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File 138890516739.png - (75.99KB , 1024x768 , binbash.png )
16550 No. 16550 [Edit]
Longest time you've spent indoors without going outside?

Four months for me. It was a depressing time, it felt so weird to go outside after that. Like the world had changed somehow, it all seemed so foreign.
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>> No. 16551 [Edit]
I haven't been keeping track.
>> No. 16558 [Edit]
I'm not sure. But I do remember not going outside for a long while and also feeling that weird feeling that the world had moved on without me and I was left behind by it and the people on it.

That feeling was amplified even further when I went to a park that I hadn't gone to since I was a child. I was just following my uncle since he wanted me to go outside for some air since I don't leave the house on my own.
>> No. 16560 [Edit]
I hate to be a killjoy but...
>> No. 16564 [Edit]
1-2 weeks.

I like to be outside where nobody is and watch birds or something.
>> No. 16578 [Edit]

8 months.

It's not far from the truth to say I didn't even see the light of the sun during that entire period, and the only reason I left the house was to get some Red Bull and Dr.Pepper from the konbini.
>> No. 16629 [Edit]
Me too. Nature is nice, even if people aren't.
>> No. 16631 [Edit]
So? Is the universe going to implode because a similar thread was made last year?
>> No. 16634 [Edit]
You can't be too careful.
>> No. 16638 [Edit]
9 months.

It was awesome.
>> No. 16640 [Edit]
One month. I have to go outside to get food, so that's pretty close to the best I can do without serious planning.
I ate baked beans and rice for that month and took vitamin C tablets, but I still started to get mouth ulcers and feel very listless due to diet.
I would like to stay away from people longer but I think food imposes a limit when you don't have anyone to get it for you. Also I think having food delivered by someone would be even more awkward for me than going to the shop, especially when I use self-checkouts. Not to mention expensive.
>> No. 16641 [Edit]
Sorta, entropy and shit man, that's how it works, I'm sure, I'm a doctor.

Being immersed in liquid 24/7 and in physical contact with your feces hardly sounds like awesome.
>> No. 16664 [Edit]
Agreed. Love evening strolls and the scenery during the spring/fall. Don't have to bump into many if any people. Going full hiki and just being stuck in one room would be torture.
>> No. 16673 [Edit]
~4 years
>> No. 16676 [Edit]
File 139098334428.png - (79.20KB , 984x502 , 348.png )
I still haven't left the house since early last summer when I went to see a therapist.
Doesn't feel like even a week's passed. Time really flies by when your entire existence is lurking imageboards.

I don't really enjoy confining myself for long periods. It feels like I'm stuck in time, wallowing in the mess I've made for myself, while everyone else's life is moving along just fine.
>> No. 16702 [Edit]
I found it funny how one can lose track of time when shut-in even when there's a clock on just about every electronic device and physical stuff like calendars in your face.
>> No. 16703 [Edit]
When I was a shut-in I made every effort to remove clocks, calendars, keep the blinds shut etc. to try and forget about time. It was incredibly freeing.

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