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File 132749173693.jpg - (91.03KB , 800x620 , 13075008.jpg )
8151 No. 8151 [Edit]
Hey, /mai/.

What do you do to spend time with your waifu?

Myself, lately I've been dreaming of her a lot more often. My attempts at lucid dreaming haven't been going as well as they used to, but I feel I'm still making progress. I've only managed to have genuine contact with her through that method once, but it was an amazing experience.

Also, every two or three nights I play a little of her source material. I go to a different area each time, close my eyes, listen to the music and imagine myself by her side. I do this for 10-15 minutes, kind of like meditation. By the time I'm done, I have a very clear image in my head, and if I concentrate, I can call it back into my mind whenever, as if it were a photograph.
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>> No. 8152 [Edit]
File 13274950898.jpg - (23.25KB , 503x383 , Kanako (7).jpg )
I see it as a kind of "meditation" aswell.

I dedicate at least one hour of the day just to spend with her, in that time i use to hear music, chat with her, relax, write shortstorys about us or sometimes even try to draw her. Also there is a sort-of-dating-game i found, with all the Love Hina girls, surprisingly including her too, that i like to play in that time.
Aside from those things, i like to go strolling which makes it easy for me to imagine her with me.
Its really calming, and by now i canĀ“t even think that i would be able to live on without having those evening hours for just the two of us.
>> No. 8154 [Edit]
I usually meditate as well, around 3 hours up until I go to sleep.

It's kind of a scary feeling that I don't really feel her presence during the day. I never get time to myself, and I'm so absorbed in what I'm doing in the moment. But I pretty much subconsciously dedicate all of what I'm doing to her. My concentration is pretty bad, so if I try to talk with her while people are talking loudly near me, it's pretty much impossible.
Thankfully, I've picked up Japanese (mostly kanji grinding) again, so I often imagine her making comments about what I'm learning.
>> No. 8156 [Edit]
Can't really put it into perfect wording, but I guess it's simply that "she's there", you know? She's simply so ingrained in my mind by now, I find that the random thoughts I have throughout the day are now mostly directed to her. It's become habit to imagine her with me whenever I close my eyes. The entire thing is really weird, but good, of course! I just find it quite disconcerting when I have little to no thoughts that are just...out there. I might be going insane, but whatever. In my life, sanity's not exactly on the priority list...

Sometimes, I'll just randomly realize I'm dreaming and be able to control my dreams (happens about once every two-three weeks I'd say), but I'll never remember to try and materialize her. Almost makes me sad to go to sleep, because I know that this has a chance of happening. Makes me feel almost guilty in a sense. Have to work at that - Lucid dreaming gets mentioned too much by you guys for me to not have any control over it.
>> No. 8157 [Edit]
File 132757773117.jpg - (130.37KB , 600x600 , 16864003.jpg )
>I'll just randomly realize I'm dreaming

That happens to me too, but only ever when I'm having a nightmare, which I almost never do. For example, in one of those falling dreams, I'll realize I have control and float rather than hit the ground.

You should make sure you think what you want to do if you get lucid before you sleep. That's how I always remember to try and 'find' Madotsuki.

As far as doing research and asking for help, I recommend the website LD4all over the more popular Dreamviews. The users are older, nicer and generally more helpful there.
>> No. 8166 [Edit]
All the time, basically. It's a sort of passive feeling, but I do actively spend time with her mostly during the night, when I'm about to go to sleep. As for how, I just talk to either myself or an image of her. She's my conscience.
>> No. 8182 [Edit]
File 13276957563.jpg - (620.83KB , 1200x858 , 7575959a3e29b1268b37f5b540fe3baf.jpg )
I dunno. I just imagine talking to her, usually when inside my room. But see, I sometimes imagine more fantastic thoughts for her.

And here she is, sleeping with nothing to do.
>> No. 8187 [Edit]
File 132771706181.jpg - (1.88MB , 2392x3232 , 27.jpg )
Unfortunately, my own progress with lucid dreaming has stalled over the last couple of weeks. Hearing accounts like yours, OP, still give me hope as I continue to try.
I always speak with her for at least a few minutes before I go to sleep, visualizing her beside me. I suppose this might be similar to the meditation that you all mentioned, although I speak to her out loud. Conversation topics run the gamut, but she never fails to provide profound insights.
I've also been able to meet with her while on DXM trips, which I plan to continue, albeit infrequently. Although I don't know that I would call this spending time with her per se, as the encounters have all been short and, as you can imagine, emotionally intense.
>> No. 8195 [Edit]
File 132775627683.jpg - (934.93KB , 1440x1254 , 1324814419525.jpg )
Listen guys, i found on the Internet an interesting "Amantadine" Side Effects. Namely realistic hallucination after long-term use.
Anyone tried that
>> No. 8196 [Edit]
Drug-induced hallucinations generally play out in strange and subtle ways.

You're not going to imagine you're cooking dinner with your favourite catgirl, but instead you'll go to odd corners of your mind and the catgirl won't really make an appearance in your delirium.

Then again, it depends on the drug.
>> No. 8198 [Edit]
What drugs do you use to visualize your Waifu ?
>> No. 8199 [Edit]
File 132777736194.jpg - (408.37KB , 768x1024 , 13465792.jpg )
I don't. Your intricate plans usually goes out the windows when the trip begins, and you just follow the wave. It's far more likely you'll find the shifting ceiling more interesting than your Waifu. Or maybe you won't even know where, or what, the ceiling is. Point is; a bit stronger hallucinogenic drugs (Like LSD or Shrooms.) will take you in another direction. The strongest stuff will make your brain enter hyperspace on the express jump to the nearest non-euclidean dimension.

Frankly, I'd just take something weak and relaxing to induce good dreams, and hope whatever character you adore makes an appearance. Marijuana or medicinal drugs, prescription or over-the-counter. Even alcohol and tobacco works to some extent. There's also a billion research chemicals out there with varying properties.
>> No. 8200 [Edit]
File 132778211938.jpg - (45.19KB , 443x591 , 13245069782556.jpg )
I think need heavy psychedelic/dissociative to crack your head and cause schizophrenia.
And yours Waifu will be 100% real, not just a dream.
>> No. 8262 [Edit]
This is true.
The psychedelics that I've tried (LSD and DMT) warped and distorted everything visually, and while they did so profoundly, I didn't just see something that didn't exist. I've tried them at fairly high dosages, too. For me, DXM hallucinations are much more malleable. Not to say that I can actually control them, far from it, but it seems like my imagination is projected in front of me onto the dark ceiling.
>> No. 9373 [Edit]
File 133983534417.jpg - (16.49KB , 200x266 , SSBM.jpg )
I try to lucid dream because it's the only way I can hold her and kiss her, but most of the time I spend time with her by playing as her in video games, or just being with her in my own heart.

Our relationship began in Super Smash Bros., so playing that game is really special for us.

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