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File 138314973156.jpg - (21.23KB , 175x571 , 1382736328112.jpg )
16163 No. 16163 [Edit]
Does anyone here with social anxiety get lonely? I used to enjoy being alone. However lately I get very lonely and desire companionship. At the same time the thought of meeting and talking to people is terrifying. Not only that, but I'm disgusted by most people. I wouldn't make friends with me. So I'm lonely, but I'm trapped by my own social anxiety and my judgemental attitude. Its just so hard.
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>> No. 16164 [Edit]
Somewhat. I crave for limited social relationships but at the same time I sort of start avoiding people/social circles once they get too close. Makes me sort of a social nomad.
>> No. 16165 [Edit]
From the ages of 23 to 28 or so, I intensely wanted a 3DPD. I don't care about it anymore at all, though; I'm better off without that drama.

Friends are nice, but I don't need them.
>> No. 16166 [Edit]
Even when I'm alone I don't see other people as viable solutions. I see people too much as problems and mostly can't stand other people.

I rather indulge in extreme narcissism and talk to myself.
>> No. 16167 [Edit]
I didn't want anything to do with anyone till my mid 20's. After that I became severely lonely and my depression became much worse.

I crave companionship so much. I love my waifu; however, I need more. Just a friend would be nice.
>> No. 16168 [Edit]
I want a friend but a friend who's not shit. Everyone I know around me is some shitty Ford Driver I would never be able to relate with, trust me I've tried going down the "go outside and talk with people" road but it never goes well because of how deep into things like music anime and internet I am to the point where I can't relate with anyone in real life anymore. I guess I more or less have "friends" on the internet that share my interests, but that never goes too well especially because of how uncaring people can be when they don't know you in real life, it's almost like some game for them where they just talk with each other because it's amusing.

I've had people tell me to go to anime cons or try to meet weebs sickeningly enough. I'm never going to like these people for various reasons, it's a wonder that I can even bring myself to like the few people I like on the net. People disgust disturb and annoy me in so many ways and the times I have talked with Ford Drivers I have literally felt like killing myself from how miserable I felt. So I should be thankful I guess that I meet people on the net who aren't like this but somehow I either end up screwing it up or shit just happens. And even when it does work out, I really do wish I could actually meet these people. It can almost be scary, not knowing the person on the other side of the screen, if they have hidden intentions, and so on.

Post edited on 30th Oct 2013, 10:05pm
>> No. 16169 [Edit]
You should also take into account that a lot of people pretend to be something else on the internet. For all you know, they can be the very thing you hate in their real life manifestations. I experienced this first-hand, and now I automatically assume that everyone is horrible. No matter how charming their online persona is. In that sense, I've come to accept people for what they are. That means every conversation is never taken to heart, and my only goal is to derive some kind of pleasant feeling for myself, whether it be a laugh or a neat discovery that I would not have been able to see otherwise.
>> No. 16172 [Edit]
I do get lonely sometimes, but it never lasts more than a day. And regarding friends, I would never want to be friends with someone who would befriend a person like me.
>> No. 16173 [Edit]
>That means every conversation is never taken to heart, and my only goal is to derive some kind of pleasant feeling for myself, whether it be a laugh or a neat discovery that I would not have been able to see otherwise.

And that a lot of people on the net are people like you is what disturbs me. It sickens me, no, it angers me, that reality has broken people to the point of this. Fuck this world. That everyone has to wear a mask to fit in otherwise get treated like shit, that no one can trust anyone, it's so horrible.
>> No. 16174 [Edit]

Yeah. I personally think that the internet brings out the worst in people. In real life I could meet someone who acted perfectly nice, but online they would probably only be one step removed from a sociopath.

I started off on a forum where everyone was basically an "INTERNET TOUGH GUY" and acted like acerbic assholes to others, especially the new people (who were little kids, really). This was about ten years ago, when 4chan and the like wasn't as popular or even that much known, so that didn't explain that kind of behavior.

I really wonder why I bothered with online communities in the first place. Out of all the online friends that I have made in the past, I still only talk to one, and that is really only about once or twice a year. All of the others either stabbed me in the back or just faded away.

Fuck online communities.
>> No. 16175 [Edit]
People in real life are 10x worse in most aspects in my experience and I can actually find people who understand me with things like T-C now. Problem is all the trust issues and mask wearing and not knowing the guy personally.

Post edited on 31st Oct 2013, 12:15pm
>> No. 16176 [Edit]

Well there are exceptions; this site is pretty cool. But I'm often faced with a lot of animosity when I go on WizardChan, even though I'm a wizard myself, because they expect everyone there to be just as much of a loser as they are.

Then there is reddit, which has its moments but is usually just a waste of space.
>> No. 16177 [Edit]
Wizard-chan go a bit far with the whole virgin thing in my opinion judging from what the wizards who show up on the T-C IRC channel say, and this is coming from the guy who gets all upset anytime normies show up here. I mean really, contact with another girl in your life and you lose your virginity in their eyes or some shit. Reddit is just generally shit. Nice thing about the internet is you can choose through a bunch of websites and not be forced to hang out with the fags that are exclusively in your area.
>> No. 16178 [Edit]
Seriously, just because I've had sex a few times before shouldn't mean I cant even hang out on the board.
>> No. 16179 [Edit]
sure it should.
>> No. 16180 [Edit]
Either way talking about it is a good way to get yourself banned.
>> No. 16182 [Edit]
Well, I think the world broke everyone in its own way. You misunderstand my motives because you only read the text that I wrote. You know, just because I've lost faith in people doesn't mean I dislike people, I just distance myself away to avoid potential grief. In reality, I do wish for everyone to be happy. I don't hold grudges.
>> No. 16183 [Edit]
I'm the exact opposite hah. I hate humanity in general, but the very few people I do end up liking I grow attached to and become very loyal.
>> No. 16188 [Edit]

Wizardchan was going through the Stalinist pruge stage, jut as Tohno-Chan did in the past.

When it comes out that several of the mods arent virgins the purge will prolly stop, just as on TC and being TRUNEE
>> No. 16189 [Edit]
I do. I start losing my mind after a while of not talking to nobody.
Loneliness turns into panic after a while. It's a really bad experience.
>> No. 16191 [Edit]
I have social and generalized anxiety, and I get very, very lonely. It's my own fault, though. I can medicate the anxiety and go forth and make friends (well, at least, online friends), but ultimately I become too afraid of breaking these friendships, and end up running away from them.

The only true real-life friends I've ever had, I met on a locked psych ward. Since being discharged, I've completely amputated our lines of contact, preferring to leave the friendship hanging in limbo, as if it will somehow be preserved that way.
>> No. 16215 [Edit]
I get lonely too.
Staying west of Aranjuez if anyone wants to hangout, I've seen guys on the /jp/ zeemaps close, drop a mail here.
>> No. 16269 [Edit]
I just recently came to the sad realization that having friends is about the only thing that can substantially improve the quality of my life. Whatever I enjoy doing at a particular time can almost always be made better by the presence of someone whose company I'd enjoy. I don't have any such people, and never will.
>> No. 16273 [Edit]
File 138483968174.png - (264.25KB , 640x360 , 1381024218571.png )
Friends suck and are a huge drain. I go out with my friends to bars every other week, and since I'm always reading something or catching up on an anime I have to drop shit to fit the schedule of everyone.
Then you don't do much other than drink and smile as they tell you a story you are not interested in, you tell a story they aren't interested in and they smile, you spend money you rather not have spent on social things like food, drinks, gas, tickets to events, etc.
The total enjoyment received from that isn't very large in proportion to time spent. At home I can easily maximize or at least push much more fun in shorter time spans.

I'm not sure what it is you think friends are, but online conversations as anonymous posters is much better as people let go of many inhibitions and have no problem with telling you exactly what they think. Another benefit is that this semi-conversation I am having right now will be with multiple people, anyone who reads this post and at whatever convenience of time they and I have, unlike real world contacts which are overly inefficient.

Maybe you're just the weird one out in here or don't have much experience with friendships, since
>by the presence of someone whose company I'd enjoy.
Is something that many people do to me and it infuriates me. How exactly is your enjoyment of anything any better just because I'm in the same room as you? This happens with family too, that invites me over and we do absolutely nothing but they said they enjoyed themselves with me only sitting on the couch looking at my watch every two minutes.
>> No. 16274 [Edit]
>Then you don't do much other than drink and smile as they tell you a story you are not interested in, you tell a story they aren't interested in and they smile
Doesn't sound like you have very good friends. I'll attest to that friendships don't have to be like that.
>> No. 16275 [Edit]
If I had a friend, we'd just walk around the city aimlessly in silence. Doesn't that sound fun?

Maybe I'm doing the "no true scotsman" thing, but I don't think you have real friends either. Of course I'm talking out of my ass here since I never had any, but still. Maybe if I did, I would be as jaded as you are.

Also the >presence of someone whose company I'd enjoy.
bit obviously implied the mutuality of that feeling.
>> No. 16277 [Edit]
I suppose it is nice to have friends, but they usually fade away over time.

Cultivate the skill of learning how to be alone. If you start getting comfortable with that, then you will be better off than 90% of the population.
>> No. 16278 [Edit]
>we'd just walk around the city aimlessly in silence
That sounds really nice. I just keep thinking that these people don't exist and it kills me inside.

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