been consumed by homosexuality.

but hasn't the main bear that's been eating people been doing it to protect the girl she love's? to protect the protagonist, who is a homosexual? these acts of violence on the part of the bear have been to protect a woman who is unwilling to let go of "love" aka her sexual identity. i think that these people are literally dead; these attacks do not represent submission to homosexuality.

actually, from what i have read, japan does not approve of homosexuality in women. in fact (from what i have read) it would seem that life is more difficult as a homosexual in japan than it is in the us for example.

an insightful article about the show that puts a lot of it in context. it also touches on female homosexuality in japan. helpful i thought

>> No. 22598 [Edit]
Yeah I stopped trying to find hidden meaning half way into this anime and realized it's mostly wtf for the sake of wtf.
>> No. 22600 [Edit]
File 14275716366.jpg - (111.04KB , 750x1172 , 06.jpg )
well i think that the creator of the show is probably going for a "wtf" feel, however that doesn't mean it has no deeper meaning. i think its very clear this show is heavily allegorical for homosexuality and homophobia in japan, however the shows methodology can be a little difficult to strictly follow and interpret.

on a different note, i wanted to ask, can anyone here explain to me the heavily conflicting gender appeal of this show? some elements of the show appeal entirely to men, such as the qt3.14 girls rubbing up on each other in a titillating way. however these kind of images are then mixed with extremely feminine elements like cute teddy bear characters doing cute things, something women like and men don't. is this intentional juxtaposition meant to accomplish something?
>> No. 22601 [Edit]
Probably not.
>> No. 22602 [Edit]
File 142758422621.jpg - (62.35KB , 1024x576 , [AnchanZ] D-Frag! OVA (DVD 1024x576 AVC AAC)_mkv_s.jpg )
>mixed with extremely feminine elements like cute teddy bear characters doing cute things, something women like and men don't.

what the hell are you smoking? Since when does cute girls doing cute things with sparkly and bubbly backgrounds have an appeal for anything other than men?
>> No. 22603 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be a recent thing (if it's true)? I don't really have any knowledge of anime history though.
>> No. 22604 [Edit]
>the shows methodology can be a little difficult to strictly follow and interpret.
Care to enlighten us then?
>> No. 22605 [Edit]
>cute teddy bear characters doing cute things
Like >>22602 asked, what the hell are you smoking?
When those "cute teddy bear characters" aren't fucking each other like bunnies, they're murdering and eating young girls. I really haven't seen them do anything 'cute' at all, or do you think off screen guro is 'cute'?
>> No. 22619 [Edit]
Well they do that little dance in the end credits.
>> No. 22669 [Edit]
File 142819948077.png - (914.89KB , 1364x768 , Spoiler Picture.png )
i meant more specifically, the teddy bears themselves. >>22619 the little dance at the end is a perfect example.

>Since when does cute girls doing cute things with sparkly and bubbly backgrounds have an appeal for anything other than men?

men like adorable girls doing cute things sure. i do myself. however the "sparkly and bubbly backgrounds" element is what i was questioning... not gonna lie, this isn't exactly an aesthetic men enjoy. when the hell is the last time you overheard a man say something like "oh! look at the cute little bunny rabbit! so cute and fluffy and just cute cute cute! i just love cute things!"

how am i not making sense to you!?

the adorable girls grinding all over each other is obviously something men enjoy, i know i sure as fuck enjoyed this aspect of the show.

the women who love other women are treated as evil and are excluded for their choice (homophobia) the main character learns to break through the rules of her world which tells her she cannot engage in this kind of love, and follows her heart. i think at the very least this should have been obvious to anybody...

having just finished the show, if anyone here can give any insight into the particulars of this show i would really appropriate it. there is a lot going on that i don't grasp.

can anyone turn me on to some other shows like this? pic related, so many good feels.
>> No. 22670 [Edit]

should clarify myself, or rather ask what you >>22604 are asking, i jumped to a conclusion

my broad answer was to what was allegorical (in context i thought that was what you were asking, guessing you were this >>22598 poster). if you were asking me to break down all of the show's symbolism then sorry, i can't. wish i could bro, really do
>> No. 22671 [Edit]
How about half of it then?
>> No. 22674 [Edit]
i'll hit up a few, i don't know how accurate my take on all of this is. damn these are just a few.

lilies = lesbian love

wall of severance = rules of society such as the family unit, necessity of heterosexual life, societal disapproval of homosexuality, homophobia in general

yuri council = they are the only men in the entire show, they may represent the patriarchy. even in a female world, a world of female relationships, men make the rules

being "invisible" = fitting in and not doing things that make you stand out, such as being a lesbian

the ritual of exclusion = how even school children reject and exclude things that are different, things they struggle to understand. for instance, homosexuality

promise kiss = sexual acceptance and acceptance of identity

the mirror from the story book = it must be destroyed for the girls to have their promise kiss. you must destroy the image of yourself society has built to find the real you. for the girls, they must tear down societies forced heterosexual image and reveal their true selves, their homosexuality
>> No. 22675 [Edit]
>yuri council
I've struggled with understanding that one myself. Your's sounds like a very interesting and plausible explanation.
>> No. 22740 [Edit]
File 142864542074.jpg - (54.65KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 12 [14107134]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Bullshit. There was absolutely no indication what so ever of -anything- at all between those two.

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